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Companies with letter A

Abrasive Products (Manufacturers) Absorbents-Manufacturers ABSORBENTS-MANUFACTURERS Academic Software ACADEMIC SOFTWARE Access Floor For Wire Management Accident and Health Insurance (disability insurers-direct) Accident,Health Ins Accident & Health Ins (Underwriters) ACCIDENT & HEALTH INS (UNDERWRITERS) Accident/health insurance carrier life insurance c Accounting/auditing/bookkeeping Business Services Accounting/auditing/bookkeeping Medical Doctor's O ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE & SOLUTIONS Accumulators (Manufacturers) Acoustical And Flooring Contractor Acoustical Consultants ACOUSTICAL CONSULTANTS Acoustical Materials-Manufacturers ACOUSTICAL MATERIALS-MANUFACTURERS Acrylic (Manufacturers) Acupuncture Schools ACUPUNCTURE SCHOOLS ADDRESSING MACHINES & SUPPLIES (WHLS) Addressing Machines & Supplies (Whol) Adhesives & Glues-Manufacturers ADHESIVES & GLUES-MANUFACTURERS Adhesives & Sealants (Manufacturers) Administration of Public Health Programs Administration Of Public Health Programs Administration Of Public Health Programs: Govt, Ne Administration of Social, Human Resource and Income Maintenance Programs Administration Public Health Programs Administrative Educational Programs Business Consu Administrative public health programs Administrative Public Health Programs Administrative Public Health Programs Health/allie Administrative Public Health Programs Individual/family Administrative Public Health Programs Membership Organi Administrative Public Health Programs Professional Admn Public Health Pgm Admn Public Health Pgm Executive Office Psychiatri Adobe Blocks & Shapes (Manufacturers) Adult Correctionl Half Way House Advertising Agency Commercial Art/graphic Design L Advertising Agency & Provides Graphic Arts & Types Advertising Agency Video Production Advertising And Graphic Arts Advertising-Art Layout & Production Svc ADVERTISING-ART LAYOUT & PRODUCTION SVC Advertising & Graphic Arts Advertising Representative Motion Picture/video Pr Advertising-Schools ADVERTISING-SCHOOLS Advertising-Specialties-Manufacturers ADVERTISING-SPECIALTIES-MANUFACTURERS Advertising-Video Production Services ADVERTISING-VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES Aerosols (Manufacturers) A Fast Food Restaurant A Fast Food Restaurant Doing Business As Burger Ki A Federal Savings Bank After School Arts Program AGGREGATES-CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS (WHLS) AGRICULTURAL CONSTRUCTION Agricultural Consultants AGRICULTURAL CONSULTANTS Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management AIR BOATS Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment-Mfrs AIR CLEANING & PURIFYING EQUIPMENT-MFRS AIR CLEANING & PURIFYING EQUIP (WHLS) Air Cleaning & Purifying Equip (Whol) Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment (except motor vehicle air-conditioning) Air Conditioning Contractor Air Conditioning Contractors Air Conditioning Contractors & Systems AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS & SYSTEMS Air Conditioning Equipment-Manufacturers AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Air Conditioning Equipment-Repair AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT-REPAIR Air Conditioning Equipment-Room Units Air Conditioning Equip-Room Units-Repair AIR CONDITIONING EQUIP-ROOM UNITS-REPAIR AIR CONDITIONING EQUIP-ROOM UNITS-WHLS AIR CONDITIONING EQUIP & SYSTEMS-WHLS Air Conditioning Equip & Systems-Whol Air Conditioning Equip Test & Balancing AIR CONDITIONING EQUIP TEST & BALANCING Air Conditioning Heating And Sheet Metal Contractor Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors Air Conditioning Heating Duct Cleaning Air Conditioning & Heating Plumbing And Electrical Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Installat Air Conditioning & Heating-Service/Rpr AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING-SERVICE/RPR Air Conditioning/Htg/Refrig Equip (Mfrs) AIR CONDITIONING/HTG/REFRIG EQUIP (MFRS) Air Conditioning Plumbing & Sheet Metal Contractor AIR CONDITIONING-PORTABLE Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors Air Conditioning Refrigeration & Duct Work Contractor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service Contracto Air Conditioning Rep Air Conditioning Room Units-Dealers AIR CONDITIONING ROOM UNITS-DEALERS Air Conditioning Room Units-Mfrs AIR CONDITIONING ROOM UNITS-MFRS Air Conditioning Room Units-Renting AIR CONDITIONING ROOM UNITS-RENTING Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts-Mfrs AIR CONDITIONING SUPPLIES & PARTS-MFRS AIR CONDITIONING SUPPLIES & PARTS (WHLS) Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts (Whol) Air Conditioning Systems-Cleaning AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS-CLEANING Air Courier Services Local Trucking Operator Aircraft Components-Manufacturers AIRCRAFT COMPONENTS-MANUFACTURERS Aircraft Designing (Manufacturers) Aircraft Electrical Motor Rewinding & Repair Aircraft Engines-Manufacturers AIRCRAFT ENGINES-MANUFACTURERS Aircraft Engines-Servicing & Maintenance AIRCRAFT ENGINES-SERVICING & MAINTENANCE Aircraft Industrial Fasteners (Mfrs) AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS (MFRS) Aircraft Machine Work AIRCRAFT MACHINE WORK (MFRS) Aircraft Maintenance Aircraft-Manufacturers AIRCRAFT-MANUFACTURERS Aircraft Modifications (Manufacturers) Aircraft Oxygen Systems (Manufacturers) Aircraft Refueling Service Aircraft Maintenance & Aircraft Schools AIRCRAFT SCHOOLS Aircraft Servicing & Maintenance AIRCRAFT SERVICING & MAINTENANCE Aircraft Tooling (Manufacturers) Air Curtains & Screens-Manufacturers AIR CURTAINS & SCREENS-MANUFACTURERS Air Duct Cleaning & Decontamination Air Fresheners-Manufacturers AIR FRESHENERS-MANUFACTURERS Air & Gas Compressors (Manufacturers) Airline Training Schools AIRLINE TRAINING SCHOOLS AIR MOTORS (WHLS) Air Motors (Wholesale) Airport/airport Services Business Association Airport Consultants AIRPORT CONSULTANTS Airport Designers AIRPORT DESIGNERS Air/water/waste Management Air/water/waste Management Refuse System Air/water/waste Management Trade Contractor Air, water, & waste program administration Air, Water, & Waste Program Administration Albums (Photo)-Manufacturers ALBUMS (PHOTO)-MANUFACTURERS Alcoh/Drug Abuse Trt Alcohol Breath Detectors (Manufacturers) Alcohol & Drug Treatment For Women Alkalies & Chlorine (Manufacturers) Alkalies (Manufacturers) Alliance Church All other amusement & recreation industries All Other Amusement & Recreation Industries All other automotive repair & maintenance All Other Automotive Repair & Maintenance All other business support svcs All Other Business Support Svcs All other converted paper prod mfg All Other Converted Paper Prod Mfg All Other Health & Personal Care Stores All Other Industrial Machinery Mfg All other insurance related activities All Other Insurance Related Activities All Other Miscellaneous Crop Farming All Other Misc Food Mfg All Other Motor Vehicle Dealers All other motor vehicle parts mfg All Other Motor Vehicle Parts Mfg All other specialty food stores All Other Specialty Food Stores All other travel arrangement svcs All Other Travel Arrangement Svcs All other traveler accommodation All Other Traveler Accommodation All Terrain Vehicles-Manufacturers ALL TERRAIN VEHICLES-MANUFACTURERS Aluminum Die Castings (Manufacturers) Aluminum Foundry Machined Al Sand Castings Mfg Ind Aluminum Foundry Nonferrous Metal Foundry Aluminum Products Including Storm Windows Jacuzzie Aluminum Siding & Roofing Contractor Of Single Fam Aluminum Wool-Manufacturers Alum-Manufacturers ALUM-MANUFACTURERS Ambulances & Hearses-Manufacturers AMBULANCES & HEARSES-MANUFACTURERS Ambulatory Health Care Ammonia-Manufacturers AMMONIA-MANUFACTURERS Amplifiers-Manufacturers AMPLIFIERS-MANUFACTURERS Amusement and Recreation Services, NEC (bridge instruction, yoga instruction, and similar nonathletic instruction) Amusement Arcades Amusement Concession & Ret General Merchandise Amusement Device Operator Amusement Device Operator Drinking Place Eating Pl Amusement Device Operator Hotel/motel Operation Amusement Device Operator Vending Machine Operator Amusement Devices AMUSEMENT DEVICES Amusement Devices-Wholesale AMUSEMENT DEVICES-WHOLESALE Amusement Machine Rental Amusement Park Amusement Park Executive Office Amusement Park Ret Gifts/novelties Eating Place Real Pr Amusement Park Rides Equipment-Mfrs AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES EQUIPMENT-MFRS AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Amusement Park Rides Equipment (Whol) Amusement parks Amusement Parks Amusement Parks, Nsk Amusement Places AMUSEMENT PLACES Amusement Recreation Amusement & Recreation Nec AMUSEMENT & RECREATION NEC Amusement/recreation Service Amusement & recreation services Amusement/recreation Services Amusement & Recreation Services Amusement/recreation Services Amusement Device Operator Amusement/recreation Services Amusement Park Amusement/recreation Services Animal Services Amusement/recreation Services Child Day Care Servi Amusement/recreation Services Civic/social Associa Amusement/recreation Services Commercial Photograp Amusement/recreation Services Dance Studio/school/ Amusement/recreation Services Dance Studio/school/hall Amusement/recreation Services Drinking Place Amusement/recreation Services Drinking Place Eating Pla Amusement/recreation Services Eating Place Amusement/recreation Services Entertainer/entertainment Amusement/recreation Services Executive Office Amusement/recreation Services Fire Protection Amusement/recreation Services Freight Transportati Amusement/recreation Services Health Practitioner' Amusement/recreation Services Individual/family Se Amusement/recreation Services Land/mineral/wildlif Amusement/recreation Services Misc Personal Servic Amusement/recreation Services Museum/art Gallery Amusement/recreation Services Nonscheduled Air Transpor Amusement/recreation Services Physical Fitness Fac Amusement/recreation Services Real Estate Agent/manager Amusement/recreation Services Repair Services Amusement/recreation Services Ret Gifts/novelties Amusement/recreation Services Ret Misc Homefurnish Amusement/recreation Services Ret Musical Instrume Amusement/recreation Services Ret Sporting Goods/b Amusement/recreation Services Ret Sporting Goods/bicycl Amusement/recreation Services Sports Club/manager/ Amusement/recreation Services Tour Operator Amusement/recreation Services Trailer Park/campsit Amusement/recreation Services Water Passenger Tran Amusement/recreation Services Water Transport Serv Amusement/recreation Services Whol Sporting/recrea Amusement/recreation Svc Hotel/motel Operation Amusement/recreation Svc Membership Sports Club Me Amusement/recreation Svc Mfg Measure/control Dvcs Museu Amusement/recreation Svc Public Golf Course Ret Sp Amusement/recreation Svc Public Golf Course Ret Sport G Amusement/recreation Svc Ret Sport Goods/bicycles Amusement & Theme Parks AMUSEMENT & THEME PARKS Analyzers-Industrial Control-Mfrs ANALYZERS-INDUSTRIAL CONTROL-MFRS Anchors-Expansion (Manufacturers) Animal,Farm Ptd Trans ANIMAL FOODS-ZOO & CIRCUS & ETC (WHLS) Animal Foods-Zoo & Circus & Etc (Whol) Animal Health Products-Manufacturers ANIMAL HEALTH PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS ANIMAL HEALTH PRODUCTS (WHLS) Animal Health Products (Wholesale) Animal Hospitals ANIMAL HOSPITALS Animal Nutritionist Consultants ANIMAL NUTRITIONIST CONSULTANTS Animal Services Ret Lumber/building Materials Ret Animal Services Ret Misc Merchandise Whol Farm/gar Animal Services Whol Medical/hospital E Animal Spc Farms Animal specialties farm Animal Specialties Farm Animal Specialties Farm Animal Services Announcements (Manufacturers) Annunciators-Manufacturers ANNUNCIATORS-MANUFACTURERS Anodes-Manufacturers Anodizing (Manufacturers) Anodizing Of Metals Answering Machines-Automatic ANSWERING MACHINES-AUTOMATIC Antennas-Manufacturers ANTENNAS-MANUFACTURERS Anti-Freeze Compounds-Manufacturers ANTI-FREEZE COMPOUNDS-MANUFACTURERS Antiques-Restoration Supplies & Hardware ANTIQUES-RESTORATION SUPPLIES & HARDWARE Apartment Building Apartment Building Managers Apartment Building Operator Apartment Building Operator General Warehouse/storage Apartment Building Operator Hotel/motel Operation Apartment Building Operator Intermediate Care Faci Apartment Building Operator Nonresidential Buildin Apartment Building Operator Real Estate Agent/mana Apartment Building Operator Real Estate Agent/manager Apartment Building Operators Apartment Building Operator Skilled Nur Apartment Building Operator Skilled Nursing Care F Apartment Building Operators, Nsk Apartment & Condominium Building Operator APARTMENT HOUSE SUPPLIES (WHLS) Apartment House Supplies (Wholesale) Apartments APARTMENTS Apartments Building Operator Apartments-Short Term APARTMENTS-SHORT TERM Apostolic Church Apparel-Belts (Manufacturers) APPAREL-WOMENS MILLINERY-MANUFACTURERS App Computer Software Appliance repair & maintenance Appliance Repair & Maintenance Appliances-Commercial/Ind-Sales/Rpr APPLIANCES-COMMERCIAL/IND-SALES/RPR Appliance Service & Ret Appliances Appliances/furniture/electrical Items Appliances-Household-Major-Dealers APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-MAJOR-DEALERS Appliances-Household-Major-Manufacturers APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-MAJOR-MANUFACTURERS Appliances-Household-Major-Renting APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-MAJOR-RENTING Appliances-Household-Major-Repairing APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-MAJOR-REPAIRING APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-MAJOR-SUPLS (WHLS) Appliances-Household-Major-Supls (Whol) Appliances-Household-Major-Used APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-MAJOR-USED Appliances-Household-Major-Wholesale APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-MAJOR-WHOLESALE Appliances-Household-Refinishing APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-REFINISHING Appliances-Household-Small-Dealers APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-SMALL-DEALERS Appliances-Household-Small-Repairing APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-SMALL-REPAIRING APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-SMALL-USED Appliances-Household-Small-Wholesale APPLIANCES-HOUSEHOLD-SMALL-WHOLESALE APPLIANCES-HSHLD-SMALL-SUPLS/PRTS (WHLS) Appliances-Hshld-Small-Supls/Prts (Whol) APPLIANCES RECYCLING (WHLS) Applicators (Manufacturers) Appraiser,Real Estate Appraisers APPRAISERS Appraisers-Industrial & Commercial APPRAISERS-INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL Aprons-Industrial APRONS-INDUSTRIAL Aprons-Industrial-Manufacturers APRONS-INDUSTRIAL-MANUFACTURERS Aquaculture Consultants AQUACULTURE CONSULTANTS Architects ARCHITECTS Architects & Builders Service ARCHITECTS & BUILDERS SERVICE Architects & Consultants Architects & Engineers ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS Architects/engineers/interior Design Architects Planners & Interior Designers ARCHITECTS REFERRAL SVC Architects Supplies-Manufacturers ARCHITECTS SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS ARCHITECTS SUPPLIES (WHLS) Architects Supplies (Wholesale) Architectural and Ornamental Metal Work Architectural Consultants ARCHITECTURAL CONSULTANTS Architectural Designers ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNERS Architectural Metal Architectural Services Business Services Armature Rewinding Electrical Apparatus Repair And Whol Armature Rewinding Electrical Contractor Oil/gas Field Armature Rewinding Shops (remanufacturing) Armored Car-Manufacturers ARMORED CAR-MANUFACTURERS Army & Navy Goods-Manufacturers ARMY & NAVY GOODS-MANUFACTURERS Arrangement of Transportation of Freight and Cargo (except freight rate auditors, private mail centers, and tariff consultants) Art ART Art,Architect Supps Art Casting Art Casting (Mfrs) ART CASTING (MFRS) Art Centers ART CENTERS Art Consultants ART CONSULTANTS Art Council Art Dealerret Jewelry & Comptempary Collectibles Art Dealers Art Dealers-Wholesale ART DEALERS-WHOLESALE ART DELIVERY Art Design Services Art Galleries & Dealers Art Galleries/Dealers ART GALLERIES & DEALERS ART GALLERIES-MUSEUMS EQUIP-SUPLS (WHLS) Art Gallery Art Gallery Comm Art & Gift Gallery Picture Framing Barber Shop & T Art Goods-Manufacturers ART GOODS-MANUFACTURERS Art Goods,Supps Art Goods-Wholesale ART GOODS-WHOLESALE ARTHRITIS HELP GROUPS Artificial Breasts ARTIFICIAL BREASTS Artificial Eyes-Human (Manufacturers) ARTIFICIAL EYES-HUMAN (MFRS) Artificial Flowers-Mtrls/Supls (Whol) ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS/PLANTS-MFRS SUPL-WHLS Artificial Flowers/Plants-Mfrs Supl-Whol Artificial Flowers & Plants & Trees ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS & PLANTS & TREES Artificial Flowers & Plants & Trees-Mfrs ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS & PLANTS & TREES-MFRS Artificial Flowers-Wholesale ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS-WHOLESALE Artificial Flwrs/Plants-Mfrs Supl (Mfrs) ARTIFICIAL FLWRS/PLANTS-MFRS SUPL (MFRS) ARTIFICIAL FRUITS & FOOD (MFRS) Artificial Grass ARTIFICIAL GRASS Artificial Kidney Centers ARTIFICIAL KIDNEY CENTERS Artificial Larynxes (Wholesale) Artificial Limbs ARTIFICIAL LIMBS Artificial Limbs-Manufacturers ARTIFICIAL LIMBS-MANUFACTURERS Artificial Sweetener (Manufacturer) ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER (MFRS) Art Instruction & Schools ART INSTRUCTION & SCHOOLS Artist Artists Agents ARTISTS AGENTS Artists' Agents And Brokers ARTISTS CARICATURES Artists-Commercial ARTISTS-COMMERCIAL ARTISTS-CUSTOM DESIGN & CONTRACT Artists-Fine Arts ARTISTS-FINE ARTS Artists Materials-Manufacturers ARTISTS MATERIALS-MANUFACTURERS Artists Materials & Supplies ARTISTS MATERIALS & SUPPLIES Artists Materials-Wholesale ART METAL WORK (WHLS) Art Metal Work (Wholesale) Art Museum Art, Pict.Frms & Decor ART PRINTS-PUBLISHING (MFRS) Art Publishers Art Publishers (Mfrs) ART PUBLISHERS (MFRS) ART RENTAL Art Restoring ART RESTORING Arts and crafts schls Arts And Crafts Schls Arts & Crafts-Instruction ARTS & CRAFTS-INSTRUCTION Arts & Crafts-Wholesale ARTS & CRAFTS-WHOLESALE Arts Organizations & Information ARTS ORGANIZATIONS & INFORMATION Art Studio Asphalt & Asphalt Products-Manufacturers ASPHALT & ASPHALT PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS ASPHALT MACHINERY (WHLS) Asphalt Machinery (Wholesale) Assembles Refreshment Centers For Hotels Assembles Wood & Metal Pre-hung Doors Assembly Of God Church Assessment Consultants ASSESSMENT CONSULTANTS Asset Protection Consultants ASSET PROTECTION CONSULTANTS ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY CONSULTANTS ATHLETIC FIELD CONSTRUCTION MTRLS/SPLS Audio And Video Electronics Audio And Video Production And Distribution AUDIO MANUFACTURERS Audio & video equip mfg Audio & Video Equip Mfg Audio & video media reproduction Audio & Video Media Reproduction Audio/video Production Hardware/software Sales And Audio Video & Software Media Manufacturing Audio-visual And Video Rentals Audio-Visual Consultants AUDIO-VISUAL CONSULTANTS AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS Audio-Visual Equipment-Renting & Leasing AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT-RENTING & LEASING Auto Body & Paint Shop Auto body repair Auto Body Repair Auto Body Repair And Paint Shop Auto Body Repair Collision & Paint Shop Auto Body Repair/paint Automotive Repair Ret Auto/ Auto body repair/painting Auto Body Repair/painting Auto Body Repair/painting Automotive Repair Auto Body Repair/painting & Automotive Services Auto Body Repair/painting Automotive Services Auto Body Repair/painting Automotive Services Trad Auto Body Repair/painting Eating Place Auto Body Repair/painting Gasoline Service Station Auto Body Repair/painting General Auto Repair Auto Body Repair/painting General Auto Repair Auto Auto Body Repair/painting General Warehouse/storag Auto Body Repair/painting Mfg Auto/apparel Trimmin Auto Body Repair/painting Mfg Motor Homes Auto Body Repair/painting Mfg Motor Vehicle Parts/ Auto Body Repair/painting Repair Services Auto Body Repair/painting Ret Auto/home Supplies Auto Body Repair/painting Ret Paint/glass/wallpape Auto Body Repair/painting Ret Used Automobiles Auto Body Repair/painting Ret Used Automobiles Who Auto Body Repair/painting Towing Service Auto Body Repair/painting Trade Contractor Auto Body Repair/painting & Truck/car Accessories Auto Body Repair & Paint Shop Auto Body Repair & Paint Shop & Towing Service Auto Body Repair/paint Whol Auto/motor Vehicles Re Auto Body Repair Shop Auto Body Shop Auto Body Shop Auto Paint Shop & Ret Tires Auto Body Shop & General Automotive Repair Auto Glass Replacement Shop & Auto Body Repair Sho Auto Lubrication Service Auto Lubrication Svc AUTO MACHINE SHOP EQUIP/SUPLS (WHLS) Auto Machine Shop Equip/Supls (Whol) Automated Teller Machines AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINES Automatic car wash and lubrication service Automatic Cntrls-Residential/Coml (Mfrs) AUTOMATIC CONTRLS-RESIDENTIAL/COML (MFRS) Automatic Controls for Regulating Residential and Commercial Environments and Appliances Automatic Garage Door Installation & Repair Automatic Merchandise Machine Operators Automatic Merchandising Machine Operators Automatic Sliding Door Installation Automatic Vending Machine Mfg Automatic Vending Machine Operator & Office Coffee Automatic Vending Machines Automation Consultants AUTOMATION CONSULTANTS Automobile Air Conditioning Equipment AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT AUTOMOBILE-ANTIQUE/CLASSIC-RENTING/LSNG Automobile Appraisers AUTOMOBILE APPRAISERS Automobile Body-Manufacturers AUTOMOBILE BODY-MANUFACTURERS Automobile Body-Repairing & Painting AUTOMOBILE BODY-REPAIRING & PAINTING Automobile Body Shop Automobile Body Shop Equipment-Mfrs AUTOMOBILE BODY SHOP EQUIPMENT-MFRS AUTOMOBILE BODY SHOP EQUIP/SUPLS (WHLS) Automobile Body Shop Equip/Supls (Whol) Automobile Clubs AUTOMOBILE CLUBS Automobile Dealers-Electric Cars AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-ELECTRIC CARS Automobile Dealers-New Cars AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-NEW CARS Automobile Dealers-Used Cars AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-USED CARS Automobile Detail & Clean-Up Service AUTOMOBILE DETAIL & CLEAN-UP SERVICE AUTOMOBILE DISMANTLING/RECYCLING (WHLS) Automobile Dismantling/Recycling (Whol) Automobile driving schools Automobile Driving Schools Automobile Electric Equipment AUTOMOBILE ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT Automobile Electric Equipment-Mfrs AUTOMOBILE ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT-MFRS AUTOMOBILE ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT-WHOLESALE Automobile Electric Service AUTOMOBILE ELECTRIC SERVICE Automobile Floor Coverings AUTOMOBILE FLOOR COVERINGS Automobile Floor Coverings-Manufacturers AUTOMOBILE FLOOR COVERINGS-MANUFACTURERS Automobile Glass Replacement Shop Residential And Automobile Insurance Company Automobile Leasing & Real Estate Operator Automobile Lubrication Service AUTOMOBILE LUBRICATION SERVICE Automobile Machine Shop Equip/Supls-Mfrs AUTOMOBILE MACHINE SHOP EQUIP/SUPLS-MFRS Automobile Machine Shop Service AUTOMOBILE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE AUTOMOBILE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE-WHLS Automobile Machine Shop Service-Whol Automobile-Manufacturers AUTOMOBILE-MANUFACTURERS Automobile-Manufacturers Equip/Supl-Mfrs AUTOMOBILE-MANUFACTURERS EQUIP/SUPL-MFRS Automobile Motor Rebuilding AUTOMOBILE MOTOR REBUILDING AUTOMOBILE MOTORS (WHLS) Automobile Motors (Wholesale) Automobile Parts & Supplies-Retail-New AUTOMOBILE PARTS-USED & REBUILT (WHLS) Automobile Parts-Used & Rebuilt (Whol) Automobile Performance/Sports Car Rpr AUTOMOBILE PERFORMANCE/SPORTS CAR RPR Automobile-Purchasing Consultants AUTOMOBILE-PURCHASING CONSULTANTS Automobile Racing/Sports Car Equip-Mfrs AUTOMOBILE RACING/SPORTS CAR EQUIP-MFRS Automobile Radiator-Manufacturers AUTOMOBILE RADIATOR-MANUFACTURERS Automobile Renting AUTOMOBILE RENTING AUTOMOBILE REPAIR/SVC FACILITIES-RENTING Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles (merchant wholesalers) Automobile Seatcovers-Manufacturers AUTOMOBILE SEATCOVERS-MANUFACTURERS Automobiles pick-up trucks & vans Automobiles Trucks & Vans Automobile Title Loans AUTOMOBILE TITLE LOANS Automobile & Truck Brokers AUTOMOBILE & TRUCK BROKERS (WHLS) Automobile & Truck Brokers (Whol) Automobile Upholstery Cleaning AUTOMOBILE UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Automobile Wheel-Manufacturers Automobile Wreckers-Manufacturers AUTOMOBILE WRECKERS-MANUFACTURERS Automotive Body And Paint Services Automotive Body And Paint Shop Automotive body & interior repair Automotive Body & Interior Repair Automotive Body Repair Automotive Body & Repair Automotive Body Repair And General Automotive Repa Automotive Body Repair & Paint Shop Automotive Body Repair Service Automotive Body Repair Shop Automotive Body Shop Automotive Body Shop Specializing In Collision Automotive Consultants AUTOMOTIVE CONSULTANTS Automotive Electrical Equiment Shop Automotive Electronics Sales And Installation Automotive Engine Repair & Machine Shop Automotive Glass Replacement Shops Automotive Lubrication Center Automotive Lubrication Service Automotive Lubrication Services Automotive Machine Shop Automotive Maintenance Automotive Maintenance Service Automotive Maintenance Services Automotive Oil Change & Lubrication Service Automotive oil change & lubrication shops Automotive Oil Change & Lubrication Shops Automotive Oil/lubrication Service And Gasoline Service Automotive Parts & Accessories Stores Automotive Repair And Body Shop Automotive Repair And Body Work Automotive Repair Auto Body Repair/painting Automotive Repair Gasoline Service Station Automotive Repair & Mfg Industrial Machinery Automotive Repair Mfg Industrial Machinery Automotive Repair Mfg Metalworking Machinery Automotive Repair Shops AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR SHOPS Automotive repair shops, nec Automotive Repair Whol Tires/tubes Ret Auto/home S Automotive Service & Repair & Ret Automotive Tires Automotive Services Auto Body Repair/painting Automotive Services Whol Auto Parts/supplies Auto Body Automotive Stampings (Manufacturers) Automotive tires Automotive Tires Automotive Tires & Undercar Auto Repair Automotive Transmission Repair Shops Automotive Window Tinting Auto Paint & Body Shop Auto Recycling Junkyard Auto & rel motor vh Auto & Rel Motor Vh Auto Repair Glass Replacement Tire Repair & Real E Auto Salvage Body Repair And Paint Autos Cycles And Trucks Autos & Trucks Auto transmission repair auto body repair/painting Auto & Truck Repair Auto & Truck Repair & Ret Tires Auto & Truck Repair Service/new &used Truck Sales Aviation Consultants AVIATION CONSULTANTS AVIATION ENGINEERS Awnings & Canopies AWNINGS & CANOPIES Awnings & Canopies-Cleaning AWNINGS & CANOPIES-CLEANING Awnings & Canopies-Maintenance AWNINGS & CANOPIES-MAINTENANCE Awnings & Canopies-Manufacturers AWNINGS & CANOPIES-MANUFACTURERS Awnings & Canopies-Wholesale AWNINGS & CANOPIES-WHOLESALE Axles-Manufacturers AXLES-MANUFACTURERS

Companies with letter B

Babbitting (Manufacturers)
Babtist Church BABY CARRIAGES-MANUFACTURERS BABY FOODS RETAIL BABY FOOD (WHLS) Baby Food (Wholesale) Backing Cloths-Manufacturers Badges-Manufacturers BADGES-MANUFACTURERS Badges-Manufacturers Supplies BADGES-MANUFACTURERS SUPPLIES Bagels-Manufacturers BAGELS-MANUFACTURERS Bagging-Cotton Bale (Manufacturers) Bag Making Machinery (Manufacturers) BAG MAKING MACHINERY (MFRS) Bags-Burlap Canvas & Cotton-Mfrs BAGS-BURLAP CANVAS & COTTON-MFRS BAGS-BURLAP CANVAS & COTTON (WHLS) Bags-Burlap Canvas & Cotton (Wholesale) Bags-Garbage-Manufacturers BAGS-GARBAGE-MANUFACTURERS BAGS-INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL (WHLS) Bags-Industrial & Commercial (Wholesale) Bags-Manufacturers BAGS-MANUFACTURERS Bags-Paper (Manufacturers) BAGS-PAPER (MFRS) Bags-Plastic (Manufacturers) BAGS-PLASTIC (MFRS) Bags-Specialty (Manufacturers) Bag Ties (Manufacturers) Bait Shops Bakers Equipment-Manufacturers BAKERS EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Bakers Supplies-Manufacturers BAKERS SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Balancing Service-Industrial BALANCING SERVICE-INDUSTRIAL Balers-Manufacturers BALERS-MANUFACTURERS Baling Equipment & Supls-Manufacturers BALING EQUIPMENT & SUPLS-MANUFACTURERS Balloon Artists BALLOON ARTISTS Balloons-Novelty & Toy-Manufacturers BALLOONS-NOVELTY & TOY-MANUFACTURERS Ball & Roller Bearing (Manufacturers) Balls-Glass (Manufacturers) Balls-Plastic (Manufacturers) Balls-Rubber (Manufacturers) Balls-Steel Bronze Etc (Manufacturers) Balsa Wood BALSA WOOD BAMBOO PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS BAMBOO & WOVEN WOOD PRODUCTS (WHLS) Bamboo & Woven Wood Products (Wholesale) Bands, Orchestras, Actors, and Other Entertainers Entertainment Groups (musical groups, musical artists, and orchestras) Bank Bank Designers & Consultants BANK DESIGNERS & CONSULTANTS Bank Equipment & Supplies-Manufacturers BANK EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS BANK EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES (WHLS) Bank Equipment & Supplies (Wholesale) Bankers's Organization Advisory Services Bank Holding Company Banking Systems & Service-Electronic BANKING SYSTEMS & SERVICE-ELECTRONIC Bank Protective Equipment Bankruptcy Service BANKRUPTCY SERVICE Bankruptcy Trustees Banks BANKS Banks-Consulting Services BANKS-CONSULTING SERVICES BANKS/OVERSEAS-REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES Baptist Church Baptist Church And Neighborhood Center Baptist Church And Preschool Center Baptist Church And School Baptist Church Child Day Care Center Baptist Church Child Day Care Center Sunday School Baptist Church & Pre School Baptist Church Preschool Elementary School And Day Baptist Church & Private Combined Elementary And S Baptist Church & School K-9 BARBECUE MANUFACTURERS Barber Schools BARBER SCHOOLS Barber Shop Beauty Shop Barber Shops Bar Fixtures-Manufacturers BAR FIXTURES-MANUFACTURERS Barges (Manufacturers) Barn Equipment-Manufacturers BARN EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Barrel-Manufacturers Equip/Supls (Mfrs) BARREL-MANUFACTURERS EQUIP/SUPLS (MFRS) Barrels & Drums (Manufacturers) Barrels & Drums-Plastic (Manufacturers) Barrels & Drums-Wooden (Manufacturers) BARRELS & DRUMS-WOODEN (MFRS) Barricades-Manufacturers BARRICADES-MANUFACTURERS Baseball Clubs BASEBALL DIAMOND CONSTRUCTION Baseball Sports Cards & Memorabilia BASEBALL SPORTS CARDS & MEMORABILIA Baseball & Trading Cards-Manufacturers Basement Waterproofing BASEMENT WATERPROOFING Basketball Clubs BASKETBALL CLUBS Basketball Court Construction BASKETBALL COURT CONSTRUCTION Baskets-Manufacturers BASKETS-MANUFACTURERS Batching Equipment (Manufacturers) Bath Equipment & Supplies-Manufacturers BATH EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Bathing Suits-Manufacturers BATHING SUITS-MANUFACTURERS Bathroom Accessories-Manufacturers BATHROOM ACCESSORIES-MANUFACTURERS Baths-Bath Houses Spas & Saunas BATHS-BATH HOUSES SPAS & SAUNAS Batteries-Dry Cell-Manufacturers BATTERIES-DRY CELL-MANUFACTURERS Batteries-Dry Cell-Wholesale BATTERIES-DRY CELL-WHOLESALE Battery Charging Equipment-Manufacturers BATTERY CHARGING EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Beach & Cabana Clubs BEACH & CABANA CLUBS Beams (Manufacturers) Bean Cleaning BEAN CLEANING Bearings-Manufacturers BEARINGS-MANUFACTURERS Beauty And Tanning Salon Beauty Salon Beauty Salon,Barbers BEAUTY SALON MANAGEMENT Beauty Salons BEAUTY SALONS BEAUTY SALONS-EQUIPMENT & SUPLS (WHLS) Beauty Salons-Equipment & Supls (Whol) Beauty Salons-Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs BEAUTY SALONS-EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-MFRS Beauty Salon & Spa Beauty School Beauty Schools BEAUTY SCHOOLS Beauty Shop Beauty Shop Barber Shop Beauty Shop Child Day Care Services Beauty Shop Investor Beauty Shop Lithographic Commercial Printing Mfg A Beauty shop misc personal service mfg women/misses Beauty Shop Misc Personal Services Beauty Shop Misc Personal Services Barber Shop Beauty Shop & Ret Beauty Parlor & Barber Shop Supp Beauty Shop Ret Family Clothing Beauty Shop Ret Gifts/novelties Beauty Shop Ret Lumber/building Materials Beauty Shop Ret Misc Apparel/accessories Beauty Shop Ret Misc Merchandise Beauty Shop Ret Optical Goods Beauty Shop Ret Shoes Beauty shops Beauty Shops Beauty Shops (beauty and cosmetology schools) Beauty Shop Whol Service Establishment Equipment Beauty Supplies & Equipment-Repairing BEAUTY SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT-REPAIRING Bedding-Manufacturers BEDDING-MANUFACTURERS Bedding-Manufacturers Supplies (Mfrs) BEDDING-MANUFACTURERS SUPPLIES (MFRS) Bed Frames-Metal (Manufacturers) BED FRAMES-METAL (MFRS) Bedspreads-Manufacturers BEDSPREADS-MANUFACTURERS Bed Springs-Manufacturers BED SPRINGS-MANUFACTURERS Beds-Renting BEDS-RENTING Beef Cattle Ranching & Farming Beeswax (Manufacturers) Beet Sugar (Manufacturers) Bellows (Manufacturers) Belting & Belting Supplies-Manufacturers BELTING & BELTING SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Belts-Manufacturers Supplies BELTS-MANUFACTURERS SUPPLIES Belts-Mens-Manufacturers BELTS-MENS-MANUFACTURERS Belts & Suspenders-Manufacturers BELTS & SUSPENDERS-MANUFACTURERS Belts-Womens-Manufacturers BELTS-WOMENS-MANUFACTURERS Benches-Seating (Manufacturers) Bending Machinery (Manufacturers) BENDING MACHINERY (MFRS) Berry crop farm Berry Crop Farm Berry Crop Farms Berry Crops (strawberry farms) Berry, Except Strawberry, Farming Beryllium (Manufacturers) Better Business Bureau Better Business Bureaus BETTER BUSINESS BUREAUS Beverage Powders (Manufacturers) Beverages-Manufacturers BEVERAGES-MANUFACTURERS Bible Schools & Study BIBLE SCHOOLS & STUDY Bicycles-Parts & Supplies-Manufacturers Bicycles-Renting BICYCLES-RENTING Bicycles Skis & Skates & Sports Apparel Bicycles & Specialized Sporting Goods Billiard Tables-Manufacturers BILLIARD TABLES-MANUFACTURERS Binders-Loose Leaf (Manufacturers) Bindings-Manufacturers Equipment (Mfrs) BINDINGS-MANUFACTURERS EQUIPMENT (MFRS) Binoculars-Manufacturers BINOCULARS-MANUFACTURERS Biological Products (Manufacturers) Biological Specimens-Manufacturers BIOLOGICAL SPECIMENS-MANUFACTURERS Biological Waste Clean-Up BIOLOGICAL WASTE CLEAN-UP Biology Consultants BIOLOGY CONSULTANTS BIRD FARM Bird Feeders & Houses Bird Feeders & Houses-Manufacturers BIRD FEEDERS & HOUSES-MANUFACTURERS Bird Feed-Manufacturers BIRD FEED-MANUFACTURERS Bird Hospitals BIRD HOSPITALS Bits (Manufacturers) Blackboards-Manufacturers BLACKBOARDS-MANUFACTURERS Blades (Manufacturers) Blankets-Manufacturers BLANKETS-MANUFACTURERS BLAST CLEANING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS Blast Furnace-steel Work Mfg Sheet Metalwork Mfg F Blast Furnace-steel Works Mfg Industrial Patterns Blast Furnace-steel Works Structural Metal Fabrica Blasting Contractor Except Building Demolitions Bldg Equip Installation Business Services Whol Ind Bld maintenance svs Bld Maintenance Svs Bleaching Compounds (Manufacturers) Blinds-Venetian & Vertical-Manufacturers BLINDS-VENETIAN & VERTICAL-MANUFACTURERS Blood Bank Blood Banks & Centers BLOOD BANKS & CENTERS Blood & Organ Banks Blowers-Manufacturers BLOWERS-MANUFACTURERS Boarding Houses BOARDING HOUSES Board Of Education Operating Six Public Schools In Board Of Health Boat Bld, Repairing Boat Brokers BOAT BROKERS (WHLS) Boat Builder Boat Builders-Materials BOAT BUILDERS-MATERIALS Boat building Boat Building Boat Building and Repairing (boat building) Boatbuilding/repairing Boatbuilding/repairing Mfg Sheet Metalwork Boatbuilding/repairing Mfg Truck/bus Bodies Boatbuilding/repairing Ret Boats Boat Cleaning BOAT CLEANING Boat Clubs BOAT CLUBS Boat Covers Tops & Upholstery BOAT COVERS TOPS & UPHOLSTERY Boat Covers Tops & Upholstery-Mfrs BOAT COVERS TOPS & UPHOLSTERY-MFRS BOAT COVERS TOPS/UPHOLSTERY MTRLS-DISTR BOAT COVERS TOPS & UPHOLSTERY-WHOLESALE Boat Cradles Boat Cruises Boat Dealer Boat Dealer And Marina Boat dealers Boat Dealers Boat Dealers Sales & Service BOAT DEALERS SALES & SERVICE BOAT DEALERS USED Boat Distributors BOAT DISTRIBUTORS (WHLS) Boat Docks BOAT DOCKS Boat Equipment & Supplies BOAT EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Boat Equipment & Supplies-Manufacturers BOAT EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Boat Equipment & Supplies-Wholesale BOAT EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-WHOLESALE Boating Club Boating Instruction BOATING INSTRUCTION Boat Launching BOAT LAUNCHING Boat Lifts (Manufacturers) BOAT LIFTS (MFRS) Boat Moorages BOAT MOORAGES Boat & Motor Sales Marine Supplies Service & Stora Boat Painting & Lettering BOAT PAINTING & LETTERING Boat Part-Used & Rebuilt Boat Part-Used & Rebuilt (Mfrs) BOAT PART-USED & REBUILT (MFRS) Boat Performance & Racing Equipment BOAT PERFORMANCE & RACING EQUIPMENT Boat Repair Boat Repairing BOAT REPAIRING Boat Repairs Boat Repair Service & Marina Boat Restoration BOAT RESTORATION Boat Retail And Repair Boats & Accessories Boat Sales Boat Sales & Brokerage Boats,Canoes,Equip Boats-Excursions BOATS-EXCURSIONS Boats-Manufacturers BOATS-MANUFACTURERS Boats & Marine Supplies Boats Motors & Fishing Equipment Boats-Rental & Charter BOATS-RENTAL & CHARTER Boat Storage BOAT STORAGE Boat Storage Water Craft Rental & Condo Vacation Packag BOAT TRAILER TIRES & WHEELS (MFRS) Boat Transporting BOAT TRANSPORTING Boat & Van Seating-Manufacturers BOAT & VAN SEATING-MANUFACTURERS BOAT WINDOWS Boat & Yacht Customizing Boat Yard & Ret Marine Supplies Boat Yards BOAT YARDS Boat Yards Storage Boat Yard Storage And Incidental Repair Boat Yard Storage & Incidental Repair Service & Re Bodyguard Service BODYGUARD SERVICE BODY JEWELRY BODY MOVEMENT EDUCATION Body & Paint Shop Body Piercing BODY PIERCING Body Sculpting Body Shop Body Shop & Retails Automobiles Body Wrap Salons BODY WRAP SALONS Boiler Maintenance Boilers-New & Used-Manufacturers BOILERS-NEW & USED-MANUFACTURERS Boilers-Renting BOILERS-RENTING Boilers-Repairing & Cleaning BOILERS-REPAIRING & CLEANING Boiler Tubes (Manufacturers) BOLOGNA-MANUFACTURERS Bolts & Nuts-Manufacturers BOLTS & NUTS-MANUFACTURERS BONDS-CONSTRUCTION Book & Catalog Covers (Manufacturers) Book Dealers-Retail Book-Manufacturers BOOK-MANUFACTURERS BOOKS-MEDICAL Books-publishing/printing Medical Docto Boot and Shoe Cut Stock and Findings (except wood heels and metal buckles) Boots-Manufacturers BOOTS-MANUFACTURERS Botanical/zoological Garden Real Estate Agent/mana Botanical/zoological Gdn Amusement/recreation Svc Bot,can soft drinks Bot,Can Soft Drinks Bottle & Can Recycling Depots (Whol) Bottle Caps & Seals (Manufacturers) Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks and Carbonated Water (except bottled water) Bottle Openers (Manufacturers) Bottlers Of Distilled Water & Mfg Fruit Drinks Bottles (Manufacturers) Boutique Items-Manufacturers BOUTIQUE ITEMS-MANUFACTURERS Bowling Ball-Manufacturers BOWLING BALL-MANUFACTURERS Bowling Center Amusement/recreation Services Bowling Center Drinking Place Amusement Dvc Operat Bowling Center Drinking Place Amusement/recreation Bowling Center Drinking Place Whol Sporting/recrea Bowling Center Whol Sporting/recreational Goods Ea Bowling Lanes & Real Estate Lessors Boxes-Folding-Manufacturers BOXES-FOLDING-MANUFACTURERS Boxes-Metal-Manufacturers BOXES-METAL-MANUFACTURERS BOXES-METAL (WHLS) Boxes-Metal (Wholesale) Boxes-Paper-Gluing & Finishing (Mfrs) BOXES-PAPER-GLUING & FINISHING (MFRS) Boxes-Paper (Manufacturers) BOXES-PAPER (MFRS) BOXES-PAPER-WHOLESALE Boxes-Specialty & Fancy-Manufacturers BOXES-SPECIALTY & FANCY-MANUFACTURERS Boxes-Wire Bound (Manufacturers) Boxes-Wooden-Manufacturers BOXES-WOODEN-MANUFACTURERS BOXES-WOODEN (WHLS) Boxes-Wooden (Wholesale) BOX-MANUFACTURERS EQUIP & SUPLS (WHLS) Box-Manufacturers Equip & Supls (Whol) Box-Manufacturers Equip & Supplies-Mfrs BOX-MANUFACTURERS EQUIP & SUPPLIES-MFRS Box Partitions (Manufacturers) Brackets (Manufacturers) Braids (Manufacturers) Brake Lining-Manufacturers BRAKE LINING-MANUFACTURERS Brake Service Equipment-Manufacturers BRAKE SERVICE EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Brakes-Manufacturers BRAKES-MANUFACTURERS Brakes-Metal-Forming-Manufacturers Branches & Agencies Of Foreign Banks BRANCHES & AGENCIES OF FOREIGN BANKS Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks (branches) Branding Equipment (Manufacturers) Brass (Manufacturers) Brass Products (Manufacturers) Brass Rubbings (Manufacturers) Brick-Clay Common & Face-Manufacturers BRICK-CLAY COMMON & FACE-MANUFACTURERS Brick-Concrete Pumice & Etc BRICK-CONCRETE PUMICE & ETC Brick Makers' Equipment (Manufacturers) Brick-Manufacturers BRICK-MANUFACTURERS Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Materials (merchant wholesalers except construction materials sold via retail method) Bridal Shops BRIDAL SHOPS Bridal Supplies-Manufacturers BRIDAL SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Bridge Clubs BRIDGE CLUBS Bridge construction Bridge & Other Heavy Construction Bridge, Tunnel, and Elevated Highway Construction (bridge and elevated highway construction) Bridge/tunnel Construction Heavy Construction Brine (Manufacturers) Briquettes (Manufacturers) British Food Products BRITISH FOOD PRODUCTS Broaching (Manufacturers) Broadcasting Equipment (Manufacturers) Brokerage House Broker Of Construction Jobs Broker Of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Brokers-Hotel Motel & Apartment House BROKERS-HOTEL MOTEL & APARTMENT HOUSE Brokers-Motor Transportation BROKERS-MOTOR TRANSPORTATION BRONZE CLEANING (MFRS) Bronze (Manufacturers) Bronze Ornamental Work (Manufacturers) Bronze Products (Manufacturers) Bronze Tablets (Manufacturers) Broom Manufacturers-Equip & Supls (Mfrs) BROOM MANUFACTURERS-EQUIP & SUPLS (MFRS) Brooms & Brushes (Manufacturers) Brooms-Manufacturers BROOMS-MANUFACTURERS Brushes-Retail (Household) BRUSHES-RETAIL (HOUSEHOLD) Brush-Manufacturers BRUSH-MANUFACTURERS BRUSH-MANUFACTURERS EQUIP/SUPLS (WHLS) Brush-Manufacturers Equip/Supls (Whol) Buckles (Manufacturers) Buffing & Polishing (Manufacturers) Builders-Construction Control Service BUILDERS-CONSTRUCTION CONTROL SERVICE BUILDERS HARDWARE (WHLS) Builders Hardware (Wholesale) Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services, NEC (janitorial services) Building Cleaning-Exterior BUILDING CLEANING-EXTERIOR Building Cleaning-Interior BUILDING CLEANING-INTERIOR Building Cleaning/Maintenance Svcs BUILDING CLEANING/MAINTENANCE SVCS Building Cleaning Service Building Cleaning Specializing In Awnings Concrete Building Construction-Consultants BUILDING CONSTRUCTION-CONSULTANTS Building Contractor Building Contractors BUILDING CONTRACTORS Building Contractor Single & Multi Family Building Building Department Building Designers BUILDING DESIGNERS Building equipment installation Building Equipment Installation BUILDING FINISH Building Inspection Building Inspection Service BUILDING INSPECTION SERVICE Building inspection svcs Building Inspection Svcs Building Inspector Building Maintenance BUILDING MAINTENANCE Building Maintenance Janitorial Work & Window Cleaning Building Maintenance Services Building Maintenance Services Carpentry Contractor Building Maintenance Services Carpet/upholstery Cl Building Maintenance Services Executive Office Building Maintenance Services Help Supply Services Building Maintenance Services Masonry/stone Contra Building Maintenance Services, Nec, Nsk Building Maintenance Services Nonresidential Build Building Maintenance Services Painting/paper Hangi Building Maintenance Services Plumbing/heating/air Building Maintenance Services/repair Services Building Maintenance Services Single-family House Building Maintenance Services Truck Rental/leasing Building Maintenance Services Whol Service Establi Building Maintenance Svc Drycleaning Plant Power Laundr Building Materials BUILDING MATERIALS Building Materials Distribution Building Materials-Manufacturers BUILDING MATERIALS-MANUFACTURERS Building Materials-Used BUILDING MATERIALS-USED Building Materials-Wholesale BUILDING MATERIALS-WHOLESALE Building Operations & Maintenance Services Building Renovation Of Single-family Residences Co Building Restoration & Preservation BUILDING RESTORATION & PRESERVATION Buildings-Air Supported Buildings-Concrete BUILDINGS-CONCRETE Building Service Contractor-janitorial Buildings-Metal BUILDINGS-METAL Buildings-Metal-Manufacturers BUILDINGS-METAL-MANUFACTURERS Buildings-Metal-Repairing BUILDINGS-METAL-REPAIRING Buildings-Metal-Wholesale BUILDINGS-METAL-WHOLESALE Building Specialties BUILDING SPECIALTIES Buildings-Pole BUILDINGS-POLE Buildings-Portable BUILDINGS-PORTABLE Buildings-Pre-Cut Prefab & Modlr-Mfrs BUILDINGS-PRE-CUT PREFAB & MODLR-MFRS Buildings-Pre-Cut Prefabricated/Modular BUILDINGS-PRE-CUT PREFABRICATED/MODULAR Building Supplies BUILDINGS-WHOLESALE Buildings-Wood (Manufacturers) BUILDINGS-WOOD (MFRS) Building Systems & Components BUILDING SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS Builds kitchen cabinets and any wooden fixtures Builds Water Features Buoys-Marine (Manufacturers) Burial Caskets (Manufacturers) Burners-Industrial (Manufacturers) BURNERS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Bursting Machines (Manufacturers) BURSTING MACHINES (MFRS) Bus Charter Service-nonlocal And Travel Agency Buses-Bodies (Manufacturers) Buses-Manufacturers BUSES-MANUFACTURERS Buses-Parts & Supplies-Manufacturers BUSES-PARTS & SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Business And Health Information Services Business and Secretarial Schools Business And Tax Consulting Service Business Assns Business assoc Business Assoc Business association Business Association Business Association Entertainer/entertainment Gro Business Association Executive Office Business Association Mfg Printed Circuit Boards Mf Business Association Real Estate Agent/manager Business Association Religious Organization Business associations Business Associations Business Association Savings Institution Business Associations, Nsk Business Association Whol Piece Goods/notions Business Brokers BUSINESS BROKERS Business Cards (Manufacturers) BUSINESS CARDS (MFRS) Business Classification Unknown Business Colleges BUSINESS COLLEGES Business Computer Networking Business Consultant & Manufacturer's Representativ Business Consultants Business Consulting Business Consulting, Nec, Nsk Business consulting services Business Consulting Services Business Consulting Services Business Services Business Consulting Services Custom Computer Progr Business Consulting Services Engineering Services Business Consulting Services Executive Office Business Consulting Services Management Consulting Business Consulting Services Misc Publishing Business Consulting Services, NEC (urban planners and industrial development organizations) Business Consulting Service Specializing In Coasta Business Consulting Services Refuse System Business Consulting Services Repair Services Business Consulting Services Ret Misc Merchandise Business Consulting Services Steel Foundry Plating Business Consulting Services & Travel Agency Business Consulting Services Travel Agency Business Consulting Services Water/sewer/utility C Business Consulting Services Whol Electrical Equipment Business Consulting Specializing In Employment Rel Business Consulting Svcs Job Training/related Svc Business Consulting Svcs Lithographic Coml Print T Business Development BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Business Education Business & Financial Reports BUSINESS & FINANCIAL REPORTS Business Forms Business Forms And Systems BUSINESS FORMS HANDLING EQUIPMENT (MFRS) Business Forms & Systems-Manufacturers BUSINESS FORMS & SYSTEMS-MANUFACTURERS BUSINESS FORMS & SYSTEMS (WHLS) Business Forms & Systems (Wholesale) Business Mach Rep Ele Business Management Consultants BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Business Management & Lobbyists Business Membership Organization And Employee Rela BUSINESS PLANS BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS (WHLS) Business Records & Documents-Storage BUSINESS RECORDS & DOCUMENTS-STORAGE Business School Business/secretarial school Business/secretarial School Business/secretarial School College/university Business & Secretarial Schools Business Service BUSINESS SERVICE CENTERS Business services Business Services Business Services Accident/hlth Insurance Trust Ma Business Services Accounting/auditing/bookkeeping Business Services Building Maintenance Services Business Services Business Association Business Services Business Consulting Services Business Services Business Services Freight Transportat Business Services Civic/social Association Business Services Coating/engraving Service Ret Mi Business Services Coating/engraving Service Whol N Business Services Coml Art/graphic Design Commerci Business Services Commercial Art/graphic Design Business Services Commercial Printing Mfg Signs/ad Business Services Direct Mail Advertising Services Business Services Direct Retail Sales Telegraph Communi Business Services Electrical Repair Business Services Executive Office Business Services Fire Protection Business Services Heavy Construction Equipment Ren Business Services Hotel/motel Operation Business Services Individual/family Services Business Services Legal Services Office Business Services Mail Processing Business Services Management Consulting Services Business Services Mfg Industrial Machinery Business Services Mfg Laminated Plastic Plate/shee Business Services Mfg Packaging Machinery Business Services Mfg Paper Indstl Mach Mfg Dies/t Business Services Mfg Paper Industrial Machinery Business Services Mfg Photographic Equipment/suppl Business Services Mfg Process Cntrl Instr Commerci Business Services Mfg Process Cntrl Instr Mfg Rela Business Services Mfg Semiconductors/related Devic Business Services Mfg Signs/ad Specialties Auto Bo Business Services Mfg Signs/advertising Specialtie Business Services Mfg Steel Wire/related Products Business Services Mfg Women's/misses' Blouses Mfg Business Services Mfg Women's/misses' Outerwear Mf Business Services Mfg Wood Pallets/skids Mfg Wood Business Services Mfg Wood Partitions/fixtures Mfg Business Services Misc Personal Services Business Services Motion Picture Services Business Services Motion Picture Services Data Pro Business Services Motion Picture/video Production Business Services Motion Pict/video Prodtn Business Services Nec BUSINESS SERVICES NEC Business Services, Nec, Nsk Business Services, NEC (radio transcription services) Business Services Ornamental Nursery Business Services Outdoor Advertising Services Business Services Physical Fitness Facility Business Services Pleating/stitching Services Business Services Plumbing/heating/air Cond Contra Business Services Real Estate Agent/manager Business Services Religious Organization Business Services Repair Services Business Services Ret Boats Business Services Ret Draperies/upholstery Business Services Ret Family Clothing Professional Orga Business Services Ret Florist Business Services Ret Fruits/vegetables Business Services Ret Furniture Business Services Ret Gifts/novelties Business Services Ret Jewelry Mfg Precious Metal J Business Services Ret Misc Homefurnishings Business Services Ret Misc Homefurnishings Ret Draperie Business Services Ret Misc Merchandise Business Services Ret Misc Merchandise Lawn/garden Business Services Ret Misc Merchandise Mfg Signs/a Business Services Ret Misc Merchandise Trade Contr Business Services Ret Misc Merchandise Whol Plumbi Business Services Ret Records/cd's/tapes Business Services Ret Sewing Supplies/fabrics Ret Business Services Ret Stationery Whol Stationery/o Business Services Ret Used Merchandise Business Services Services-misc Business Services Shipbuilding/repairing Business Services Single-family House Construction Business Services Specialty Hospital Business Services Tax Return Preparation Services Business Services Testing Laboratory Mfg Elec Hous Business Services Tire Retreading/repair Automotive Rep Business Services Travel Agency Business Services Typesetting Services Lithographi Business Services Veterinary Services Business Services Whol Autos/motor Vehicles Business Services Whol Durable Goods Business Services Whol Flowers/florist Supplies Business Services Whol Furniture Whol Home Furnish Business Services Whol Homefurnishings Business Services Whol Plumbing Equipment/supplies Business Solutions BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Business Staffing Services Business Strategic Planning Business Support Service BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICE Business svs nec Business Svs Nec Business Tax Consultants Business Telecommunications & Networking Business Telephone System Installation Structured Business To Business And Retail Sales New Used & R Business to business electronic markets Business To Business Electronic Markets Business & Trade Organizations BUSINESS & TRADE ORGANIZATIONS BUTCHER BLOCKS-HOUSEHOLD (MFRS) Buttonhole Makers (Manufacturers) Buyer & Seller Of Machine Tools Buy & Sell New & Used Industrial & Machine Equipme

Companies with letter C

Cabinet Building & Installation
Cabinet Building & Installation Contractor Cabinets Kitchen Cabinets-Manufacturers CABINETS-MANUFACTURERS Cabinets-Metal (Manufacturers) CABINETS-METAL (MFRS) Cable Grips-Manufacturers CABLE GRIPS-MANUFACTURERS Cable (Manufacturers) Cable/pay Television Service Water/sewer/utility C Cable/pay Tv Services Business Services Ret Radio/ Cable/pay Tv Services Whol Electronic Parts Electr Cables-Insulated (Manufacturers) CABS-TRACTOR TRUCK & ETC (WHLS) Cabs-Tractor Truck & Etc (Wholesale) Cafe And Mfg Food Products Machinery Cafeterias-Industrial-Operators CAFETERIAS-INDUSTRIAL-OPERATORS Cages-Animal (Manufacturers) Caissons (Manufacturers) Calcium Carbonate (Manufacturers) Calculating & Accounting Machines (Mfrs) CALCULATING & ACCOUNTING MACHINES (MFRS) Calculating/Adding Machines/Supl-Renting Calculating & Adding Machines/Supls-Mfrs CALCULATING & ADDING MACHINES/SUPLS-MFRS Calculating and Accounting Machinery, Except Electronic Computers (change making machines) Calendars-Manufacturers CALENDARS-MANUFACTURERS Calibration Devices (Manufacturers) Camper Shells And Truck Accesories Campers & Pick-Up Coaches-Manufacturers CAMPERS & PICK-UP COACHES-MANUFACTURERS Campers & Pick-Up Coaches-Renting CAMPERS & PICK-UP COACHES-RENTING Campground Marina Boat And Recreational Vehicle De Camping Equipment-Manufacturers CAMPING EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Camping Equipment-Renting CAMPING EQUIPMENT-RENTING Cams-Manufacturers CAMS-MANUFACTURERS Cancer Information CANCER INFORMATION Cancer Research Centers CANCER RESEARCH CENTERS Cancer Treatment Center Cancer Treatment Centers CANCER TREATMENT CENTERS Candles CANDLES Candles-Manufacturers CANDLES-MANUFACTURERS CANDLES-MFRS EQUIPMENT & SUPLS (WHLS) Candles-Mfrs Equipment & Supls (Whol) Candles-Wholesale CANDLES-WHOLESALE Candy and Other Confectionery Products (chocolate confectionery) Candy & Confectionery-Brokers CANDY & CONFECTIONERY-BROKERS (WHLS) Candy & Confectionery-Manufacturers CANDY & CONFECTIONERY-MANUFACTURERS Candy & Confectionery-Mfrs Equip (Mfrs) CANDY & CONFECTIONERY-MFRS EQUIP (MFRS) CANDY & CONFECTIONERY-MFRS SUPLS (WHLS) Candy & Confectionery-Mfrs Supls (Whol) Candy & Confectionery-Retail CANDY & CONFECTIONERY-RETAIL Candy & Confectionery-Wholesale CANDY & CONFECTIONERY-WHOLESALE Candy & Cookie Arrangements CANDY & COOKIE ARRANGEMENTS Candy Making Supplies CANDY MAKING SUPPLIES Candy, Nut, and Confectionery Stores (chocolate candy stores, preparing on premises) Candy, nut, cnf str Candy, Nut, Cnf Str Candy, rel cnf pdts Candy, Rel Cnf Pdts Cane Sugar, Except Refining Cane Sugar Refining CANES (WHLS) Canes (Wholesale) Caning CANING CANING SUPPLIES Can-Manufacturers CAN-MANUFACTURERS Can-Manufacturers Machinery (Mfrs) CAN-MANUFACTURERS MACHINERY (MFRS) Canned and Cured Fish and Seafoods Canned, Cured Fish Canned & Cured Fish & Seafoods (Mfrs) CANNED & CURED FISH & SEAFOODS (MFRS) Canned fruits & veg Canned Fruits & Veg Canned Fruits, Vegetables, Preserves, Jams, and Jellies CANNED GOODS-WHOLESALE Canned Specialties Canned Specialties (except canned puddings) Canned Specialties (Manufacturers) CANNED SPECIALTIES (MFRS) Canners Of Fruit Juices & Mfg Carbonated Beverages CANNING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES (WHLS) Canning Equipment & Supplies (Wholesale) Canning (Manufacturers) CANNING (MFRS) Canoe & Equipment Rental Canoe-Manufacturers Canoes CANOES Canoes-Rental & Charter CANOES-RENTAL & CHARTER Canoe Trip Outfitters CANOE TRIP OUTFITTERS Canopies-Rented CANOPIES-RENTED CAN SEALING EQUIPMENT (MFRS) Cans-Fiber (Manufacturers) CANS-FIBER (MFRS) CANS (WHLS) Cans (Wholesale) Canvas and Related Products Canvas Goods-Repairing CANVAS GOODS-REPAIRING CANVAS GOODS (WHLS) Canvas Goods (Wholesale) Canvas-Manufacturers CANVAS-MANUFACTURERS Canvas Products CANVAS PRODUCTS Canvas Products-Custom Made CANVAS PRODUCTS-CUSTOM MADE Canvas & Related Prod Mills Canvas & Related Products (Mfrs) CANVAS & RELATED PRODUCTS (MFRS) Canvas & rel pdts Canvas & Rel Pdts Canvas-Wholesale CANVAS-WHOLESALE Capping Machinery (Manufacturers) Carbide Metals & Products-Manufacturers CARBIDE METALS & PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS CARBIDE METALS & PRODUCTS (WHLS) Carbide Metals & Products (Wholesale) Carbon-Activated (Manufacturers) Carbon Black-Manufacturers CARBON BLACK-MANUFACTURERS Carbon Brushes-Manufacturers CARBON BRUSHES-MANUFACTURERS Carbon Paper-Manufacturers CARBON PAPER-MANUFACTURERS Carburetors-Manufacturers CARBURETORS-MANUFACTURERS CARD & PAPER FINISHING (MFRS) Cards Candles Party Supplies Gifts & Collectibles Cargo & Freight Containers-Manufacturers CARGO & FREIGHT CONTAINERS-MANUFACTURERS Carpentry Contractor Business Services Carpentry Contractor & Manufacturer Of Doors And I Carpentry Contractor Mfg Millwork Mfg Wood Products Mfg Carpentry Contractor Mfg Structural Wood Members Carpentry Contractor Mfg Wood Household Furniture Carpentry Contractor Mfg Wood Kitchen Cabinets Carpentry Contractor Mfg Wood Kitchen Cabinets Mfg Mill Carpentry Contractor Mfg Wood Products Carpentry Contractor Ret Household Appliances Elec Carpentry Contractor Ret Lumber/building Materials Carpentry Contractor Ret Lumber/building Mtrl Whol Carpentry Contractor Whol Industrial Supplies Carpentry & Garage Door Contractor Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Carpet Clean Eqp Rent Carpet Cleaning Carpet Consultants-Commercial Carpet Layers CARPET LAYERS CARPET LAYERS EQUIPMENT & SUPLS (WHLS) Carpet Layers Equipment & Supls (Whol) Carpet Layers Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs CARPET LAYERS EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-MFRS Carpet Laying CARPET & RUG BINDING SERVICES Carpet & Rug Cleaners CARPET & RUG CLEANERS Carpet & Rug Cleaning Equipment-Rental CARPET & RUG CLEANING EQUIPMENT-RENTAL Carpet & Rug Cleaning Equip & Supls-Mfrs CARPET & RUG CLEANING EQUIP & SUPLS-MFRS CARPET & RUG CLEANING EQUIP/SUPLS (WHLS) Carpet & Rug Cleaning Equip/Supls (Whol) CARPET & RUG-CUSTOM MADE Carpet & Rug Dealers-New CARPET & RUG DEALERS-NEW Carpet & Rug Dealers-Oriental CARPET & RUG DEALERS-ORIENTAL Carpet & Rug Dealers-Used CARPET & RUG DEALERS-USED Carpet & Rug-Distributors CARPET & RUG-DISTRIBUTORS (WHLS) Carpet & Rug-Distributors (Whol) Carpet & Rug-Dyers CARPET & RUG-DYERS Carpet & Rug-Finishing CARPET & RUG-FINISHING CARPET & RUG MAKING-INSTRUCTION & SUPLS Carpet & Rug-Manufacturers CARPET & RUG-MANUFACTURERS CARPET & RUG-MEASURING SERVICE Carpet & Rug Mills Carpet & Rug-Pads Linings & Accessories CARPET & RUG-PADS LININGS & ACCESSORIES CARPET & RUG PADS LININGS & ACCES-WHLS Carpet & Rug Pads Linings & Acces-Whol Carpet & Rug-Pads & Linings-Mfrs CARPET & RUG-PADS & LININGS-MFRS Carpet & Rug Repairing CARPET & RUG REPAIRING Carpet & Rugs-Renting CARPET & RUGS-RENTING Carpet & Rug-Weavers CARPET & RUG-WEAVERS (MFRS) Carpets Carpet Sales Carpet Sales & Installation Carpets and Rugs Carpets Floor Tiles & Linoleum Carpets & Linoleum Carpets Rugs & Floor Coverings Carpet Store CARPET SWEEPERS Carpet & Tile Carpet & uphl clean Carpet & Uphl Clean Carpet/upholstery Clean Drycleaning Plant Building Carpet/upholstery Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning And Ret Carpet Carpet/upholstery Cleaning Drycleaning Plant Carpet/upholstery Cleaning Ret Floor Covering Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning & Ret Floor Coverings Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Svcs Carpet/upholstery Clean Repair Services Building M Carpet & Upholstery Protective Service Carpet Workrooms CARPET WORKROOMS Carports-Manufacturers CARPORTS-MANUFACTURERS Car Seats-Children CAR SEATS-CHILDREN Car Stereos & Electronics Car & Truck Rental Leasing Carts-Motorized CARTS-MOTORIZED Carwash Auto Body Repair/painting Carwash Auto Body Repair/painting General Auto Rep Carwash Auto Body Repair/painting Ret Auto/home Su Carwash Automotive Services & Gasoline Service Sta Carwash Business Association Carwash Gasoline Service Station Car Washing & Polishing CAR WASHING & POLISHING Car Washing & Polishing-Coin Operated CAR WASHING & POLISHING-COIN OPERATED Car Washing & Polishing Equipment-Mfrs CAR WASHING & POLISHING EQUIPMENT-MFRS CAR WASHING/POLISHING EQUIP/SUPLS (WHLS) Car Washing/Polishing Equip/Supls (Whol) Carwash & Ret Automotive Tires Car Wash & Ret Gasoline Casein (Manufacturers) Cases-Carrying-Manufacturers CASES-CARRYING-MANUFACTURERS Cases-Transit (Manufacturers) Cash Drawers (Manufacturers) Cash Grains Farm General Animal Farm Business Asso Cash Grains, NEC (oilseed farming, except soybeans) Cash Registers & Supplies-Manufacturers CASH REGISTERS & SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Caskets-Hardware (Manufacturers) CASKETS-HARDWARE (MFRS) Caskets-Manufacturers CASKETS-MANUFACTURERS Casters & Glides-Manufacturers CASTERS & GLIDES-MANUFACTURERS Castings-Aluminum (Manufacturers) Castings-Ferrous Metals (Manufacturers) CASTINGS-FERROUS METALS (MFRS) Castings-Iron (Manufacturers) Castings-Steel (Manufacturers) Catalog And Mail Order House Catalog and Mail-Order Houses (electronic shopping web sites) Catalysts (Manufacturers) CATCH BASIN BUILDING CLEANING/REPAIRING Catch Basin Covers (Manufacturers) CATERERS SUPPLIES-RENTING Cathode Ray Tubes-Manufacturers Catholic Church Catholic Senior High School Cattle Farm Cattle Guards (Manufacturers) Cattle Ranch Sugarcane Farm And Citrus Grove Caulking Waterproofing Epoxy Application & Concret Ceiling Cleaning CEILING CLEANING Cement Contractors And Residential Building Contra Cement-Manufacturers CEMENT-MANUFACTURERS Cemetery Subdivider/developer Funeral S Centrifugal Machinery (Manufacturers) CENTRIFUGAL MACHINERY (MFRS) Ceramic Products-Industrial (Mfrs) CERAMIC PRODUCTS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile Ceramic Wall & Floor Tile Mfg Cereal Breakfast Foods (cereal breakfast foods and related pr Cereals (Manufacturers) CESSPOOL CLEANING Chain Fast Food Restaurant Chain Link Fences-Manufacturers CHAIN LINK FENCES-MANUFACTURERS CHAINS-JEWELRY ORNAMENTAL Chains-Manufacturers CHAINS-MANUFACTURERS CHAIR CANING SUPPLIES Chairs-Manufacturers CHAIRS-MANUFACTURERS Chairs-Renting CHAIRS-RENTING Chairs & Tables-Renting Chalk-Manufacturers Chamois Skins-Manufacturers Check Cashing & Electronic Tax Filing Checks-Printing (Manufacturers) Cheese Broker Corn Oat & Alfalfa Farm Chemical Cleaning-Industrial CHEMICAL CLEANING-INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL CONSULTANTS CHEMICALS-INDUSTRIAL (WHLS) Chemicals-Industrial (Wholesale) Chemicals-Manufacturers CHEMICALS-MANUFACTURERS Chemical Wast Management Local Trucking Operator M Chemical Water Treatment Chenilles (Manufacturers) CHESS CLUBS Chewing Gum (Manufacturers) Chicken Egg Farm Chicken Egg Farms Chicken Farm Chicken farm beef cattle-except feedlot Chicken Farm & Feed Mill Chicken Pizza And Family Restaurant Child Abuse Council Child Abuse Information & Treatment Ctrs CHILD ABUSE INFORMATION & TREATMENT CTRS CHILD ADVOCACY GROUPS Childbirth Education CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION Child Care Child Care Center Child Care Centers-Consultants CHILD CARE CENTERS-CONSULTANTS CHILD CARE CENTERS-EQUIP & SUPLS (WHLS) Child Care Centers-Equip & Supls (Whol) Child Care Elementary/secondary Education Exceptio Child Care Referral Services CHILD CARE REFERRAL SERVICES Child Care Service CHILD CARE SERVICE Child Care Services Child Day Care Child Day Care Center Child Day Care Centers Social Service Centers & Yo Child Day Care Service Child day care services Child Day Care Services Child Day Care Services Animal Services Child Day Care Services Child Day Care Services Child Day Care Services Elementary/secondary Schoo Child Day Care Services Elementary/secondary School Child Day Care Services Elementary/secondary Sch R Child Day Care Services Individual/family Services Child Day Care Services Individual/family Svcs Child Day Care Services Library Child Day Care Services, Nsk Child Day Care Services Preschool And Kindergarten Child Day Care Services Real Estate Agent/manager Child Day Care Services Religious Organization Child Day Care Services Religious Organization Ele Child Day Care Svcs Child day care svs Child Day Care Svs Child Development-Parent/Child Education CHILD DEVELOPMENT-PARENT/CHILD EDUCATION Child Development Programs CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS Child Guidance CHILD GUIDANCE Childrens After School Programs CHILDRENS AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS Children's Books & Educational Games Children's Book Store Children's Clothing Children's Fitness CHILDREN'S FITNESS Childrens Garment-Mfrs Representative CHILDRENS GARMENT-MFRS REPRESENTATIVE CHILDREN'S HAIR SALON Children's & Infants' Clothing Stores Childrens & Infants Wear-Retail CHILDRENS & INFANTS WEAR-RETAIL Childrens & Infants Wear-Used CHILDRENS & INFANTS WEAR-USED Childrens & Infants Wear-Wholesale CHILDRENS & INFANTS WEAR-WHOLESALE Children's Medical Foundation Childrens Nursing & Rehabilitation Ctrs CHILDRENS NURSING & REHABILITATION CTRS Children's Shoes Childrens Shoes-Retail Children's Svcs & Activities Information CHILDREN'S SVCS & ACTIVITIES INFORMATION Childrens Transportation Svc CHILDRENS TRANSPORTATION SVC Child's/infant's Wear Child Support Collections CHILD SUPPORT COLLECTIONS Child & youth svcs Child & Youth Svcs Chillers-Liquid (Manufacturers) Chimes & Bells (Manufacturers) CHIMNEY CLEANING EQUIP & SUPLS (WHLS) Chimney Cleaning Equip & Supls (Whol) Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning Build/Rpr CHIMNEY & FIREPLACE CLEANING BUILD/RPR Chimney Lining Materials-Manufacturers Chinaware Decorators (Manufacturers) CHINAWARE & GLASSWARE-RENTING Chinaware-Manufacturers CHINAWARE-MANUFACTURERS Chinese Food Products CHINESE FOOD PRODUCTS Chinese Food Products-Manufacturers CHINESE FOOD PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Chinese Foods-Wholesale Chips (Manufacturers) Chiropractors Chiropractors Dc Chiropractors DC CHIROPRACTORS DC CHIROPRACTORS EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY (WHLS) Chiropractors Equipment & Supply (Whol) Chiropractors Off Chiropractors Office Chiropractor's Office Business Services Chiropractor's Office Health Practitioner's Office Chiropractor's Office Medical Doctor's Chiropractor's Office Medical Doctor's Office Chlorine-Manufacturers CHLORINE-MANUFACTURERS Chocolate & Cocoa-Manufacturers CHOCOLATE & COCOA-MANUFACTURERS Christian And Reformed Church Christian Book Store & Church Supplies Christian Church Christian Liberal Arts College Christian & Missionary Church Christian Tracts (Manufacturers) Christmas Trees-Artificial (Mfrs) CHRISTMAS TREES-ARTIFICIAL (MFRS) Chrome (Manufacturers) Chuck-Manufacturers CHUCK-MANUFACTURERS Church Church And Child Day Care Services Church And Christian School Church And Church School Church And Day Care Center Church And Preschool Church And Private Christian School Church And Private School Church And School Church Baptist Church Builders CHURCH BUILDERS Church Camp Church/child Day Care Services Church & Christian Academy CHURCH CONSULTING Church & Daycare Church Daycare Center School & Retireme Church Diocese Church & Elementary-high School Church & Elementary & High School Church & Elementary School Churches CHURCHES Church Financing CHURCH FINANCING CHURCH FURNISHINGS (WHLS) Church Furnishings (Wholesale) Church Furniture-Manufacturers CHURCH FURNITURE-MANUFACTURERS Church & Grade School Church/ Non Demonination Church Of Christ North American Christian Church Of Christ Organization Church Of God Church Of God And Child Day Care Services Church Of Jesus Of Lds Church Of The Nazarene Church Organization Church Organizations CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS Church & Preschool Church/religious Organization Church & School Church School Convent Monastary Church School Elementary And Day Care Center Church Supplies CHURCH SUPPLIES CHURCH SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Church Svc Church Vestments CHURCH VESTMENTS Chutes-Metal Plate-Manufacturers CHUTES-METAL PLATE-MANUFACTURERS Cigar & Cigarette Lighters-Manufacturers CIGAR & CIGARETTE LIGHTERS-MANUFACTURERS Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-Manufacturers CIGAR CIGARETTE & TOBACCO-MANUFACTURERS Cigarette Papers & Tubes-Manufacturers CIGARETTE PAPERS & TUBES-MANUFACTURERS Cigarettes (Manufacturers) Cigars (Manufacturers) Cinder Blocks (Manufacturers) Circuit Boards-Manufacturers CIRCUIT BOARDS-MANUFACTURERS Citrus Fruit Farms Citrus Fruit Products-Manufacturers CITRUS FRUIT PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Citrus Fruits (orange groves and farms) CITRUS FRUITS (WHLS) Citrus Fruits (Wholesale) City Government-Public Health Programs CITY GOVERNMENT-PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAMS City Health Department Civic/social Association Amusement/recreation Serv Civic/social Association Business Association Civic/social Association Business Consulting Servi Civic/social Association Child Day Care Services Civic/social Association Child Day Care Services M Civic/social Association Health Practitioner's Off Civic/social Association Membership Sport/recreati Civic/social Association Membership Sports Club Pu Civic/social Association Real Estate Agent/manager Civil Engineering Consultants Civil Engineers Civil Geotechnical Environmental Engineers & Surve Civil Service Schools Civil & Structural Engineers Civil & Surveying Engineers Clamps-Manufacturers CLAMPS-MANUFACTURERS Class Rings (Manufacturers) Clay Refractories (Manufacturers) Cleaners CLEANERS CLEANERS & DYERS EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Cleaners & Dyers Equipment (Wholesale) CLEANERS & DYERS SUPPLIES (WHLS) Cleaners & Dyers Supplies (Wholesale) Cleaners & Dyers-Wholesale Cleaners-Wholesale CLEANERS-WHOLESALE Cleaning Compounds-Manufacturers CLEANING COMPOUNDS-MANUFACTURERS CLEANING COMPOUNDS (WHLS) Cleaning Compounds (Wholesale) CLEANING MACHINE MFRS-STEAM Cleaning,Main Eq Sup Cleaning & Painting Structural Steel Contractor Cleaning/Pressure Wash Cleaning-Roof Patio Sidewalk & Etc CLEANING-ROOF PATIO SIDEWALK & ETC Cleaning Services Cleaning Services-Commercial/Residential CLEANING SERVICES-COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL Cleaning Services-Industrial CLEANING SERVICES-INDUSTRIAL Cleaning Systems-Pressure Chemical-Mfrs CLEANING SYSTEMS-PRESSURE CHEMICAL-MFRS CLEANING SYSTS-PRESSURE CHEM/ETC (WHLS) Cleaning Systs-Pressure Chem/Etc (Whol) Clean Room Facilities CLEAN ROOM FACILITIES Clean Room Services Clean Rooms-Installation & Equipment CLEAN ROOMS-INSTALLATION & EQUIPMENT Clean Rooms-Service & Cleaning CLEAN ROOMS-SERVICE & CLEANING Cleans Exhaust Systems & Air Conditioning Equipmen Clearing Houses CLEARING HOUSES Clinic Real Estate Operator Clinics CLINICS Clocks-Manufacturers CLOCKS-MANUFACTURERS Closet Accessories-Manufacturers CLOSET ACCESSORIES-MANUFACTURERS Closures-Industrial-Protective (Mfrs) CLOSURES-INDUSTRIAL-PROTECTIVE (MFRS) Cloth Cutting Machines-Manufacturers CLOTH CUTTING MACHINES (WHLS) Cloth Cutting Machines (Wholesale) Clothes & Accessories-Childrens-Mfrs CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES-CHILDRENS-MFRS Clothes & Accessories-Mens-Manufacturers CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES-MENS-MANUFACTURERS CLOTHES-MILITARY-MANUFACTURERS Clothing And Beauty Supplies CLOTHING-HEALTH CARE Clothing-Manufacturers CLOTHING-MANUFACTURERS CLOTH LAYING MACHINES (MFRS) Clubs CLUBS Clubs-Youth CLUBS-YOUTH Clutches-Manufacturers CLUTCHES-MANUFACTURERS Cnc Machine Shop Coal Mining Services (except site preparation and related construction activities on a contract basis) Coated and Laminated Paper, NEC Coated & laminated paper mfg Coated & Laminated Paper Mfg Coated & Laminated Paper Nec (Mfrs) COATED & LAMINATED PAPER NEC (MFRS) Coating, Engraving, and Allied Services, NEC (except jewelry, silverware, and flatware engraving and etching) Coating Of Metal Products Coatings-Protective-Manufacturers COATINGS-PROTECTIVE-MANUFACTURERS Coats-Manufacturers COATS-MANUFACTURERS Coffee And Tea Coffee & Bottled Water Service Coffee Break Service & Supplies COFFEE BREAK SERVICE & SUPPLIES COFFEE BREAK SERVICE & SUPPLIES-WHLS Coffee Break Service & Supplies-Whol Coffee Brewing Devices COFFEE BREWING DEVICES Coffee Brewing Devices-Repairing COFFEE BREWING DEVICES-REPAIRING COFFEE BREWING DEVICES-WHOLESALE Coffee Cappuccino Espresso Machs (Whol) Coffee & Food Svc-Mobile COFFEE & FOOD SVC-MOBILE Coffee Mills Coffee Mills (Mfrs) COFFEE MILLS (MFRS) Coffee Roasters & Packer Coffee Roasting And Packaging Of Coffee And Tea Coffee Roasting & Handling Equipment COFFEE ROASTING & HANDLING EQUIPMENT Coffee Roasting/Handling Equipment-Mfrs COFFEE ROASTING/HANDLING EQUIPMENT-MFRS COFFEE ROASTING (WHLS) Coffee Roasting (Wholesale) Coffee Service Coffee Service & Snack & Beverage Service & Bottle Coffee Service & Whol Specialty Foods Coffee Shop Coffee Shops COFFEE SHOPS Coffee & Snack Service Coffee Supply Service Coffee & Tea COFFEE & TEA Coffee & Tea Mfg Coffee & Tea Products-Manufacturers COFFEE & TEA PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Coffee & Tea-Wholesale COFFEE & TEA-WHOLESALE COFFEE URN BAGS (WHLS) Coffee Urn Bags (Wholesale) COILS-ELECTRIC (WHLS) Coils-Electric (Wholesale) COILS-PIPE (MANUFACTURERS) Coils-Plate (Manufacturers) Coil Tubing (Manufacturers) COIL TUBING (MANUFACTURERS) COIL WINDING MACHINERY (WHLS) Coil Winding Machinery (Wholesale) Coin & Bill Changing/Handling Machines COIN & BILL CHANGING/HANDLING MACHINES Coined Parts-Metal (Manufacturers) COINED PARTS-METAL (MFRS) Coin Machine Operator Coin Machines & Supplies COIN MACHINES & SUPPLIES Coin-Operated Amusement Devices (amusement arcades) Coin-operated Amusement Machines Coin-operated Amusement Machines Vending Machines Coin-Operated Laundries & Drycleaners Coin-Operated Laundry and Drycleaning Coins & Tokens-Manufacturers COINS & TOKENS-MANUFACTURERS Collaboration Software Collapsible Tubes (Manufacturers) Collars (Manufacturers) Collection & Removal Of Household Waste Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools College/university Business Services Collets (Manufacturers) Color Cards (Manufacturers) Color Consultants COLOR CONSULTANTS Color Separations-Graphic Arts (Mfrs) COLOR SEPARATIONS-GRAPHIC ARTS (MFRS) Colors-Food (Manufacturers) COLORS-FOOD (MFRS) Colors & Pigments-Manufacturers COLORS & PIGMENTS-MANUFACTURERS Combustion Controls (Manufacturers) Combustion & Heating Consultants COMBUSTION & HEATING CONSULTANTS Comedy Clubs COMEDY CLUBS Comercial &residential Construction&re-manufacture Coml Art/graphic Design Commercial Printing Lithog Coml Art/graphic Design Platemaking Services Types Coml Art/graphic Design Typesetting Services Bookb Coml Art, Graphics Coml Physical Research Mgmt Consulting Svcs Mfg Food Pr COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL CLEANERS (MFRS) Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor Commercial And Industrial Contracting Commercial And Industrial Painting & Wallcovering Commercial And Institutional Building Contractor Commercial And Residential Construction Commercial And Residential Mortgages Commercial And Residential Plumbing Commercial And Residential Real Estate Commercial Art and Graphic Design Commercial Art Gallery & Custom Framing Service Commercial Art Gallery & Ret Picture Frames Commercial art/graphic design Commercial Art/graphic Design Commercial Art/graphic Design Advertising Agency Commercial Art/graphic Design Architectural Servic Commercial Art/graphic Design Business Services Commercial Art/graphic Design Coating/engraving Se Commercial Art/graphic Design & Commercial Printin Commercial Art/graphic Design Commercial Printing Commercial Art/graphic Design Mfg Signs/advertisin Commercial Art/graphic Design Photo Portrait Studi Commercial Art/graphic Design Preparation Commercial Art/graphic Design Ret Recreational Veh Commercial Art/graphic Design Typesetting Services Commercial Art, Illus Commercial Art & Illustration Commercial bank Commercial Bank Commercial Bank And Trusts Commercial Bank Holding Company Commercial Banking Commercial Bank Loan Broker Commercial Bank Misc Business Credit Institutions Commercial Banks Nec Commercial Banks, NEC COMMERCIAL BANKS NEC Commercial Building And Remodeling Construction Ma Commercial building construction Commercial Building Construction Commercial Building Construction & Remodeling Commercial Building Contractor Commercial Building Contractor & Construction Mana Commercial Building Operator Real Estate Investment Min Commercial Building Owner Commercial Building Remodeling Contractor Commercial Building Renovation Contractor Commercial Building Restoration & Decoration & Mfg Commercial Buildings Commercial Carpet Cleaning Commercial Cleaning/janitorial Services Commercial Cleaning Services Commercial Cleaning Svc Commercial Concrete Flatwork Commercial Construction Commercial construction and consulting Commercial Construction And Excavation Contractor Commercial Contractor Prefabricated Metal Building Commercial Floor Covering Contractor & Ret Carpets Commercial Industrial Agricultural & Residential B Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Electric Lighting Fixtures Commercial Industrial And Residential Electrical C Commercial & Industrial Building Construction Commercial & Industrial Building Contractor Commercial Industrial & Institutional Construction Commercial Laundry, Drycleaning, and Pressing Machines Commercial Laundry & Drycleaning Machinery Commercial Laundry Dryclean Machs (Mfrs) COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY DRYCLEAN MACHS (MFRS) Commercial Lawn Maintenance/landscape Service & Pa Commercial Lithographic Printing/art Design/advert Commercial machinery repair & maintenance Commercial Machinery Repair & Maintenance Commercial Nonphysical Research Business Consultin Commercial & Office Building Construction & Excava Commercial Office & Hospital Building Renovations Commercial Offset Printing And Graphic Arts And Re Commercial Offset Printing & Electronic Prepress Commercial Painting & Waterproofing Commercial Paper COMMERCIAL PAPER Commercial Photography Commercial Art/graphic Desi COMMERCIAL PHYSICAL RESEARCH Commercial Physical Research Medical Doctor's Office Commercial Physical Research Mfg Industrial Machin Commercial Physical Research Real Estate Agent/man Commercial Printing Business Services Commercial Printing Business Services Mfg Auto/app Commercial Printing Commercial Art/graphic Design Commercial Printing Mfg Coated/laminated Paper Mfg Commercial Printing Mfg Die-cut Paper/board Mfg Co Commercial Printing Ret Misc Foods Mfg Auto/appare Commercial Real Estate Commercial Real Estate Broker Commercial Real Estate Broker & Agents Commercial Real Estate Developer And Owner/operato Commercial Real Estate Holding Company Commercial Real Estate Operation Commercial Refrigerators & Ice Machines Sales & Se Commercial & Residential Construction Commercial & Residential Renovations Of Buildings Commercial Roofing Contractor Commercial Sound & Video Contractor Commercial State Bank Commercial Waterproofing & Concrete Restoration Commercial Window Cleaning Commerical Real Estate Rental Commericial Roofing Commodity Contract Broker Membership Sport/recreat Communication Equipment-Manufacturers COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Communications Consultants COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANTS Communication Services Motion Pict/video Prodtn Te Community Bank Community Banking & Financial Services Community Church Community Food Svcs Community Mental Health Center Compact Discs-Manufacturers COMPACT DISCS-MANUFACTURERS Compactors (Manufacturers) Compactors-Waste-Household-Dealers COMPACTORS-WASTE-HOUSEHOLD-DEALERS Compactors-Waste-Industrial/Coml (Mfrs) COMPACTORS-WASTE-INDUSTRIAL/COML (MFRS) Comparators (Manufacturers) Compasses (Manufacturers) Composites (Manufacturers) Compost (Manufacturers) Compressors-Air & Gas-Renting COMPRESSORS-AIR & GAS-RENTING Compressors-Manufacturers COMPRESSORS-MANUFACTURERS Computer and Computer Software Stores Computer And Electronic Repair And Service Computer Based Presentations & Software Developmen Computer Cleaning COMPUTER CLEANING Computer Clubs COMPUTER CLUBS COMPUTER & COMPUTER EQUIP INDUSTRIAL Computer Consultant And Computer Software Programm Computer Consultants COMPUTER CONSULTANTS Computer Consultants-Installation/Repair COMPUTER CONSULTANTS-INSTALLATION/REPAIR Computer Consulting And Software Development Computer Consulting & Computer Software Developers Computer Consulting & Custom Software Development Computer Consulting/prepackaged Software Services Computer & Electronic Equipment Movers COMPUTER & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT MOVERS Computer Maintenance and Repair (sales locations providing supporting repair services as major source of receipts) Computer Maintenance & Network Installation Computer maintenance/repair Computer Maintenance/repair Computer Maintenance/repair Computer Related Servi Computer Maintenance/repair Ret Computers/software Computer Maintenance/repair/sales Computer & Office Machine Repair Computer Peripheral Equipment, NEC (except plotter controllers and magnetic tape head cleaners) Computer Peripherals (Manufacturers) Computer Programming Consulting & Whol Computers Computer Related Services Electrical Contractor Computer Related Services, NEC (except computer systems consultants and disk conversion services) Computer Related Services Prepackaged Software Ser Computer Related Services Ret Computers/software Computer Rental/leasing Business Services Equipmen Computer Room Cleaning COMPUTER ROOM CLEANING Computer Room Maintenance Computers Computers and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software (merchant wholesalers except those selling computers, equipment, and software via retail method) COMPUTERS & COMPUTER EQUIPMENT WHLS/MFRS Computers & Computer Equipment Whol/Mfrs Computers-Dealers-Used COMPUTERS-DEALERS-USED Computers-Electronic-Manufacturers COMPUTERS-ELECTRONIC-MANUFACTURERS Computers-Enhancements COMPUTERS-ENHANCEMENTS Computers-Equipment Installation COMPUTERS-EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION Computers-Multimedia COMPUTERS-MULTIMEDIA Computers-Networking COMPUTERS-NETWORKING Computer Software COMPUTER SOFTWARE Computer Software Application Svc Prvdrs COMPUTER SOFTWARE APPLICATION SVC PRVDRS Computer Software Developer Computer-Software Developers COMPUTER-SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS Computer Software Development Computer Software Development And Applications / S Computer Software Development & Consulting Service Computer Software Development & Systems Consulting Computer Software Development & Whol Computer Hard Computer Software-Manufacturers COMPUTER SOFTWARE-MANUFACTURERS Computer & software merchant whols Computer & Software Merchant Whols Computer Software Sales And Support For Machining Computer & software stores Computer & Software Stores Computer Software Stores And Laser & Inkjet Suppli Computer Software-Wholesale COMPUTER SOFTWARE-WHOLESALE Computers Parts And Services Computers-Programming Instruction COMPUTERS-PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTION Computers-Renting & Leasing COMPUTERS-RENTING & LEASING Computers-Service & Repair COMPUTERS-SERVICE & REPAIR Computers-Software Duplication COMPUTERS-SOFTWARE DUPLICATION (WHLS) Computers/software/printing/telephone Service And Computers-Supplies & Parts-Wholesale COMPUTERS-SUPPLIES & PARTS-WHOLESALE COMPUTERS-SUPPLY-REMANUFACTURING (WHLS) Computers-Support Services COMPUTERS-SUPPORT SERVICES Computers-System Designers & Consultants COMPUTERS-SYSTEM DESIGNERS & CONSULTANTS Computers-Telephony COMPUTERS-TELEPHONY Computer Storage Devices (Manufacturers) Computer Supplies & Parts-Manufacturers COMPUTER SUPPLIES & PARTS-MANUFACTURERS Computers-Virtual Reality COMPUTERS-VIRTUAL REALITY Computers Virus Detection & Prevention COMPUTERS VIRUS DETECTION & PREVENTION Computers-Wholesale COMPUTERS-WHOLESALE Computer Systems Design Prepackaged Software Servi Computer Terminals (Manufacturers) Concrete Additives-Manufacturers CONCRETE ADDITIVES-MANUFACTURERS CONCRETE ADDITIVES (WHLS) Concrete Additives (Wholesale) CONCRETE AGGREGATES (WHLS) Concrete Aggregates (Wholesale) Concrete And Masonry Construction Concrete/asphalt Crushing Concrete & Asphalt Sawing & Core Drilling Concrete Block and Brick Concrete-Block & Brick (Manufacturers) Concrete Block & Brick Mfg CONCRETE-BLOCK & BRICK (MFRS) Concrete Block,Brk Concrete Block Masonry Laying Concrete-Block/Prod-Molding Mach (Mfrs) CONCRETE-BLOCK/PROD-MOLDING MACH (MFRS) CONCRETE BLOCKS & SHAPES (WHLS) Concrete Blocks & Shapes (Wholesale) CONCRETE BREAKING CUT/SAW EQPT (WHLS) Concrete Breaking Cut/Saw Eqpt (Whol) Concrete Breaking Cutting Equipment-Mfrs CONCRETE BREAKING CUTTING EQUIPMENT-MFRS Concrete Breaking Cutting & Sawing & Etc CONCRETE BREAKING CUTTING & SAWING & ETC CONCRETE CONSTR FORMS & ACCES (WHLS) Concrete Constr Forms & Acces (Whol) Concrete Consultants CONCRETE CONSULTANTS Concrete Contracor Concrete contractor Concrete Contractor Concrete Contractor & Commercial Building Contract Concrete Contractor Drywall/insulating Contractor Concrete Contractor Excavation Contractor Highway/ Concrete Contractor Excavation Contractor Lawn/gar Concrete Contractor Highway/street Cnstn Concrete Contractor Highway/street Cnstn Single-fa Concrete Contractor Highway/street Construction Concrete Contractor Industrial Building Constructi Concrete Contractor Mfg Sheet Metalwork Concrete Contractor Residential Construction Concrete Contractors CONCRETE CONTRACTORS Concrete Contractor Sanitary Services Highway/stre CONCRETE-CRUSHED (WHLS) Concrete-Crushed (Wholesale) CONCRETE CURBING (WHLS) CONCRETE CURING & TREATING MTRL (WHLS) Concrete Curing & Treating Mtrl (Whol) Concrete Cutting CONCRETE DITCH LINERS CONCRETE-DRY MIXED (WHLS) Concrete-Dry Mixed (Wholesale) Concrete Equipment & Supplies-Renting CONCRETE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-RENTING CONCRETE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES (WHLS) Concrete Equipment & Supplies (Whol) CONCRETE FASTENERS (WHLS) Concrete Finishers Concrete-Forms-Erectors CONCRETE-FORMS-ERECTORS CONCRETE FOUNDATIONS Concrete Foundations & Sitework Concrete Foundation Work Concrete Grinding & Finishing CONCRETE GRINDING & FINISHING Concrete Grouting Contractor Concrete Handling Equipment-Mfrs CONCRETE HANDLING EQUIPMENT-MFRS Concrete Hardscaping CONCRETE HARDSCAPING CONCRETE IMAGING SERVICES (WHLS) Concrete Inspection Concrete & Masonry Contractor Concrete Mixers-Manufacturers CONCRETE MIXERS-MANUFACTURERS Concrete Mixers-Renting CONCRETE MIXERS-RENTING CONCRETE MIXERS (WHLS) Concrete Mixers (Wholesale) CONCRETE MIXING PLANT EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Concrete Patching Compounds CONCRETE PATCHING COMPOUNDS Concrete Patching Compounds-Mfrs CONCRETE PATCHING COMPOUNDS-MFRS Concrete Paving Concrete Pipe (Manufacturers) Concrete Pipe Mfg CONCRETE PIPE (MFRS) Concrete Plant Concrete Post Tensioning CONCRETE POST TENSIONING Concrete-Precast CONCRETE-PRECAST Concrete-Prestressed (Manufacturers) CONCRETE-PRESTRESSED (MFRS) Concrete Prods-Ex Block & Brick (Mfrs) CONCRETE PRODS-EX BLOCK & BRICK (MFRS) Concrete Products, Except Block and Brick (concrete pipe) CONCRETE PRODUCTS (WHLS) Concrete Products (Wholesale) Concrete Pumping CONCRETE PUMPING EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Concrete Pumping Equipment (Wholesale) Concrete Pumping Service CONCRETE PUMPING SERVICE Concrete-Ready Mixed CONCRETE-READY MIXED Concrete-Ready Mixed-Wholesale CONCRETE-READY MIXED-WHOLESALE CONCRETE RECYCLING Concrete Reinforcements-Manufacturers CONCRETE REINFORCEMENTS-MANUFACTURERS CONCRETE REINFORCEMENTS (WHLS) Concrete Reinforcements (Wholesale) Concrete Repair And Restoration Concrete Restoration Repair & Cleaning CONCRETE RESTORATION REPAIR & CLEANING Concrete Restoration Waterproofing Roofing Concrete Resurfacing CONCRETE RESURFACING Concrete & Roof Deck Work Contractor Concrete-Sealing & Waterproofing CONCRETE-SEALING & WATERPROOFING CONCRETE-SOUND INSULATING Concrete Structural Specialists Concrete Supplier Concrete Technologists CONCRETE TECHNOLOGISTS CONCRETE VIBRATORS (WHLS) Concrete Vibrators (Wholesale) Concrete Work Concrete Work (concrete work except stucco work and asphalt, Condiments & Sauces-Manufacturers CONDIMENTS & SAUCES-MANUFACTURERS Condominium Maintenance CONDOMINIUM MAINTENANCE Condoms-Manufacturers CONDOMS-MANUFACTURERS Confetti-Manufacturers CONFETTI-MANUFACTURERS Connectors-Electric-Manufacturers CONNECTORS-ELECTRIC-MANUFACTURERS CONNECTORS-ELECTRIC (WHLS) Connectors-Electric (Wholesale) Consignment Shops CONSIGNMENT SHOPS Const,Civil Engineers Const.Civil Engineers Construction Construction Administration Construction And Building Supplies Construction and Mining (Except Petroleum) Machinery and Equipment (merchant wholesalers) Construction-Building Contractors CONSTRUCTION-BUILDING CONTRACTORS Construction Camp Equip/Supls (Whol) Construction Companies CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES Construction Company Construction / Complete Site Development / Pipewor Construction Consultants CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANTS Construction Contractor Construction Debris Waste Disposal Service Construction Engineer Services Construction Equipment-Manufacturers CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Construction Equipment Rental Construction Equipment Tool And Party Rental Servi Construction equip merchant whols Construction Equip Merchant Whols Construction Estimates CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATES Construction-Heavy Construction-Heavy Projects CONSTRUCTION-HEAVY PROJECTS Construction Information Services CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION SERVICES CONSTRUCTION LOANS Construction & Logging Equipment & Farm Machinery Construction Machinery and Equipment (except railway track maintenance equipment; winches, aerial work platforms; and au Construction Machinery and Equipment (except railway track maintenance equipment; winches, aerial work platforms; and automotive wrecker hoists) Construction Machinery & Equip (Mfrs) CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY & EQUIP (MFRS) Construction Machinery Mfg CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY (WHLS) Construction Machinery (Wholesale) Construction Management CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Construction Management Bridge Piling And Excavati Construction Materials, NEC (merchant wholesalers of prefabricated buildings and structural assemblies, wood) CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS NEC (WHLS) Construction Materials Nec (Wholesale) Construction mchy Construction Mchy Construction Mtls Construction Of Fabricated Pool Enclosures Construction Of Housing Foundations Construction Of Industrial Piping Construction Of Lightweight Concrete Roof Decks Construction Products Construction Project Management Construction Reports CONSTRUCTION REPORTS Construction & Safety Supplies & Equipment Construction Sand and Gravel Construction Sand/gravel Construction-Sand & Gravel CONSTRUCTION-SAND & GRAVEL Construction Sand/gravel Mfg Asphalt Mixtures/blocks Construction sand & gravel mining Construction Sand & Gravel Mining Construction Single-family Home Remodeling Additions An Construction Site Clean-Up Services CONSTRUCTION SITE CLEAN-UP SERVICES Construction-Telecommunications CONSTRUCTION-TELECOMMUNICATIONS Consultant For Industrial Waste Management Consultants-Business Nec CONSULTANTS-BUSINESS NEC Consultants & Contractors To Roofing Industry Consultants & Developers Of Health Software Consultants-Event Planning/Coordinating Consultants For Corporate Real Estate Consultants-Referral Service CONSULTANTS-REFERRAL SERVICE Consultants-Security Control CONSULTANTS-SECURITY CONTROL CONSULTANTS-SUPPORT SERVICES Consultants To Power Generation & Industrial Proje Consulting And Civil Engineers Consulting Civil Engineers Surveyors Consulting Engineer & General Machine Shop Consulting Engineers Consulting Engineers & Architects Consulting Engineers Architects Planners & Surveyo Consulting Engineers Land Surveyors & Commercial T Consulting Engineers & Software Development Consulting Engineers & Surveyors Consumer & Business Marketing Research Consumer Electronics Consumer electronics & appliances rental Consumer Electronics & Appliances Rental Consumer Electronics & Household Appliances Store Consumer electronics repair & maintenance Consumer Electronics Repair & Maintenance Contact Lenses-Manufacturers CONTACT LENSES-MANUFACTURERS Contact Points (Manufacturers) Contacts & Precious Metals (Mfrs) CONTACTS & PRECIOUS METALS (MFRS) CONTAINER DEPOTS-BOTTLES & CANS (WHLS) Container Depots-Bottles & Cans (Whol) Containers-Industrial (Manufacturers) CONTAINERS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Containers (Manufacturers) Continuing Care Retirement Communities Contract Electronic Manufacturer Contract food services Contract Food Service & Vending Contract Metal Stamping Custom Finishing Of Metals Contractor Building Maintenance Services Ret Swimm Contractor Commercial Buildings Contractor Commercial & Industrial Buildings Contractor Doing Light Commercial Construction & S Contractor-heating And Air Conditioning Systems Repair Contractor Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Contractor Industrial Plant Construction Contractor Of Acoustical Ceilings Drywall & Stucco Contractor Of Commercial Buildings Contractor Of Commercial Buildings And High End Re Contractor Of Commercial Buildings New Constructio Contractor Of Commercial & Industrial Buildings Contractor Of Commercial & Office Bldgs & Electric Contractor Of Commercial & Office Buildings & Reno Contractor Of Electrical Work Specializing In Contract Contractor of industrial buildings and warehouses Contractor Of New Industrial Buildings Contractor Of Nonresidential Buildings Contractor Of Residential And Commercial Building Contractor Pouring Concrete Contractor/residential Properties Contractor Roofing & Gutter Work Contractors-Equipment-Manufacturers Contractors-Equipment & Supls-Renting CONTRACTORS-EQUIPMENT & SUPLS-RENTING CONTRACTORS-GARAGE DOORS CONTRACTORS-GREEN BUILDING Contractors-Industrial & Commercial CONTRACTORS-INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL Contractors New Construction Of Commercial & Indus Contractor Specializing In Bridge Construction Contractor Specializing In Commercial Floor Laying Contractor Specializing In Concrete Coatings & Repair A Contractor Specializing In Concrete Walls & Column Contractor Specializing In Concrete Work Contractor Specializing In Construction Of Highway Contractor Specializing In Drywall Synthetic Plast Contractor Specializing In Electrical Work & Telep Contractor Specializing In Fence Construction Auto Contractor Specializing In Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Specializing In Landscape & Excavation Contractor Specializing In New Construction In Sin Contractor Specializing In New Construction Of Com Contractor Specializing In New Construction Of Sin Contractor Specializing In Plastering And Drywall Contractor Specializing In Plumbing Contractor Specializing In Plumbing Work Contractor Specializing In Replacement Windows & V Contractor Specializing In Residential & Industria Contractor Specializing In Roofing Work Contractor Specializing In The New Construction An Contractor Specializing In The Roofing Of Commerci Contractor Specializing In Water And Sewer Main Co Contractor Specializing In Water Main & Sewer Line Contractor-waste Water & Water Treatment Plants Ne Contract Packaging Service For Bulk Industrial Che Control Panels (Manufacturers) Convalescent Home With Health Care Convenience Store And Gasoline Station Convenience Store Chain & Gasoline Fill-up Convenience Store With Gasoline Converted Paper and Paperboard Products, NEC (paper supplies for business machines, such as adding machine tape, and other paper office supplies) Converted Paper/Paperbrd Prod Nec (Mfrs) CONVERTED PAPER/PAPERBRD PROD NEC (MFRS) CONVERTERS-ELECTRIC (WHLS) Converters-Electric (Wholesale) Converting Machinery (Manufacturers) Conveyors-Belting (Manufacturers) Cookies & Crackers-Manufacturers COOKIES & CRACKERS-MANUFACTURERS Cookie Shops COOKIE SHOPS Cooking Utensils-Manufacturers COOKING UTENSILS-MANUFACTURERS Cooling Systems-Machine COOLING SYSTEMS-MACHINE Cooperative Apartments Copiers-Renting & Leasing COPIERS-RENTING & LEASING Copper Foundry Steel Foundry Nonferrous Metal Foun Copper Oxide (Manufacturers) COPPER PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Copper rolling/drawing metals service center Copper Rolling/drawing Mfg Sheet Metalwork Copper Copying & Duplicating Machines & Supls COPYING & DUPLICATING MACHINES & SUPLS Copying Machines-Service & Repair COPYING MACHINES-SERVICE & REPAIR Copying Machines & Supplies-Mfrs COPYING MACHINES & SUPPLIES-MFRS Cordage & Twine (Manufacturers) Cord Sets & Cords-Electric (Mfrs) CORD SETS & CORDS-ELECTRIC (MFRS) Cord Trimming (Manufacturers) Cork & Cork Products-Manufacturers CORK & CORK PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Corn farm Corn Farm Irish Potato Farm Field Crop Farm Cash G Corn Farm Soybean Farm Corn Farm Wheat Farm Cash Grains Farm Correspondence Schools CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS Corset Materials (Manufacturers) Corsets-Manufacturers Cosmetic & Beauty Supply Stores COSMETIC MANUFACTURERS Cosmetics-Manufacturers Cosmetics-Manufacturers Equipment (Mfrs) COSMETICS-MANUFACTURERS EQUIPMENT (MFRS) Cosmetics & Perfumes-Retail COSMETICS & PERFUMES-RETAIL Cosmetics-Permanent COSMETICS/TOILET PREPS-MFRS SUPL (WHLS) Cosmetics/Toilet Preps-Mfrs Supl (Whol) Cosmetics-Wholesale COSMETICS-WHOLESALE Cosmetology & barber schools Cosmetology & Barber Schools Cosmetology School & Beauty Salon Costume Designers COSTUME DESIGNERS Costume Jewelry COSTUME JEWELRY Costume Jewelry and Costume Novelties, Except Precious Metal (except cuff links) Costume Jewelry-Manufacturers COSTUME JEWELRY-MANUFACTURERS Costume Jewelry & Novelty Mfg Costume Jewelry-Wholesale COSTUME JEWELRY-WHOLESALE Costumes-Renting COSTUMES-RENTING Cotton-Absorbent (Manufacturers) Cotton Broadwoven Fabric Mill Mfg Household Furnis Cotton Farm Field Crop Farm Tree Nut Grove Whol Farm Su Cotton Ginning Services Mfg Misc Industry Machiner Cotton Goods-Manufacturers COTTON GOODS-MANUFACTURERS Cottonseed Products (Manufacturers) COUNSELORS-DRUG ALCOHOL & NICOTINE Counter Tops-Manufacturers COUNTER TOPS-MANUFACTURERS COUNTING MACHINES (WHLS) Counting Machines (Wholesale) Country Clubs County Building Department County Government-Public Health Programs COUNTY GOVERNMENT-PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAMS County Health Department Courier Service Trucking Operator-nonlocal Local T Court Reporting Schools COURT REPORTING SCHOOLS Courts Construction-Indoor & Outdoor COUTURE ART Covenant And Evangelical Church Craft Supplies-Manufacturers CRAFT SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Cranberries (Canners) CRANBERRIES (CANNERS-MFRS) Cranes-Manufacturers CRANES-MANUFACTURERS Cranes-Renting CRANES-RENTING Crankshaft-Manufacturers CRANKSHAFT-MANUFACTURERS CRAWFISH FARMS CRAYONS-MANUFACTURERS Creamery Butter (Manufacturers) Credit Card-Manufacturers CREDIT CARD-MANUFACTURERS Credit Cards-Plastic Metal Etc-Distr CREDIT CARDS-PLASTIC METAL ETC-DISTR Creosote (Manufacturers) Crime & Trauma Scene Clean Up CRIME & TRAUMA SCENE CLEAN UP Crop Farm Crop Harvesting, Primarily By Machine CROP HARVESTING-PRIMARILY BY MACHINE Crop Harvesting Services Local Trucking Operator Local Crop preparation for market mfg food preparations CROQUET CLUBS Crowns & Closures (Manufacturers) Crucibles (Manufacturers) Cruise Air Travel Cruises And Tour Travel Agency Crystal Quartz (Manufacturers) Crystals-Industrial (Manufacturers) CRYSTALS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Curling Clubs CURLING CLUBS CURTAIN & DRAPERY-MANUFACTURERS Curtains-Manufacturers CURTAINS-MANUFACTURERS Curtains-Shower & Bath-Manufacturers CURTAINS-SHOWER & BATH-MANUFACTURERS Curtain Walls-Manufacturers Cushions-Manufacturers CUSHIONS-MANUFACTURERS Custom Architectural Woodwork & Millwork Custom compounding-purchased resins mfg industrial Custom Computer Programing Commercial Art/graphic Custom Computer Programing Computer Maintenance/re Custom Computer Programing Motion Picture/video Pr Custom Computer Programing Ret Computers/software Custom Computer Programming Computer Maintenance/r Custom Computer Programming Ret Computers/software Customer Support For Computer Hardware & Software Custom Farming CUSTOM FARMING Custom Feed Mill & Retail Farm Supplies Custom Frame Shop And Art Gallery Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Vanities & Acce Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Built-in Furniture Custom Kitchen Sales Custom Laser Cut Metal Custom Made Wooden And Formica Kitchen Cabinets Custom Metal Mfg & Assembies Custom Millwork Mfg Wood Showcases Custom Motorcycle Mfg & Service Facility Custom Picture Framing Ret Picture Frames Art Supp Custom Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Custom Printed T-shirts & Dry Cleaners Custom Printing Garments Engraving Sports & Promot CUSTOM RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Customs Consultants CUSTOMS CONSULTANTS Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Custom Single-family Residential And Commercial Co Custom Woodworking Cust,Orthopedic Shoes Cutlery-Manufacturers CUTLERY-MANUFACTURERS Cutlery-Manufacturers (Tableware) CUTLERY-MANUFACTURERS (TABLEWARE) Cutter Grinding & Whol Industrial Equipment Cutting tool & machine tool accessory mfg Cutting Tool & Machine Tool Accessory Mfg Cutting Tools, Machine Tool Accessories, and Machinist Precision Measuring Devices (precision measuring devices) Cylinder Heads-Manufacturers CYLINDER HEADS-MANUFACTURERS Cylinders-Air & Hydraulic-Manufacturers CYLINDERS-AIR & HYDRAULIC-MANUFACTURERS CYLINDERS-ELECTRIC (MFRS) Cylinders-Gas (Manufacturers)

Companies with letter D

Daiquiri Shops
DAIQUIRI SHOPS Dairy Consultants DAIRY CONSULTANTS Dairy Equipment & Supplies-Manufacturers DAIRY EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Dairy farm Dairy Farm Dairy Farms DAIRY FARMS Dairy Farms (dairy heifer replacement farms) Dairy Products, Except Dried or Canned (merchant wholesalers except those selling dairy products via retail method) Dairy Trucking Company Dampers (Manufacturers) Dams,Waterways Const Dance Clubs DANCE CLUBS Dance Studio/school/hall Amusement/recreation Serv Dance Studio/school/hall Child Day Care Services Dance Studios, Schools, And Halls Dancing Supplies-Manufacturers DANCING SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS DARTS & DART BOARDS-MANUFACTURERS Database Software Development And World Wide Web Data Center Cleaning Services & Ret Computer Suppl Data Processing Equipment-Maintenance DATA PROCESSING EQUIPMENT-MAINTENANCE Data Processing Equipment-Manufacturers DATA PROCESSING EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Data Processing Payroll Emergency Medic Data Processing/preparation Commercial Art/graphic Data Processing/preparation Sports Club/manager/pr Data Processing/prep Coml Art/graphic Design Adver Data Processing Schools (except computer repair training) DATA PROCESSING SOFTWARE Data Systems Consultants & Designers DATA SYSTEMS CONSULTANTS & DESIGNERS Dealer For Truck Trailers Parts And Service Dealers Of Educational Software Decals (Manufacturers) Decoration Supplies-Manufacturers DECORATION SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS DEER FARMS Dehumidifying Equipment-Manufacturers DEHUMIDIFYING EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Delicatessen Products (Manufacturers) Delivery Service For Florists Demolition Buildings DEMOLITION CONSULTANTS Dental Equipment-Manufacturers DENTAL EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Dental Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs Dental Equip & Supplies Mfg Dental Practice-Management & Consultants DENTAL PRACTICE-MANAGEMENT & CONSULTANTS Dental Schools DENTAL SCHOOLS Dentifrices (Manufacturers) Dentist Dentist Dentist Information Bureaus Dentist Dentists Dentist Dentists Off,Clinic Dentist Dentists Service Organizations Dentist Offices of Dentists Dentists Dentists Off Deodorants-Manufacturers DEODORANTS-MANUFACTURERS Department of Motor Vehicles Department Of Motor Vehicles DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES Department Store And Fast Food Restaurant Department Store Direct Retail Sales Ret Drugs/sun Department Store Eating Place Ret Drugs/sundries Department Store Eating Place Ret Drugs/sundries P Department Store & Fast Food Restaurant Department Store Nonresidential Building Operator Department Store Photofinish Laboratory Ret Drugs/ Department Store/pizza Restaurant Department Store & Pizza Restaurant Department Store Ret Drugs/sundries Department Store Ret Drugs/sundries Direct Retail Department Store Ret Drugs/sundries Eating Place Department Store Ret Drugs/sundries Photofinish Laborat Department Store Ret Drugs/sundries Ret Groceries Department Store Ret Family Clothing Ret Childs/in Department Store Ret Groceries Ret Drugs/sundries Department Store Ret Groceries Ret Optical Goods R Department Store Ret Household Appliances Ret Fami Department Store Ret Optical Goods Department Store Ret Optical Goods Ret Drugs/sundries Department Store Ret Shoes Ret Misc Merchandise Department Store Variety Store Ret Drugs/sundries Department Store Whol Drugs/sundries Depository Banking Services Depository Banking Services Individual/family Services Depository Banking Services Ret Used Merchandise Depository Banking Services Tax Return Preparation Depository Banking Services Title Abstract Office Depository Banking Services Whol Piece Goods/notio Design And Build Custom Kitchen And Bath Cabinets Design-build Building Construction Firm Design Electrical Control Engineering & Robotics S Designer Of Restaurants Clubs & Entertainment Faci Designers DESIGNERS Designers-Architectural Designers & Engineers Designers-Industrial DESIGNERS-INDUSTRIAL Designers Of Computer Strategies Design & Manufactures Electric & Hydraulic Testing Design Nite Clubs Taverns & Installation Of Tv Net Designs & Mfg Electronic Custom Instruments & Does Detective/armor Car Svcs Security System Svcs Business Detective/armored Car Services Business Consulting Detective/armored Car Services Business Services Detective/armored Car Services Whol Electrical Equipmen Developer & Manager Of Real Estate Development & Distribution Of Software Products Develops Computer Software Dials (Manufacturers) Diamond Irradiation (Manufacturers) DIAMONDS-INDUSTRIAL (WHLS) Diamonds-Industrial (Wholesale) Diamonds & Jewelry Bought DIAMONDS & JEWELRY BOUGHT Diamond Tools (Manufacturers) Diaphragms-Industrial (Manufacturers) DIAPHRAGMS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Diatomaceous Earth (Manufacturers) DICTATING MACHINES & SUPPLIES (WHLS) Dictating Machines & Supplies (Whol) Die Casting Machinery (Manufacturers) DIE CASTING MACHINERY (MFRS) Die-Cut Paper and Paperboard and Cardboard (pasted, lined, laminated, or surface-coated paperboard) Die-Cut Paper,Board Die-Cut Paper Office Supplies Mfg Die-Cut Paper & Paperboard (Mfrs) DIE-CUT PAPER & PAPERBOARD (MFRS) Die Cutting (Manufacturers) Dies (Manufacturers) Dies-Steel Rule (Manufacturers) Dietetic Food Products Dinette Sets (Manufacturers) Direct Health & Medical Insurance Carri Direct Life Insurance Carriers Direct Mail Ad Svcs Business Services Whol Indstl/ Direct Retail Sales Ret Misc Foods Direct Retail Sales Whol Groceries Whol Plumbing Equipm Direct Selling Establishments (except mobile food services an Direct Title Insurance Carriers Disaster Restoration Service & Carpet Cleaning Discount Department Store Optical Center Pharmacy Discount Department Store Pharmacy Optical Center Discount Dept Store Pharmacy Optical Center DISHWASHING MACHINES-COMMERCIAL (WHLS) Dishwashing Machines-Commercial (Whol) Dishwashing Machines-Dealers DISHWASHING MACHINES-DEALERS Dishwashing Machines-Manufacturers DISHWASHING MACHINES-MANUFACTURERS DISHWASHING MACHINES-RENTING & LEASING Dishwashing Machines-Service & Repair DISHWASHING MACHINES-SERVICE & REPAIR DISHWASHING MACHINES-SUPLS/PARTS (WHLS) Dishwashing Machines-Supls/Parts (Whol) DISHWASHING MACHINES-WHOLESALE Disinfectants & Germicides-Manufacturers DISINFECTANTS & GERMICIDES-MANUFACTURERS Disinfecting/pest Services Business Services Manag Disinfecting/pest Services Ret Nursery/garden Supp Disinfecting/pest Services Single-family House Con Disinfecting/pest Services Whol Farm Supplies Disinfecting/pest Services Whol Farm Supplies Lawn Dispatch Service-Trucking DISPATCH SERVICE-TRUCKING Dispensing Devices-Manufacturers DISPENSING DEVICES-MANUFACTURERS Display Designers & Producers DISPLAY DESIGNERS & PRODUCERS Display Designers & Producers-Mfrs DISPLAY DESIGNERS & PRODUCERS-MFRS Display Designers & Producers-Wholesale DISPLAY DESIGNERS & PRODUCERS-WHOLESALE Display Dsgnrs/Producers-Expo Convention DISPLAY DSGNRS/PRODUCERS-EXPO CONVENTION Disposable Garments (Manufacturers) Disposable Products-Manufacturers DISPOSABLE PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Dist Electronic Replacement Parts Distilled and Blended Liquors (apple jack) Dist Of Computer Software & Hardware Distributes Chemicals For Personal Care Industrial Distributes Consumer Electronics Pdts Distributes Industrial Adhesives Distribution Center For Building Materials Distribution Electronic Components Distribution Kitchen And Bath Products Distribution of building materials Distribution Of Fine Printing Paper Distribution of rubber/metal anti vibration mounts Distributor And Installer Of Custom Window Treatme Distributor Lubrication Components Distributor Of Blank Video & Audio Tapes And Video Distributor Of Building Materials Distributor Of Business Forms Distributor Of Food Grade Chemicals Distributor Of Household Consumer Goods Distributor Of Industrial Supplies Distributor Of Laminated Flooring Products Distributor Of Packaging & Recycling Products Distributor Of Vacuum Hardware And Pumps Distributors Of Industrial Fasteners And Welding S Distributors & Sales Agents Of Plumbing & Heating Docks-Manufacturers DOCKS-MANUFACTURERS Does Photofinishing And Electronic Imaging Does Practice Consulting And Ret Medical & Dental Dog and Cat Food Dog & Cat Food (Manufacturers) Dog & Cat Food Mfg DOG & CAT FOOD (MFRS) DOG HOUSES Dog Sleds-Manufacturers & Sales Doll Houses & Accessories DOLL HOUSES & ACCESSORIES Doll Houses & Accessories-Wholesale Dolls-Manufacturers DOLLS-MANUFACTURERS Dolls & Stuffed Toys (Manufacturers) Domestic Water Service Domiciliary Care Apartments Donut & Coffee Shop Door Assemblies DOOR ASSEMBLIES DOOR CHIMES & BELLS Door Closers & Checks-Manufacturers DOOR CLOSERS & CHECKS-MANUFACTURERS Door Closers & Checks-Repairing DOOR CLOSERS & CHECKS-REPAIRING DOOR CLOSERS & CHECKS (WHLS) Door Closers & Checks (Wholesale) Door Frames-Manufacturers DOOR FRAMES-MANUFACTURERS DOOR FRAMES (WHLS) Door Frames (Wholesale) Door & Gate Operating Devices DOOR & GATE OPERATING DEVICES DOOR LOOK-OUTS Doors DOORS Doors-Automatic (Manufacturers) DOORS-AUTOMATIC (MFRS) Doors-Cold Storage (Manufacturers) Doors-Fireproof (Manufacturers) DOORS-FIREPROOF (MFRS) Doors-Folding (Manufacturers) DOORS-FOLDING (MFRS) DOORS & FRAMES-COML & INDUSTRIAL (WHLS) Doors & Frames-Coml & Industrial (Whol) Doors-Garage DOORS-GARAGE Doors-Glass DOORS-GLASS Doors-Glass-Manufacturers DOORS-GLASS-MANUFACTURERS Doors-Manufacturers DOORS-MANUFACTURERS Doors-Metal DOORS-METAL Doors-Metal-Manufacturers DOORS-METAL-MANUFACTURERS Doors-Overhead Type DOORS-OVERHEAD TYPE DOORS-PLASTIC LEATHER OR FABRIC (MFRS) DOORS REFINISHING Doors Repair Doors-Repairing DOORS-REPAIRING Doors-Revolving Doors-Rolling DOORS-ROLLING DOORS-SLIDING (WHLS) Doors-Sliding (Wholesale) Doors-Supplies & Parts DOORS-SUPPLIES & PARTS Doors-Wholesale DOORS-WHOLESALE Doorswindowsspascabinets Jetted Tubs Lighting Doors-Wood DOORS-WOOD Door & Window Components Manufacturing DOOR & WINDOW COMPONENTS MANUFACTURING Door,Window Products Dormer Construction DORMER CONSTRUCTION DOUGHNUT MACHINES & SUPPLIES (WHLS) Doughnut Machines & Supplies (Wholesale) Doughnuts-Manufacturers DOUGHNUTS-MANUFACTURERS Drafting Equipment Manufacturers DRAFTING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS Drain Pipes-Clay-Manufacturers DRAIN PIPES-CLAY-MANUFACTURERS Draperies-Manufacturers DRAPERIES-MANUFACTURERS Drapery Cleaning Drapery & Curtain Cleaners DRAPERY & CURTAIN CLEANERS Drapery & Curtain Fixtures-Manufacturers DRAPERY & CURTAIN FIXTURES-MANUFACTURERS Drapery Fabrics-Manufacturers DRAPERY FABRICS-MANUFACTURERS Drapery Hardware and Window Blinds and Shades Drapery Hdwr-Window Blinds/Shades (Mfrs) DRAPERY HDWR-WINDOW BLINDS/SHADES (MFRS) Drawer Slides-Manufacturers DRAWER SLIDES-MANUFACTURERS DREDGING MACHINERY (WHLS) Dredging Machinery (Wholesale) Dresses-Manufacturers DRESSES-MANUFACTURERS Dress Forms-Manufacturers Dressing Gowns-Manufacturers Dress Shops Dried and Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables and Soup Mixes (vegetable flour) Dried & Dehydrated Food Mfg DRIED/DEHYDRATED FRUITS VEGETABLES Dried/Dehydrated Fruits Vegetables (Mfr) Drill Heads-Manufacturers DRILL HEADS-MANUFACTURERS Drill Presses (Manufacturers) Drinking Place Amusement/recreation Services Drinking Place Bowling Center Membership Sport/rec Drinking Place Bowling Center Whol Sporting/recrea Drive Shafts-Industrial (Mfrs) DRIVE SHAFTS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Drop Cloths (Manufacturers) Drug Drug Abuse & Addiction Info & Treatment DRUG ABUSE & ADDICTION INFO & TREATMENT Drug Alcoh/Drug Abuse Trt Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facility Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Drug Brokers DRUG BROKERS (WHLS) Drug Detection Service & Equipment DRUG DETECTION SERVICE & EQUIPMENT Drug Drug Abuse & Addiction Info & Treatment Drug Drug Detection Service & Equipment Drug Druggists' Goods Merchant Whols Drug Drug Millers Drug Drug,Proprietary Str Drug Drugs,Drug Proprs Drug Drugs, Propty & Snd Druggists' goods merchant whols Druggists' Goods Merchant Whols DRUGGISTS-SUNDRIES TO THE TRADE (WHLS) Druggists-Sundries To The Trade (Whol) Drug-Manufacturers DRUG-MANUFACTURERS Drug-Manufacturers Representatives DRUG-MANUFACTURERS REPRESENTATIVES Drug Millers Drug Millers (Mfrs) DRUG MILLERS (MFRS) Drug Pharmacies Drug Pharmacies & Drug Stores Drug,proprietary str Drug,Proprietary Str Drug.Proprietary Str Drugs, Drug Proprietaries, and Druggists’ Sundries (merchant wholesalers except those selling drugs and sundries via retail method) Drugs,Drug Proprs Drugs, propty & snd Drugs, Propty & Snd Drugs/sundries Drugstore Drug store Drug Store Drug Store Pharmacy And Gift Shop Drug Store/photofinishing Laboratory Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores Drums-Steel (Manufacturers) Dry Cleaner Dry Cleaners Dry Cleaners And Laundromat Dry Cleaners & Laundry Dry Cleaners & Laundry Service Dry Cleaners & Uniform Supply Dry Cleaning Drycleaning Coll/Dist Dry Cleaning Laundry Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service Drycleaning & Laundry Svcs Drycleaning plant Dry-cleaning Plant Drycleaning Plant Dry Cleaning Plant Drycleaning Plant Carpet/upholstery Cleaning Laund Drycleaning Plant Coin-operated Laundry Drycleaning Plant Coin-operated Laundry Linen Supp Drycleaning Plant Garment Press/cleaner's Agent Drycleaning Plant Garment Press/cleaner's Agent La Dry Cleaning Plant & Laundry & Dry Cleaning Servic Drycleaning Plant Laundry/garment Services Drycleaning Plant Laundry/garment Services Trade C Drycleaning Plant Linen Supply Services Drycleaning Plant Repair Services Power Laundry Co Drycleaning Plant Ret Misc Apparel/accessories Drycleaning Plant Ret Women's Clothing Drycleaning Plants DRYCLEANING PLANTS-EXCEPT RUG Drycleaning Plants, Except Rugs Dry cleaning & power laundry Drycleaning Service Dry Cleaning Service Dry Cleaning Services Dry Cleaning & Shirt Launderers Dry, Condensed and Evaporated Dairy Products (liquid non-dairy creamer) Dry, Condensed, & Evaporated Dairy Products Dry Condensed/Evprtd Dairy Prod (Mfr) DRY CONDENSED/EVPRTD DAIRY PROD (MFRS) Dry Docks DRY DOCKS DRYERS-HAND (WHLS) Dryers-Hand (Wholesale) Dry Goods-Retail DRY GOODS-RETAIL Dry Goods-Wholesale DRY GOODS-WHOLESALE Dry Ice DRY ICE Drying Compounds (Wholesale) DRYING EQUIPMENT-INDUSTRIAL (WHLS) Drying Equipment-Industrial (Wholesale) Dry Pasta Mfg DRY ROT-REPAIR Drywall Drywall And Insulating Contractor Drywall And Painting Contractor Drywall Ceiling & Acoustical Tile Contractor Drywall Contractor Dry Wall Contractor Drywall Contractors Dry Wall Contractors DRY WALL CONTRACTORS Dry Wall Contractors Equip & Supl-Mfrs DRY WALL CONTRACTORS EQUIP & SUPL-MFRS DRY WALL CONTRACTORS EQUIP/SUPLS (WHLS) Dry Wall Contractors Equip/Supls (Whol) Drywall & Framing Contractor Drywall Installation Contractor Drywall/insulating Contractor Drywall/insulating Contractor Business Services Drywall/insulating Contractor Concrete Contractor Drywall/insulating Contractor Plumbing/heating/air Drywall/insulating Contractor Roofing/siding Contr Drywall/insulation Contr Concrete Contractor Nonre Drywall/insulation Contr Equipment Rental/leasing Drywall/insulation Contr Floor Laying Contractor Drywall & insulation contrs Drywall & Insulation Contrs Dry Wall Materials DRY WALL MATERIALS Drywall & Metal-stud Contractor Dry Well Contractors DRY WELL CONTRACTORS Dry Well Septic Tank & Excavating Contractor Dry, Wet Prim Batts Duct & Duct Fittings (Manufacturers) Duct Systems-Air Conditioning & Heating DUCT SYSTEMS-AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING DUI DRIVING SCHOOLS DUMBWAITERS-MANUFACTURERS Dump Truck Haulage DUPLICATING MACHINES & SUPPLIES (WHLS) Duplicating Machines & Supplies (Whol) Dust Collector Bags-Manufacturers DUST COLLECTOR BAGS-MANUFACTURERS Dust Control Materials-Renting Dusters-Manufacturers DVD VIDEO TAPES WHLS & MFRS Dwelling Operator Business Services Ret Misc Merch Dwelling Operator Single-family House Construction Dyers-Industrial (Manufacturers) DYERS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Dyes & Dyestuffs-Manufacturers DYES & DYESTUFFS-MANUFACTURERS Dynamometers (Manufacturers)

Companies with letter E

Earth Home Construction
Earthmoving Water & Sewer Contractor Hazmat Easels-Manufacturers EASELS-MANUFACTURERS Eating Place Amusement Device Operator Drinking Pl Eating Place Amusement/recreation Services Eating Place Amusement/recreation Svc Membership Sports Eating Place Beauty Shop Travel Agency Tour Operat Eating Place Business Services Misc Personal Servi Eating Place Drinking Place Amusement/recreation S Eating Place Drinking Place Business Services Hote Eating Place Gasoline Service Station Eating Place Mfg Food Preparations Eating Place Nonresidential Building Operator Eating Place Public Golf Course Ret Sporting Goods Eating Place Ret Gifts/novelties Ret Meat/fish Ret Eating Place Ret Lumber/building Materials Carpent Eating Place Ret Misc Foods Eating Place Ret Motorcycles Eating Place Theatrical Producers/services E-business & Systems Integration Educational Art Museum Educational Consultants EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS Educational Service-Business EDUCATIONAL SERVICE-BUSINESS Eggs-Canned (Manufacturers) EGGS-CANNED (MFRS) Eggs-Dried (Manufacturers) Elastic Goods (Manufacturers) Elec Household App Rp Elect House Appls Electrical and Electronic Repair Shops, NEC (new retail sales combined with repair-repair services as major source of receipts) Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies and Construction Materials (merchant wholesalers except those selling electrical supplies, equipment, and apparatus via retail method) Electrical Apparatus Testing Electrical Appliance Repair Leases Ice Machines Ai Electrical Appliances Electrical Appliances, Television and Radio Sets (merchant wholesalers except those selling appliances, TVs, and radios via retail method) Electric Alarms Electrical Consultants ELECTRICAL CONSULTANTS Electrical Contracting Electrical Contractor Electrical Contractor Business Consulting Services Electrical Contractor Business Services Electrical Contractor Computer Maintenance/repair Electrical Contractor & Data Communications Electrical Contractor Electrical Repair Ret Misc M Electrical Contractor Excavation Contractor Electrical Contractor Ret Misc Merchandise Electrical Contractor Ret Misc Merchandise Electri Electrical Contractors Electrical Contractor Single-family House Construc Electrical Contractor Water/sewer/utility Construction Electrical Contractor Whol Appliances/tv/radio Electrical Contractor Whol Electrical Equipment Electrical Contractor Whol Electrical Equipment Ret Mis Electrical Contractor Whol Electronic Parts/equipm Electrical Contractor Whol & Ret Electrical Suppli Electrical Controls Integration/material Handling Electrical contrs Electrical Contrs Electrical Designers ELECTRICAL DESIGNERS ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE MACHINING (WHLS) Electrical Discharge Machining (Whol) ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE MACHS/SUPLS (WHLS) Electrical Discharge Machs/Supls (Whol) Electrical,Electronic Electrical & Electronic Repair Shops Nec ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC REPAIR SHOPS NEC Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineering Consultant Electrical Equipment for Internal Combustion Engines Electrical Indstrl Apparatus Nec (Mfrs) ELECTRICAL INDSTRL APPARATUS NEC (MFRS) Electrical Industrial Apparatus, NEC Electrical Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies, NEC (electronic teaching machines and flight simulators) Electrical/mechanical Consulting Engineer ELECTRICAL POWER QUALITY SYSTEMS (WHLS) Electrical Power Systems-Maintenance ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEMS-MAINTENANCE Electrical Power Systems-Testing ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEMS-TESTING Electrical Products-Manufacturers ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Electrical Repair Electrical Repair Custom Computer Programing Electrical repair electrical contractor Electrical Repair Lithographic Coml Print Typesett Electrical Repair Mfg Telephone/telegraph Apparatu Electrical Repair Refrigeration Service/repair Electrical Repair Repair Services Whol Industrial Electrical Repair Ret Household Appliances Electrical Repair Ret Household Appliances Ret Mis Electrical Repair Whol Electrical Equipment Radio/ Electrical Repair Whol Electronic Parts Ret Misc M Electrical & Siding Contractor Electrical Supps Electrical & Telephone System Installation Contrac Electrical work Electrical Work Electrical Work Contractor Electrical Work (electrical work except burglar and fire alarm installation) Electric and Gas Welding and Soldering Equipment (except transformers for arc-welding) Electric and other services combined Electric and Other Services Combined (hydroelectric power generation) Electric appliance merchant whols Electric Appliance Merchant Whols Electric Appliances-Small-Manufacturers ELECTRIC APPLIANCES-SMALL-MANUFACTURERS Electric Cable Fault Locating Electric Cars-Automobile (Manufacturers) ELECTRIC CARS-AUTOMOBILE (MFRS) ELECTRIC CHARGING STATION Electric Companies ELECTRIC COMPANIES Electric Contractors ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS Electric Contractors-Coml & Industrial ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS-COML & INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS-MARINE ELECTRIC DRIVES-MANUFACTURERS Electric Equipment-Manufacturers ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Electric Equipment-Renting ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT-RENTING Electric Equipment-Service & Repairing ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT-SERVICE & REPAIRING Electric Equipment & Supplies-Retail ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-RETAIL Electric Equipment & Supplies-Wholesale ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-WHOLESALE Electric Equipment-Testing ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT-TESTING ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT-USED (WHLS) Electric Equipment-Used (Wholesale) Electric equip & wiring merchant whols Electric Equip & Wiring Merchant Whols Electric Fence (Manufacturers) ELECTRIC FENCE (MFRS) Electric, gas, and sanitary services ELECTRIC HEATING ELEMENTS (WHLS) Electric Heating Elements (Wholesale) Electric Heating Equipment-Manufacturers ELECTRIC HEATING EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS ELECTRIC HEATING EQUIP & SYSTEMS (WHLS) Electric Heating Equip & Systems (Whol) Electric Household Appliances Electric Housewares and Fans (wall and baseboard heating units for permanent installation) Electric Housewares & Fans (Mfrs) ELECTRIC HOUSEWARES & FANS (MFRS) Electric Housewares & Household Fan Mfg Electric Instruments-Manufacturers ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTS-MANUFACTURERS Electricity & signal testing instruments Electricity & Signal Testing Instruments Electric Lamp Bulb & Part Mfg Electric Lamp Bulbs Electric Lamp Bulbs and Tubes Electric Lamp Bulbs & Tubes-Mfrs ELECTRIC LAMP BULBS & TUBES-MFRS Electric Motor & Pump Repair Electric Motor Repair Electric Motor Repair & Sales Electric Motor Repair & Whol Electric Motors Electric Motors-Controls-Manufacturers ELECTRIC MOTORS-CONTROLS-MANUFACTURERS Electric Motors-Controls-Wholesale ELECTRIC MOTORS-CONTROLS-WHOLESALE Electric Motors-Distributors ELECTRIC MOTORS-DISTRIBUTORS (WHLS) Electric Motors-Distributors (Whol) ELECTRIC MOTORS-DLRS/REPAIRING (WHLS) Electric Motors-Dlrs/Repairing (Whol) Electric Motors-Manufacturers ELECTRIC MOTORS-MANUFACTURERS Electric Motors-Supplies & Parts-Mfrs ELECTRIC MOTORS-SUPPLIES & PARTS-MFRS ELECTRIC MOTORS-SUPPLIES & PARTS (WHLS) Electric Motors-Supplies & Parts (Whol) Electric Motors-Used ELECTRIC MOTORS-USED Electric & Other Services-Combined ELECTRIC & OTHER SERVICES-COMBINED Electric Power Distribution Electric Power Line Construction Electric Power Line Contractors Electric power & specialty transformer mfg Electric Power & Specialty Transformer Mfg Electric Power Systems-Emergency/Standby ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS-EMERGENCY/STANDBY Electric Rate Consultants ELECTRIC RATE CONSULTANTS Electric services Electric Services Electric Services (hydroelectric power generation) Electric Supplies-Manufacturers ELECTRIC SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Electric Switchboards-Manufacturers ELECTRIC SWITCHBOARDS-MANUFACTURERS ELECTRIC SWITCHBOARDS/PANELS (WHLS) Electric Switchboards/Panels (Wholesale) Electric Trains-Toy ELECTRIC TRAINS-TOY Electric Transmission/Distr Equip (Mfrs) ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION/DISTR EQUIP (MFRS) Electric utility Electric Wholesaler And Distributor Electroforming (Manufacturers) Electrolysis Equip & Supls-Manufacturers ELECTROLYSIS EQUIP & SUPLS-MANUFACTURERS ELECTROLYSIS SCHOOLS Electronic Assembly Electronic Capacitor (Manufacturers) Electronic Capacitor Mfg ELECTRONIC CAPACITOR (MFRS) Electronic Capacitors ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT BOARDS-TESTING/REPAIR Electronic Coils, Transformers, and Other Inductors Electronic Coils, Transformers, & Inductors Electronic Coil & Transformers (Mfrs) ELECTRONIC COIL & TRANSFORMERS (MFRS) Electronic Components, NEC (antennas) Electronic computer Electronic Computer Electronic Computer Mfg Electronic Computers Electronic Connector Mfg Electronic Connectors Electronic Connectors (Manufacturers) ELECTRONIC CONNECTORS (MFRS) Electronic Controls-Manufacturers ELECTRONIC CONTROLS-MANUFACTURERS Electronic Control Systems ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEMS Electronic Data Interchange ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE Electronic Design/engineering Electronic Desk Top Publishing Electronic Enclosures-Manufacturers ELECTRONIC ENCLOSURES-MANUFACTURERS Electronic Enclosures-Wholesale Electronic Equipment Repair Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-MFRS Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Repair ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-REPAIR Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Retail ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-RETAIL ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-WHLS Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Whol ELECTRONIC EQUIP/SUPLS-PROCESS CONTROLS ELECTRONIC HEATING EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Electronic Imaging ELECTRONIC IMAGING Electronic Instruments-Manufacturers ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS-MANUFACTURERS ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS (WHLS) Electronic Instruments (Wholesale) Electronic Mail Electronic Mail Service ELECTRONIC MAIL SERVICE ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES ELECTRONIC-MFRS REPRESENTATIVES (WHLS) Electronic-Mfrs Representatives (Whol) ELECTRONIC NETWORKS Electronic & other electric equipment Electronic Parts Electronic Parts and Equipment, NEC (merchant wholesalers except those selling electronic parts and equipment via retail method) ELECTRONIC PARTS ASSEMBLERS (WHLS) Electronic Parts Assemblers (Wholesale) Electronic Power Supplies-Manufacturers ELECTRONIC POWER SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS ELECTRONIC POWER SUPPLIES (WHLS) Electronic Power Supplies (Wholesale) Electronic Research & Development ELECTRONIC RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Electronic Resistor Electronic Resistor Mfg Electronic Resistors Electronic Retailing ELECTRONIC RETAILING Electronics-Consultants ELECTRONICS-CONSULTANTS Electronic Security/life Safety Systems Contractor Electronic Shopping Electronics Maintenance/repair Service Electronic Systems Contractor ELECTRONIC TESTING EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Electronic Testing Equipment (Wholesale) Electronic Transactions For Healthcare Payers Electronic & Web Based Publishing Ret And Design O Electron Tubes (Manufacturers) Electroplating And Finishing Of Metals Electroplating, anodizing, & coloring metal Electroplating, Anodizing, & Coloring Metal Electrostatic Equipment (Manufacturers) Elementary and Secondary Schools Elementary And Secondary Schools Elementary School Child Day Care Services Elementary/secondary Sch Business Consulting Svcs Elementary/secondary Sch Child Day Care Services Elementary/secondary School Business Consulting Se Elementary/secondary School Business Consulting Service Elementary/secondary School & Child Care Services Elementary/secondary School Child Day Care Service Elementary/secondary School Child Day Care Services Elementary/secondary School Lutheran Church Elementary/secondary School Real Estate Agent/mana Elementary & secondary schools Elementary & Secondary Schools Elementary Secondary Schools Elevator Consultants ELEVATOR CONSULTANTS Elevators-Sales & Service-Manufacturers ELEVATORS-SALES & SERVICE-MANUFACTURERS Elevators-Supplies & Parts-Manufacturers ELEVATORS-SUPPLIES & PARTS-MANUFACTURERS Emblems (Manufacturers) Embroidering Machines-Manufacturers EMBROIDERING MACHINES (WHLS) Embroidering Machines (Wholesale) EMBROIDERY-INDUSTRIAL-COMMERCIAL (MFRS) Emergency Medical & Surgical Service EMERGENCY MEDICAL & SURGICAL SERVICE Emergency Minor Medical Facilities/Svcs EMERGENCY MINOR MEDICAL FACILITIES/SVCS Employee Benefit Consultants EMPLOYEE BENEFIT CONSULTANTS Employee Plans-Consultants Employers Life & Medical Benefit Trust Employment Agency Home Health Care Services Employment Agency Medical Laboratory Ho Employment Consultants EMPLOYMENT CONSULTANTS Enameled Iron and Metal Sanitary Ware Enameled Iron & Metal Sanitary Ware Mfg Enameled Iron/Metal Sanitary Ware (Mfrs) Energy Conservation Consultants Energy Conservation & Mgmt Consultants ENERGY CONSERVATION & MGMT CONSULTANTS Energy Conservation Prods-Manufacturers ENERGY CONSERVATION PRODS-MANUFACTURERS Energy/environmental Consultants Engaged In Metal Plating Specializing In Anodizing Engineer & Design Electronic Parts & Does Computer Engineer & Designer Of Electronic Circuits Engineered Industrial Pdts Mft Engineered wood member mfg Engineered Wood Member Mfg Engineering & Construction Engineering Consultants Engineering Consultants Machinery Appraisal And Wh Engineering Consultants Sanitary Engineers Civil E Engineering-Job Shops ENGINEERING-JOB SHOPS Engineering & management services Engineering Schools ENGINEERING SCHOOLS Engineering Services Business Consulting Services Engineering Services Business Services Nonferrous Engineering Services Electrical Contractor Engineering Services Insurance Agent/broker Engineering Services Mfg Industrial Machinery Engineering Services Mfg Motor Vehicle Parts/acces Engineers ENGINEERS Engineers-Acoustical ENGINEERS-ACOUSTICAL Engineers-Aeronautical ENGINEERS-AERONAUTICAL Engineers-Agricultural ENGINEERS-AGRICULTURAL Engineers-Air Cond Heating Ventilating ENGINEERS-AIR COND HEATING VENTILATING Engineers-Architectural ENGINEERS-ARCHITECTURAL Engineers-Automotive ENGINEERS-AUTOMOTIVE Engineers-Biomedical ENGINEERS-BIOMEDICAL Engineers-Building Inspection ENGINEERS-BUILDING INSPECTION Engineers-Chemical ENGINEERS-CHEMICAL Engineers-Civil ENGINEERS-CIVIL Engineers-Communications ENGINEERS-COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERS-COMPUTER Engineers-Construction ENGINEERS-CONSTRUCTION Engineers-Consulting ENGINEERS-CONSULTING Engineers-Control Systems ENGINEERS-CONTROL SYSTEMS Engineers-Corrosion ENGINEERS-CORROSION Engineers-Cost ENGINEERS-COST Engineers-Designing ENGINEERS-DESIGNING Engineers-Drainage ENGINEERS-DRAINAGE Engineers-Earthquake Engineers-Electrical ENGINEERS-ELECTRICAL Engineers-Electronic ENGINEERS-ELECTRONIC Engineers-Energy Management ENGINEERS-ENERGY MANAGEMENT Engineers-Environmental ENGINEERS-ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS FIBERGLASS Engineers-Forest Engineers-Foundation ENGINEERS-FOUNDATION Engineers-Gas ENGINEERS-GAS Engineers-Geological ENGINEERS-GEOLOGICAL Engineers-Geotechnical ENGINEERS-GEOTECHNICAL Engineers-Hazardous & Industrial Waste ENGINEERS-HAZARDOUS & INDUSTRIAL WASTE Engineers-Highways & Bridges ENGINEERS-HIGHWAYS & BRIDGES Engineers-Hydraulic ENGINEERS-HYDRAULIC Engineers-Industrial ENGINEERS-INDUSTRIAL Engineers-Inspecting ENGINEERS-INSPECTING Engineers-Irrigation ENGINEERS-IRRIGATION Engineers-Land Planning ENGINEERS-LAND PLANNING Engineers-Machine Design ENGINEERS-MACHINE DESIGN Engineers-Management ENGINEERS-MANAGEMENT Engineers-Manufacturing ENGINEERS-MANUFACTURING Engineers-Marine ENGINEERS-MARINE Engineers-Material Handling ENGINEERS-MATERIAL HANDLING Engineers-Mechanical ENGINEERS-MECHANICAL Engineers-Metallurgical ENGINEERS-METALLURGICAL Engineers-Mining ENGINEERS-MINING Engineers-Municipal ENGINEERS-MUNICIPAL Engineers-Nuclear ENGINEERS-NUCLEAR Engineers-Oil Field Engineers-Petroleum ENGINEERS-PETROLEUM ENGINEERS-PETROLEUM REFINING & TRANS Engineers-Petroleum Refining & Trnsmss Engineers-Photogrammetric ENGINEERS-PHOTOGRAMMETRIC Engineers-Pipe Line ENGINEERS-PIPE LINE ENGINEERS-PLASTIC Engineers-Plumbing ENGINEERS-PLUMBING Engineers-Power ENGINEERS-POWER ENGINEERS-PROCESSING Engineers-Professional ENGINEERS-PROFESSIONAL Engineers-Pulp & Paper Engineers-Refrigerating ENGINEERS-REFRIGERATING Engineers-Research ENGINEERS-RESEARCH Engineers-Safety ENGINEERS-SAFETY Engineers-Sanitary ENGINEERS-SANITARY Engineers-Solar ENGINEERS-SOLAR Engineers Structural Engineers-Structural ENGINEERS-STRUCTURAL Engineers & Surveyors Engineers-Systems ENGINEERS-SYSTEMS Engineers-Technical Service ENGINEERS-TECHNICAL SERVICE ENGINEERS-TECHNOLOGY Engineers-Testing ENGINEERS-TESTING Engineers-Traffic & Transportation ENGINEERS-TRAFFIC & TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERS-TRAINING & PUBLISHING Engineers-Transportation ENGINEERS-TRANSPORTATION Engineers-Waste Water Treatment ENGINEERS-WASTE WATER TREATMENT Engineers-Water Supply ENGINEERS-WATER SUPPLY ENGINE MANUFACTURERS & DISTRIBUTORS Engines-Diesel-Fuel Injection-Svc & Rpr Engines-Diesel-Manufacturers ENGINES-DIESEL-MANUFACTURERS Engines Gasoline Engines-Gasoline ENGINES-GASOLINE ENGINES-GASOLINE-REPAIRING Engravers-Bank Note Engravers-Glassware (Manufacturers) Engravers-Mechanical (Manufacturers) Engravers-Metal Engravers-Metal (Mfrs) ENGRAVERS-METAL (MFRS) Engravers-Plastic Wood & Etc Engravers-Plastic Wood & Etc (Mfrs) ENGRAVERS-PLASTIC WOOD & ETC (MFRS) Engravers-Stationery (Manufacturers) Entertainers-Children & Family ENTERTAINERS-CHILDREN & FAMILY Entertainers-Family & Business ENTERTAINERS-FAMILY & BUSINESS Entertainment Producers ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCERS Envelopes-Manufacturers ENVELOPES-MANUFACTURERS Environmental And Health Care Consultants ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANING SERVICES Environmental Cleanup & Electrical Contractor Environmental Cleanup Service Environmental Consultants Environmental Screening Consultants Enzymes (Manufacturers) Eom For Parts And Accessories For Gasoline R/c Boa Episcopal Church Epoxy-Compounds (Manufacturers) Equipment Rental and Leasing, NEC (appliances; TVs, VCRs, and other consumer electronic equipment rental) Equipment Rental/leasing Electrical Contractor Equipment Rental/leasing Heavy Construction Equipm Equipment Rental/leasing Mfg Ready-mixed Concrete Equipment Rental/leasing Ret Hardware Equipment Rental/leasing Truck Rental/leasing Equipment Rental/leasing Utility Trailer Rental Tr Equipment Rental/leasing Whol Construction/mining Equipment Rental/leasing Whol Construction/mining Equip Equipment Rental/leasing Whol Electronic Parts/equ Equipment Rental/leasing Whol Electronic Parts Who Equipment Rental/leasing Whol Farm/garden Machiner Equipment Rental/leasing Whol Industrial Equipment Equipment Rental & Ret Medical Equipment Equipment Rental Whol Hardware Equiptment And Truck Mounted Rental Without Driver Escalators (Manufacturers) Escort Service-Motorized ESCORT SERVICE-MOTORIZED Estate Consultants ESTATE CONSULTANTS Etched Products-Metal Glass & Etc-Mfrs ETCHED PRODUCTS-METAL GLASS & ETC-MFRS ETCHED PRODUCTS-METAL GLASS & ETC (WHLS) Etched Products-Metal Glass & Etc (Whol) ETHANOL MANUFACTURERS Etiquette Schools ETIQUETTE SCHOOLS Evangelical Church Evangelical Free Church Evaporating Apparatus (Manufacturers) E-WASTE (ELECTRONIC RECYCLING) Excavating And Construction Of Single Family Homes Excavating Contractor & Dump Truck Operator Excavating Contractor & Mfg Ready Mix Concrete Excavating Contractor & Trucking Excavating Equipment-Renting & Leasing EXCAVATING EQUIPMENT-RENTING & LEASING Excavating & Farm Drainage Contractor Hauls Gravel Excavating Sewer & Water Contractor Excavation Contractor Concrete Contractor Highway/ Excavation Contractor & Dump Truck Hauling Excavation Contractor Lawn Care Water/sewer/utilit Excavation Contractor Repair Services Plumbing/hea Excavation Contractor Trucking Of Quarry Materials Excavation Contractor Water/sewer/utility Construc EXCAVATION EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS Executive Office Business Services Executive Office Legislative Body Executive Office Water Supply Service Executive Search Consultants EXECUTIVE SEARCH CONSULTANTS Executive Training Consultants EXECUTIVE TRAINING CONSULTANTS EXERCISE EQUIPMENT-RENTING Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs EXERCISE & PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAMS EXERCISE & PHYSICAL FITNESS WEAR Expanded Metals (Manufacturers) EXPANDED METALS (MANUFACTURERS) Expansion Joints (Manufacturers) Explosives-Manufacturers EXPLOSIVES-MANUFACTURERS Export Building Materials Export Building Supplies Export Consultants EXPORT CONSULTANTS Exporter & Trading Of Industrial Supplies Exports Automobile Parts Hand Tools Garden Machine Exports Building Materials Exports Construction And Mining Machinery Equipmen Exports Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Equ Exports Heavy Hardware Export Shoes Exports Industrial Machinery And Electric Househol Exports Machinery & Imports & Exports Lumber Exports Medical Video & Electronic Exports & Whol Industrial & Tractor Parts Electric Exposition Stands-Designers & Mfrs EXPOSITION STANDS-DESIGNERS & MFRS Exposition Supplies-Renting EXPOSITION SUPPLIES-RENTING Eye Banks EYE BANKS Eye Exams & Optical Retail Sales EYELASHES-ARTIFICIAL Eyes-Artificial-Toys & Animals

Companies with letter F

Fab Metal Pdts Nec
Fabricated Metal Prdcts Except Machinery & Transpo Fabricated metal products Fabricated Metal Products Industrial Machinery And Fabricated Metal Products, NEC (powder metallurgy) Fabricated Plate Work-Boiler Shops Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops) (fabricated plate work and metal weldments) Fabricated Structural Metal Fabricated Structural Metal Mfg Fabricated Structural Metal (Mfrs) FABRICATED STRUCTURAL METAL (MFRS) Fabricated Textile Products, NEC (except apparel and accessor Fabricates & Installs Electric Signs Fabricates Structural And Plate Metal Fabricator Concrete Reinforcing Steel Prods & Whol Fabric Shops FABRIC SHOPS Fabrics-Industrial (Manufacturers) FABRICS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Fabrics-Manufacturers FABRICS-MANUFACTURERS Facilities & Space Planning Consultants FACILITIES & SPACE PLANNING CONSULTANTS FACTORY LOCATING CONSULTANTS Factory Maintenance FACTORY MAINTENANCE Factory Systems Integrating And Panel Building Family & Children Services FAMILY & CHILDREN SERVICES Family Health Clinic Family Shoes & Ladies' Handbags Fan & Blower Parts-Manufacturers FAN & BLOWER PARTS-MANUFACTURERS Fans-Household FANS-HOUSEHOLD Fans-Household-Manufacturers FANS-HOUSEHOLD-MANUFACTURERS Fans-Household-Wholesale FANS-HOUSEHOLD-WHOLESALE Fans-Industrial & Commercial-Mfrs FANS-INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL-MFRS FANS-INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL (WHLS) Fans-Industrial & Commercial (Wholesale) Farm Farm And Construction Equipment Whol Trailers Farm and Garden Machinery and Equipment (merchant wholesalers except those selling lawn and garden equipment via retail method) Farm Buildings FARM BUILDINGS Farm Bureau Whol Agricultural Chemicals Seed And G Farm Custom Work FARM EQUIP-GLOBAL POSITIONING SYS (MFRS) Farm Equipment Farm Equipment Dealer Farm Equipment-Manufacturers FARM EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS FARM EQUIPMENT-RENTING (WHLS) Farm Equipment-Renting (Wholesale) Farm Equipment-Repairing & Parts FARM EQUIPMENT-REPAIRING & PARTS Farm Equipment-Repairing & Parts-Mfrs FARM EQUIPMENT-REPAIRING & PARTS-MFRS Farm Equipment Repair Ret Lawn Equipment & Repair FARM EQUIPMENT-USED (WHLS) Farm Equipment-Used (Wholesale) FARM EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Farm Equipment (Wholesale) Farmers Co-Op Retail Stores FARMERS CO-OP RETAIL STORES Farmers Market Farm & garden equip merchant whols Farm & Garden Equip Merchant Whols Farm & garden mchy Farm & Garden Mchy Farm & Home Advisory Service FARM & HOME ADVISORY SERVICE Farm Industrial & Turf Equipment Farming Community Farming Service FARMING SERVICE Farm Labor Contractor Farm Labor-Contractors & Crew Leaders Farm Labor Contrs Farm Labor Contrs & Crew Leaders Farm Machinery and Equipment (hand hair clippers for animals) Farm machinery, eqp Farm Machinery, Eqp Farm Machinery & Equip Mfg Farm Management Farm Management Service FARM MANAGEMENT SERVICE Farm management services Farm Management Services Farm Management Services Insurance Agent/broker Farm Management Svcs Farm Management Svs Farm Management Systems FARM MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Farm Markets FARM MARKETS Farm Organizations FARM ORGANIZATIONS Farm Pdt Raw Mtls Farm Pdts Whsg,Stor Farm Produce FARM PRODUCE Farm-Product Raw Materials, NEC (merchant wholesalers except those selling farm product raw materials, nec via retail method) Farm Products FARM PRODUCTS FARM PRODUCTS-RAW MATERIALS NEC (WHLS) Farm Products-Raw Materials Nec (Whol) Farm Product Warehousing and Storage Farm Product Warehousing General Warehouse/storage Farm Product Warehousing Whol Grain/field Beans Farm Prod Warehousing & Storage FARM & RANCH INSURANCE Farms FARMS Farm service agency FARMS-PECAN Farm Supervisors FARM SUPERVISORS Farm Supplies Bulk Petoleum And Service Station Op Farm Supplies (merchant wholesalers except those selling lawn and garden supplies via retail method) Farm supplies merchant whols Farm Supplies Merchant Whols FARM SUPPLIES (WHLS) Farm Supplies (Wholesale) FARM TOURS Fashion Consultants FASHION CONSULTANTS Fashion Designers FASHION DESIGNERS Fasteners-Industrial-Painting (Mfrs) FASTENERS-INDUSTRIAL-PAINTING (MFRS) FASTENERS-INDUSTRIAL (WHLS) Fasteners-Industrial (Wholesale) Fast Food Chicken Restaurant Fast Food Franchised Restaurant Fast Food Hamburger Chain Fast Food Hamburger Stand Fast Food Rest Fast-food Restaurant Fast Food Restaurant Fast Food Restaurant And Ice Cream Stand Fast Food Restaurant Chain Fast-food Restaurants Fast Track Construction Feather Goods (Manufacturers) Federal and Federally-Sponsored Credit Agencies (trade banks) Federal Bank Federal Chartered Savings & Loan Bank Federally Chartered Bank Federally Chartered Savings & Loan Bank Federal Reserve Banks FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS Federal Savings Bank Federal Savings Institution Bank Holding Company Feedanimal Healthgrain Bins Buildings Misc Farm Su FEEDERS-INDUSTRIAL (WHLS) Feeders-Industrial (Wholesale) Feed Handling Equipment (Manufacturers) Feed-Manufacturers FEED-MANUFACTURERS Felt Products-Manufacturers FELT PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Fence Cleaning And Maintenance Fence Construction Fence Construction Contractor Fence Construction & Ret Fencing Fence-Manufacturers FENCE-MANUFACTURERS Fence Posts & Fittings-Manufacturers FENCE POSTS & FITTINGS-MANUFACTURERS Fertility Clinics Fertilizer Mixing Only (Manufacturers) Fertilizers-Manufacturers FERTILIZERS-MANUFACTURERS Fertilizing & Commercial Water Hauling Fertilizing Equipment-Manufacturers FERTILIZING EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Fgn Bank,Branch,Agc Fiber cans, tubes Fiber Cans, Tubes Fiber Cans, Tubes, Drums, and Similar Products Fiber, can, tube, & drum mfg Fiber, Can, Tube, & Drum Mfg Fiber & Fiber Products (Manufacturers) Fiber Glass Products-Manufacturers FIBER GLASS PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS FIBER OPTICS-SYSTEMS CONSULTANTS Field crop farm Field Crop Farm Crop Preparation For Market Whol Farm S Field Crop Farm Fruit Tree Orchard Refrig Warehouse/sto Field Crop Farms Filing Consultants FILING CONSULTANTS (MFRS) Fillers (Non-Metallic)(Manufacturers) FILLERS (NON-METALLIC)(MFRS) Filling Machinery (Manufacturers) FILLING MACHINERY (MFRS) Filters-Air & Gas-Cleaning Service FILTERS-AIR & GAS-CLEANING SERVICE FILTERS-AIR & GAS-COML & INDUSTRIAL (WHLS) Filters-Air & Gas-Manufacturers FILTERS-AIR & GAS-MANUFACTURERS Filters-Chemical (Manufacturers) Filters-Fuel & Oil-Manufacturers FILTERS-FUEL & OIL-MANUFACTURERS Filters-Liquid & Industrial-Distributors FILTERS-LIQUID-INDUSTRIAL-DISTRS (WHLS) Filters-Liquid (Manufacturers) Filters (Manufacturers) Filtration Equipment-Manufacturers FILTRATION EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Financial Hardware Maintenance Financial Planning Consultants FINANCIAL PLANNING CONSULTANTS Financing-Business FINANCING-BUSINESS Financing Consultants FINANCING CONSULTANTS Financing-Insurance Premium FINANCING-INSURANCE PREMIUM Fine Art Dealers & Consultants Fine Arts Camp & School & Radio Stations Fine Art Schools FINE EARTHENWARE TBL/KTCHN ARTICLE Fine Earthenware Tbl/Ktchn Article (Mfr) Fine Earthenware (Whiteware) Table and Kitchen Articles Finfish Farming & Fish Hatcheries Fingerprinting Equipment (Manufacturers) Finishing Of Metals Fire Alarm Systems-Manufacturers FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS-MANUFACTURERS Firearm Accessories-Manufacturers FIREARM ACCESSORIES-MANUFACTURERS Firearms-Manufacturers FIREARMS-MANUFACTURERS Fire & Casualty Insurance Fire/casualty insurance carrier Fire/casualty Insurance Carrier Fire/casualty Insurance Carrier Insurance Agent/br Fire/casualty Insurance Carrier Surety Insurance C Fire/casualty Insurance Carrier Surety Insurance Carrie Fire Escapes (Manufacturers) Fire Exit Devices-Manufacturers FIRE EXIT DEVICES-MANUFACTURERS Fire Extinguishers-Manufacturers FIRE EXTINGUISHERS-MANUFACTURERS Fire Hydrants (Manufacturers) Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance (fire, marine, and casualty insurers-direct, except contact lens insurance) Fireplace Equipment-Manufacturers FIREPLACE EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Fireplaces-Manufacturers FIREPLACES-MANUFACTURERS Fireproofing Materials (Manufacturers) Fire Protection Consultants FIRE PROTECTION CONSULTANTS Fire Protection Engineers FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEERS Fire Protection Nonresidential Building Operator Fire Trucks-Manufacturers FIRE TRUCKS-MANUFACTURERS Fire Trucks-Sales & Svc Fire & Water Restoration Contractor Firewood-Manufacturers FIREWOOD-MANUFACTURERS Fireworks-Manufacturers FIREWORKS-MANUFACTURERS First Aid Supplies-Manufacturers FIRST AID SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS First & Second Mortgage Banking Fish and Seafoods (business to business electronic markets) Fish By-Products (Manufacturers) Fish Cleaning FISH CLEANING (MFRS) Fishermens Supplies-Manufacturers FISHERMENS SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Fishery Consultants FISHERY CONSULTANTS Fish Farming Equipment & Supplies-Whol Fish Farms FISH FARMS Fish Houses-Portable (Manufacturers) Fishing Bait-Manufacturers FISHING BAIT-MANUFACTURERS Fishing Tackle-Manufacturers FISHING TACKLE-MANUFACTURERS Fish Nets-Manufacturers FISH NETS-MANUFACTURERS Fish Packers Equipment (Manufacturers) Fish/shellfish Farm Fish Smoking & Curing (Manufacturers) Fitness & recreational sports centers Fitness & Recreational Sports Centers Fittings-Industrial (Manufacturers) FITTINGS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Fixed Facilities and Inspection and Weighing Services for Motor Vehicle Transportation (marine cargo checkers) Fix-It Shops FIX-IT SHOPS Flag Poles-Manufacturers FLAG POLES-MANUFACTURERS Flags & Banners-Manufacturers FLAGS & BANNERS-MANUFACTURERS Flagstones (Manufacturers) Flange Protectors (Manufacturers) Flashers-Electric (Manufacturers) FLASHERS-ELECTRIC (MFRS) Flashlights (Manufacturers) Flavoring Extracts and Flavoring Syrups, NEC (coffee flavoring and syrups) Flavoring Extracts-Manufacturers FLAVORING EXTRACTS-MANUFACTURERS Flax (Manufacturers) Flexible Shafting (Manufacturers) Floats-Mechanical (Manufacturers) Flocking (Manufacturers) Flock-Manufacturers & Processors FLOCK-MANUFACTURERS & PROCESSORS Floor Armoring Floor Coatings-Concrete FLOOR COATINGS-CONCRETE FLOOR COVERING Floor Covering Floor Laying Contractor Floor Covering Installation Floor Coverings Floor Covering Sales & Installation Floor Coverings-Retail FLOOR COVERINGS-RETAIL Floor Coverings Stores Floor Covering Stores Floor Covering Strs Floor Cover Supply Distr FLOOR DEGREASING Flooring & Acoustical Contractor Flooring Contractor Flooring Contractor And Retailer Flooring Contrs Flooring Sales And Contractin Flooring Specialist Floor Installation Contractor FLOOR-LAMINATES Floor Layers Equipment & Supplies (Mfrs) FLOOR LAYERS EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES (MFRS) Floor Laying and Other Floor Work, NEC Floor laying contractor Floor Laying Contractor Floor Laying Contractor Concrete Contractor Floor Laying Contractor & Retails Household Furnit Floor Laying Contractor Ret Floor Covering Floor Laying Contractor Ret Misc Merchandise Whol Floor Laying & Floor Work Nec FLOOR LAYING & FLOOR WORK NEC Floor Laying,Flr Wk Floor Laying Refinishing & Resurfacing FLOOR LAYING REFINISHING & RESURFACING Floor Machines-Manufacturers Floor Machines-Renting FLOOR MACHINES-RENTING Floor Machines-Repairing FLOOR MACHINES-REPAIRING FLOOR MACHINES (WHLS) Floor Machines (Wholesale) Floor Materials FLOOR MATERIALS Floor Materials-Manufacturers FLOOR MATERIALS-MANUFACTURERS Floor Materials-Wholesale FLOOR MATERIALS-WHOLESALE Floor Refinishing & Resurfacing FLOOR REFINISHING & RESURFACING Floor Refinishing Supplies FLOOR REFINISHING SUPPLIES Floor Safety Treatments FLOOR SAFETY TREATMENTS FLOOR SANDING & POLISHING EQUIPMENT FLOORS-CERAMIC Floors-Contractors & Builders FLOORS-CONTRACTORS & BUILDERS Floors-Industrial FLOORS-INDUSTRIAL Floors-Portable FLOORS-PORTABLE Floors-Raised FLOORS-RAISED FLOORS-SPORTS Floor Tile FLOOR TREATMENT COMPOUNDS (WHLS) Floor Treatment Compounds (Wholesale) Floor Waxing Polishing & Cleaning FLOOR WAXING POLISHING & CLEANING FLOOR WAXING POLISHING/CLNG MTRLS (WHLS) Florist Florist/beauty Shop Florists Florists-Retail FLORISTS-RETAIL Florists' Supplies Florists-Supplies-Manufacturers FLORISTS-SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS FLORISTS-SUPPLIES (WHLS) Florists-Supplies (Wholesale) Florists-Wholesale FLORISTS-WHOLESALE Flour-Prepared (Manufacturers) FLOWER/PLNT-ARTFCL/PRSRVD-MFR SUPL Flower/Plnt-Artfcl/Prsrvd-Mfr Supl (Whl) Flowers,Florist Sup Flowers Grown In Field Nursery Flowers,Nursery Stock Flowers, Nursery Stock, and Florists’ Supplies (merchant wholesalers except those selling nursery stock via retail method) Flowers & Plants-Artificial-Mfrs FLOWERS & PLANTS-ARTIFICIAL-MFRS Flowers & Plants-Artificial-Wholesale FLOWERS & PLANTS-ARTIFICIAL-WHOLESALE Fluid Milk (Manufacturers) Fluid Power Pump & Motor Mfg Fluid Power Pumps and Motors Fluid Power Pumps & Motors (Mfrs) FLUID POWER PUMPS & MOTORS (MFRS) Fluorescent Light Ballast And Battery Recycling Flux-Manufacturers FLUX-MANUFACTURERS Fly Ash (Manufacturers) Foil & Foil Products (Manufacturers) Foil Stamping (Manufacturers) Folding Machines (Manufacturers) FOLDING MACHINES (MFRS) Folding Paperboard Boxes, Including Sanitary (except paperboard backs for blister or skin packages) Folding Paperboard Box Mfg FOOD ANALYSIS Food and kindred products Food Bank Food Banks FOOD BANKS Food brokerage and distributing of meat and deli i Food Broker Of A General Line Of Groceries Food Brokers FOOD BROKERS (WHLS) Food Brokers (Whol) FOOD BULK (WHLS) Food Bulk (Wholesale) FOOD CROPS GROWN UNDER COVER Food Crops Grown Under Cover (growing mushrooms) Food & Dairy Equipment Repair Service Food Distributor Food Facilities Consult Food Facilities-Consultants FOOD FACILITIES-CONSULTANTS FOOD FACILITIES (WHLS) Food Facilities (Wholesale) Food, health, supplement stores Food, Health, Supplement Stores Food-Home Delivery FOOD-HOME DELIVERY Food Markets FOOD MARKETS Food Mixers (Manufacturers) FOOD MIXERS (MFRS) FOOD MIXES (WHLS) Food Mixes (Wholesale) Food & nutrition service Food Packers Supplies (Manufacturers) FOOD PACKERS SUPPLIES (MFRS) Food Plans FOOD PLANS Food preparations Food Preparations Food Preparations Nec (Manufacturers) FOOD PREPARATIONS NEC (MFRS) Food Preparations, NEC (reducing maple sap to maple syrup) Food Preservation Equip & Supls (Whol) Food Processing Food Processing Consultants FOOD PROCESSING CONSULTANTS Food Processing Equipment & Supls-Mfrs FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT & SUPLS-MFRS FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT & SUPLS (WHLS) Food Processing Equipment & Supls (Whol) Food prod machinery mfg Food Prod Machinery Mfg Food Products Machinery Food Products-Machinery (Manufacturers) FOOD PRODUCTS-MACHINERY (MFRS) Food Products & Manufacturers FOOD PRODUCTS & MANUFACTURERS FOOD PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS EQUIP (WHLS) Food Products-Manufacturers Equip (Whol) Food products mchy Food Products Mchy Food Products-Reconditioning FOOD PRODUCTS-RECONDITIONING (MFRS) Food Products-Retail FOOD PRODUCTS-RETAIL FOOD PRODUCTS (WHLS) Food Products (Wholesale) FOOD SAFETY TRAINING Foods-Canned (Manufacturers) FOODS-CANNED (MFRS) Foods-Carry Out FOODS-CARRY OUT FOODS-DEHYDRATED (WHLS) Foods-Dehydrated (Wholesale) Food Service-Distributors FOOD SERVICE-DISTRIBUTORS (WHLS) Food Service-Industrial FOOD SERVICE-INDUSTRIAL Food Service-Management FOOD SERVICE-MANAGEMENT FOOD SERVICE-SUPPLIES (WHLS) Food Service-Supplies (Wholesale) FOODS-FOREIGN (WHLS) Foods-Institutional FOODS-INSTITUTIONAL Foods-Natural FOODS-NATURAL Food Specialties-Manufacturers FOOD SPECIALTIES-MANUFACTURERS Food Specialties-Retail FOOD SPECIALTIES-RETAIL Food Specialties-Wholesale FOOD SPECIALTIES-WHOLESALE Food Stamps Food stores Food Supplements FOOD SUPPLEMENTS Food svc contrs Food Svc Contrs Foot Appliances FOOT APPLIANCES Foot Appliances-Manufacturers FOOT APPLIANCES-MANUFACTURERS FOOT APPLIANCES-WHOLESALE Football Clubs FOOTBALL CLUBS Foot Remedies (Manufacturers) Foreign Banking Foreign Trade and International Banking Institutions (international trade financing) Foreign Trade And International Banks Foreign Trade Consultants FOREIGN TRADE CONSULTANTS Foreign Trade/international Bank FOREIGN TRADE & INTERNATIONAL BANKS Forensic Consultants FORENSIC CONSULTANTS Forest Industry Products-Consultants FOREST NURSERIES & GATHERING FOREST PROD Forestry Services Air/water/waste Management Forging-Die Sinkers (Manufacturers) Forging Equipment (Manufacturers) Forgings (Manufacturers) Fork Lifts-Renting FORK LIFTS-RENTING Forming Machine Work Sheet Metal FOUNDRIES VARIOUS METALS Fragrance-Manufacturers FRAGRANCE-MANUFACTURERS Frames-Industrial (Manufacturers) FRAMES-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Framing Contractors-Buildings FRAMING CONTRACTORS-BUILDINGS Franchisor & real estate rentals Freestanding emergency medical centers Freestanding Emergency Medical Centers Freight Forwarder & Custom House Broker Freight-Traffic Consultants FREIGHT-TRAFFIC CONSULTANTS Freight Transportation Arrangement Business Servic Freight Transportation Arrangement Insurance Carrier Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (merchant wholesalers except those selling fresh fruits and vegetables via retail method) Fresh fruits & vegs Fresh Fruits & Vegs Fringes (Manufacturers) Frozen Canapes & Hors D'Oeuvres-Mfrs FROZEN CUSTARD MACHINES (WHLS) Frozen Custard Machines (Wholesale) Frozen Food Locker Plants Frozen food processor Frozen Food Processors Frozen Food Processors (Mfrs) FROZEN FOOD PROCESSORS (MFRS) Frozen Foods-Retail FROZEN FOODS-RETAIL Frozen Foods-Wholesale FROZEN FOODS-WHOLESALE Frozen Fruits, Fruit Juices, and Vegetables Frozen Fruits & Vg Frozen Specialty Food Mfg Fruit Drying FRUIT DRYING Fruits and Tree Nuts, NEC (combination farms) Fruits And Vegetables FRUITS-DRIED (WHLS) Fruits-Dried (Wholesale) Fruits & Nuts Nec Fruits & Tree Nuts Nec FRUITS & TREE NUTS NEC Fruits & Vegetables-Brokers FRUITS & VEGETABLES-BROKERS (WHLS) Fruits & Vegetables-Brokers (Whol) Fruits & Vegetables-Growers & Shippers FRUITS & VEGETABLES-GROWERS & SHIPPERS Fruits & Vegetables-Harvesting FRUITS & VEGETABLES-HARVESTING Fruits & Vegetables & Produce-Retail FRUITS & VEGETABLES & PRODUCE-RETAIL Fruits & Vegetables-Wholesale FRUITS & VEGETABLES-WHOLESALE Fruit Tree Orchard Mfg Food Preparations Ret Fruit Fruit Vegetable And Fresh Meat Market And Delicate Fruit & vegetable canning Fruit & Vegetable Canning Fuel-Manufacturers Fulfillment Direct Mail House & Digital Printing Full Line Insurance Agency Full Load Interstate Trucking Full Service Air Conditioning Contractor Full Service Beauty Shop Full-service Floor Coverings Store & Janitorial Se Full Service Gas Commecial Residential Glass Full Service Graphic Designers Advertising & Print Full-service restaurants Full-Service Restaurants Full Service State Bank Full Service Travel Agency Functions Related To Deposit Banking FUNCTIONS RELATED TO DEPOSIT BANKING Functions Related to Depository Banking, NEC (escrow and fiduciary agencies) Fund Raising For Hospital And Retiremen Funeral Directors FUNERAL DIRECTORS FUNERAL DIRECTORS-EQUIP & SUPLS (WHLS) Funeral Directors-Equip & Supls (Whol) Funeral Escort Service Funeral Home Funeral Home Real Estate Holding Funeral Homes & Funeral Services Funeral Homes & Funeral Svcs Funeral Information Service FUNERAL INFORMATION SERVICE Funeral Parlor Funeral Parlor & Cemetery Funeral Plans (Pre-Arranged) FUNERAL PLANS (PRE-ARRANGED) Funeral Referral & Consulting Services FUNERAL REFERRAL & CONSULTING SERVICES Funeral Service Funeral Service And Crematories, Nsk Funeral service/crematory Funeral Service/crematory Funeral Service/crematory Floor Laying Contractor Funeral Service/crematory Life Insuranc Funeral Service/crematory Ret Misc Merc Funeral services Funeral Services Funeral Services and Crematories (funer Fur Bearing Animal Farm Fur Business-Retail FUR BUSINESS-RETAIL Fur Business-Wholesale FUR BUSINESS-WHOLESALE Fur Cleaning Dyeing & Storage-Retail FUR CLEANING DYEING & STORAGE-RETAIL Fur-Designers FUR-DESIGNERS Fur Farms FUR FARMS FUR FARMS EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES (WHLS) Fur Goods (Manufacturers) Fur Matching (Manufacturers) Furnaces-Industrial (Manufacturers) FURNACES-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Furnaces-Repairing & Cleaning FURNACES-REPAIRING & CLEANING Furniture And Homefurnishings Store Business Servi Furniture Appliance And Home Electronic Rental Ser Furniture-Childrens FURNITURE-CHILDRENS Furniture-Childrens-Manufacturers FURNITURE-CHILDRENS-MANUFACTURERS Furniture-Childrens-Wholesale FURNITURE-CHILDRENS-WHOLESALE Furniture Components (Manufacturers) FURNITURE-DEALERS-RETAIL Furniture-Designers & Custom Builders FURNITURE-DESIGNERS & CUSTOM BUILDERS Furniture & Electric Appliances Furniture Frames (Manufacturers) Furniture-Hardware-Wholesale FURNITURE-HARDWARE-WHOLESALE Furniture & Household Appliances FURNITURE LEGS-MANUFACTURERS Furniture-Manufacturers FURNITURE-MANUFACTURERS Furniture-Manufacturers Equip/Supls-Mfrs FURNITURE-MANUFACTURERS EQUIP/SUPLS-MFRS Furniture-Manufacturers-Office & Coml FURNITURE-MANUFACTURERS-OFFICE & COMMERCIAL Furniture-Metal FURNITURE-METAL Furniture Movers FURNITURE MOVERS Furniture-Outdoor-Manufacturers FURNITURE-OUTDOOR-MANUFACTURERS Furniture Pads (Manufacturers) Furniture-Renting & Leasing FURNITURE-RENTING & LEASING Furniture Stores Furniture Stores (custom wood cabinets) Furniture-Unfinished-Manufacturers FURNITURE-UNFINISHED-MANUFACTURERS Furniture/whol Medical And Hospital Equ Fur-Trimmings (Manufacturers) Fuses-Electric-Manufacturers FUSES-ELECTRIC-MANUFACTURERS FUSES-ELECTRIC (WHLS) Fuses-Electric (Wholesale)

Companies with letter G

Galvanizing (Manufacturers)
Game Designers GAME DESIGNERS (MFRS) Game Farms GAME FARMS GAMES ELECTRONIC REPAIRING Games & Game Supplies-Manufacturers GAMES & GAME SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Games, Toys, and Children’s Vehicles, Except Dolls and Bicycles (metal tricycles) Games Toys & Children's Vehicles (Mfrs) GAMES TOYS & CHILDREN'S VEHICLES (MFRS) Game, toy, & children's vehicle mfg Game, Toy, & Children's Vehicle Mfg Gaming Consultants GAMING CONSULTANTS Garage & Body Shop And Towing Service Garage Construction Garage Door Installation Garage Doors Installation & Repair GARAGE DOORS-REPAIRING Garbage Disposal Equipment-Household GARBAGE DISPOSAL EQUIPMENT-HOUSEHOLD Garbage Disposal Equipment-Manufacturers GARBAGE DISPOSAL EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS GARBAGE EQUIPMENT-INDUSTRIAL-COML (WHLS) Garden Hardware & Industrial Supplies Garlic (Manufacturers) Garment Press/cleaner's Agent Garment Press/cleaner's Agent Drycleaning Plant Garment Racks-Manufacturers GARMENT RACKS-MANUFACTURERS Gas Appliances GAS APPLIANCES Gas Appliances-Servicing GAS APPLIANCES-SERVICING Gas Burners-Manufacturers GAS BURNERS-MANUFACTURERS Gas & Cable Construction Sewer And Water Rehab GAS CONVERSION MOTOR VEHICLES Gas & Electric Utility Gas Equipment-Industrial (Manufacturers) GAS EQUIPMENT-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) GASES-INDUSTRIAL & MEDICAL (MFRS) Gas-Ind & Medical-Cylinder & Bulk-Mfrs GAS-IND & MEDICAL-CYLINDER & BULK-MFRS Gasket Cutting Equipment (Manufacturers) Gaskets-Manufacturers GASKETS-MANUFACTURERS Gas Lights-Manufacturers GAS LIGHTS-MANUFACTURERS Gas Med/Industrial Gas Odorants (Manufacturers) Gasoline Gasoline Additive-Dealers GASOLINE ADDITIVE-DEALERS Gasoline Additive-Distributors GASOLINE ADDITIVE-DISTRIBUTORS (WHLS) Gasoline Additive-Manufacturers GASOLINE ADDITIVE-MANUFACTURERS Gasoline And Groceries Gasoline Filling Station Ret And Whol Automotive Parts GASOLINE & OIL BULK STATIONS (WHLS) Gasoline & Oil Bulk Stations (Whol) Gasoline & Oil-Wholesale GASOLINE & OIL-WHOLESALE Gasoline Plant Equipment (Manufacturers) GASOLINE PLANT EQUIPMENT (MFRS) Gasoline Pumps-Supplies & Parts Gasoline Pump & Tank Installation Contractor Gasoline Sales General Automotive Repair And Conve Gasoline service station Gasoline Service Station Gasoline Service Station And Retail Marine Supply Gasoline Service Station Carwash Gasoline Service Station & Convenience Store Gasoline Service Station Eating Place Gasoline Service Station Executive Office Gasoline Service Station (gasoline station with convenience store) Gasoline Service Station & Ret Auto Tires Gasoline service station ret groceries Gasoline Service Station Ret Groceries Gasoline Service Station Ret Hunting & Fishing Sup Gasoline Service Stations Gasoline Service Station Whol Auto Parts/supplies Gasoline Service Station Whol Petroleum Products Gasoline Svc Station Equip-Installing GASOLINE SVC STATION EQUIP-INSTALLING Gasoline Sv Station Gas Producers GAS PRODUCERS Gas Purifiers (Manufacturers) Gas Recycling Plants GAS RECYCLING PLANTS Gas Testing-Medical GAS TESTING-MEDICAL Gates-Manufacturers GATES-MANUFACTURERS Gauges & Gages-Manufacturers GAUGES & GAGES-MANUFACTURERS Gears & Gear Cutting (Manufacturers) Ge Construction Mach Gelatine (Manufacturers) General animal farm General Animal Farm General Animal Farm Animal Services General Animal Farm Blast Furnace-steel Works Beef General Automotive And Truck Repair Shop Also Moto General Automotive Repair And Retails Tires General Automotive Repairs Also Ret Tires General Automotive Repair Shop & Ret Gasoline Fill General Automotive Repair Shops General Automotive Repair Shops, Nsk General Automotive Truck Repair General Auto Repair Auto Body Repair/painting General Auto Repair Auto Exhaust Repair Auto Body General Auto Repair Gasoline Service Station General Auto Repair Local Trucking Operator General Auto Repair Local Trucking Operator Sanita General Auto Repair Repair Services Electrical Rep General Auto Repair Ret Misc Merchandise Boatbuild General Auto Repair & Ret Tires & Car Rental General Auto Repair Whol Industrial Equipment General Building Contractor Of Commercial & Indust General Construction General Construction Contractors General Contractor Building Commercial Buildings & General Contractor Building Single Family Homes General Contractor Commercial Building General Contractor Commercial Buildings General Contractor-commercial Buildings And Reside General Contractor Commercial Buildings Metal Buil General Contractor Commercial Construction Includi General Contractor Commercial & Industrial Buildin General Contractor Commercial Office & Residential General Contractor Commercial & Rural Buildings General Contractor & Construction Management General Contractor/family Houses/commercial Buildi General Contractor For Commercial Construction And Conc General Contractor Industrial And Warehouse Buildi General Contractor-industrial Building & Warehouse General Contractor-industrial & Commercial Constru General Contractor Motels & Apartment Buildings General Contractor Of Commercial Building New Cons General Contractor Of Commercial Buildings General Contractor Of Commercial Buildings And Sin General Contractor Of Commercial Buildings & Specu General Contractor Of Commercial Construction General Contractor Of Commercial Construction And General Contractor Of Commercial & Industrial Buil General Contractor Of Commercial & Industrial Buildings General Contractor Of Commercial Industrial & Resi General Contractor Of Commercial & Residential Bui General Contractor Of Industrial And Warehouse Bui General Contractor Of Industrial Buildings General Contractor Of Industrial Buildings And Excavati General Contractor Of Industrial & Commercial Buil General Contractor Of New Commercial Buildings Ind General Contractor Of New Construction & Renovatio General Contractor Of Residential & Commercial Bui General Contractor Of Sewer & Water Main Construct General Contractor Of Single-family Buildings General Contractor Of Single-family Houses General Contractor Of Single Family Houses And Com General Contractor Of Single Family Residential Ho General Contractor Pipelines Sewer & Water Mains General Contractor Prefab Industrial Buildings General Contractor Real Estate Developer & Operato General Contractor & Real Estate Services General Contractor/residential Commercial & Indust General Contractors And Construction Management General Contractors Commercial And Industrial General Contractors Industrial Buildings and Warehouses ( except grain elevators; drycleaning plants; and manufacturing, public, and industrial warehouses) General Contractor Single Family Houses General Contractor Single Family Residential And E General Contractor Single Family Residential & Com General Contractor Single Family Residential & Commerci General Contractors - Nonresidential Buildings, Other than Industrial Buildings and Warehouses General Contractors Of Commercial Buildings & Hote General Contractors Of Commercial Buildings & Sing General Contractors Of Nonresidential Buildings General Contractor Specializing In Water Utilities General Contractors-Residential Bldgs GENERAL CONTRACTORS-RESIDENTIAL BLDGS General Contractors - Residential Buildings Other Than Single-Family (except remodeling contractors, hotel and motel construction contractors, and dormitory and barrack construction contractors) General Contractors--Single Family Houses (except remodeling contractors) General Contrs-Industrial Bldgs & Wrhse GENERAL CONTRS-INDUSTRIAL BLDGS & WRHSE General Crop Farm General Crop Farm Animal Services General Crop Farm Animal Services Animal Services General Crop Farm Corn Farm General Livestock Farm General Crop Farm Growing Potatoes General Crop Farm Irish Potato Farm General Crop Farm Mfg Fluid Milk General crop farms General Crop Farms General Crop Farm Whol Groceries Mfg Food Preparations General Electrical And Excavation Contractor General Electrical Contractor General Electrical Contractor Ret Household Appliance S General Engineering Construction General Farm General Farm Raises Cattle & Packing House GENERAL FARMS-PRIMARILY CROP General Freight Trucking, Local General Freight Trucking, Long-Distance Tl General Government Amusement/recreation Services General Hospital Admn Public Health Pgm Specialty Hospi General Hospital Health Practitioner's Office Spec General Hospital Medical Doctor's Offic General Hospital Medical Doctor's Office General Hospital Skilled Nursing Facili General Ind Machinery/Equip Nec (Mfrs) GENERAL IND MACHINERY/EQUIP NEC (MFRS) General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, NEC (textile fire hose) General Insurance Agents General Machine Shop General Machine Shop & General Fabrication General Medical And Surgical Hospital General Medical and Surgical Hospitals General Medical And Surgical Hospitals, General Medical & Surgical Hospitals General Motor Repair General Optometrist And Mfg Of Optical Instruments General Remodeling Of Single-family Houses General Remodeling Single-family Houses And Commer General Residential & Commercial Construction General Travel Agency General Truck Repair Service General Warehouse/storage Farm Product Warehousing General Warehouse/storage Local Trucking-with Storage W General Warehouse/storage Mfg Electric Housewares/ General Warehouse/storage Real Estate Agent/manage General Warehouse/storage Real Estate Agent/manager General Warehouse/storage Whol Construction/mining General Warehouse/storage Whol Industrial/service Generators Electric Generators-Electric-Manufacturers GENERATORS-ELECTRIC-MANUFACTURERS Generators-Electric-Renting GENERATORS-ELECTRIC-RENTING Generators-Electric-Repairing GENERATORS-ELECTRIC-REPAIRING GENERATORS-ELECTRIC (WHLS) Generators-Electric (Wholesale) Generators-Steam (Manufacturers) Generators-Wind Powered (Manufacturers) Gen Farmsprim Crop Gen Household Rep Svc Gen Livestock Farms Gen Remod 1-Fam House Gen Remodeling & New Construction Gentlemen's Clubs GENTLEMEN'S CLUBS Geological Consultants GEOLOGICAL CONSULTANTS Gift Baskets & Parcels-Manufacturers GIFT BASKETS & PARCELS-MANUFACTURERS Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Shops Gift & nov shops Gift & Nov Shops Gifts & Candles & Mfg Candles Gifts & Computers Gift Shop Retails Beads Rocks & Art Gift Shops GIFT SHOPS Gifts & Jewelry Store Giftwares-Manufacturers GIFTWARES-MANUFACTURERS Gift Wrapping Materials-Manufacturers GIFT WRAPPING MATERIALS-MANUFACTURERS Girls Apparel-Manufacturers GIRLS APPAREL-MANUFACTURERS Girls’, Children’s, and Infants’ Dresses, Blouses, and Shirts (boys’ contractors) Girls’, Children’s, and Infants’ Outerwear, NEC (boys’ contractors) Glass Automobile Plate Window Etc Mfrs GLASS AUTOMOBILE PLATE WINDOW ETC MFRS Glass-Auto Plate & Window & Etc GLASS-AUTO PLATE & WINDOW & ETC GLASS BEADS-INDUSTRIAL (WHLS) Glass Beads-Industrial (Wholesale) Glass Block Window Sales And Installation Glass-Blowers (Manufacturers) Glass Containers (Manufacturers) Glass Decorators (Manufacturers) Glass/glazing Contractor Mfg Metal Door/sash/trim Glass/glazing Contractor Ret Lumber/building Mater Glass/glazing Contractor Ret Lumber/building Materials Glass-Grinding/Cutting Machinery (Mfrs) Glass-Hand Blown Art GLASS-HAND BLOWN ART Glassine Paper Products (Manufacturers) Glass Making & Working Machinery (Mfrs) GLASS MAKING & WORKING MACHINERY (MFRS) Glass-Manufacturers GLASS-MANUFACTURERS Glass Plate & Window & Etc Glass Products (Manufacturers) Glass Replacement Shops GLASS REPLACEMENT SHOPS Glass-Residential GLASS-RESIDENTIAL Glass-Rods & Tubing (Manufacturers) Glass Sales/residential/commercial/auto Glass-Stained & Leaded-Manufacturers GLASS-STAINED & LEADED-MANUFACTURERS Glassware Decoration (Manufacturers) Gliders (Manufacturers) Gloves-Cleaning & Repairing GLOVES-CLEANING & REPAIRING GLOVES-MANUFACTURERS SUPPLIES (WHLS) Gloves-Manufacturers Supplies (Whol) GLOVES-WOMENS-MANUFACTURERS Gloves-Work & Industrial GLOVES-WORK & INDUSTRIAL Gloves-Work & Industrial-Manufacturers GLOVES-WORK & INDUSTRIAL-MANUFACTURERS Goggles-Industrial (Manufacturers) GOGGLES-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Gold Leaf (Manufacturers) Gold Nugget Jewelry-Manufacturers GOLD NUGGET JEWELRY-MANUFACTURERS Gold Nugget Jewelry-Retail GOLD NUGGET JEWELRY-RETAIL Gold & Precious Metals Mining Golf Cars & Carts-Manufacturers GOLF CARS & CARTS-MANUFACTURERS Golf Club & Ret Sporting Goods Golf Course Architects GOLF COURSE ARCHITECTS Golf Course Construction GOLF COURSE CONSTRUCTION Golf Course Construction And Management Golf Course Consultants GOLF COURSE CONSULTANTS GOLF COURSES Golf Courses & Country Clubs Golf Courses-Private Golf Courses-Public Golf Equipment & Supplies-Manufacturers GOLF EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS GOLF INSURANCE Gourmet Foods & Caterer Gourmet Food Stores Gourmet Shops GOURMET SHOPS Government Administrator Of Health Plans Governmental Consulting Software Mfg Government-Contract Consultants GOVERNMENT-CONTRACT CONSULTANTS Government-Insurance Carriers Nec GOVERNMENT-INSURANCE CARRIERS NEC Government-Pension Health/Welfare Funds GOVERNMENT-PENSION HEALTH/WELFARE FUNDS Government-Relations Consultants GOVERNMENT-RELATIONS CONSULTANTS GOVT-COML PHYSICAL/BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH Grading And Excavating Contractor Also Water Main Grain Cleaning GRAIN CLEANING Grain Cleaning Equipment (Mfrs) GRAIN DRYERS & DRYING EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Grain Dryers & Drying Equipment (Whol) Grain Drying GRAIN DRYING Grain Handling Equipment (Manufacturers) GRANITE CLEANING MAINTENANCE-RESTORATION Granite Products-Manufacturers GRANITE PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Grape Farms Graphic Arts Designer & Production Of Slides Photo Graphic Designers GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Graphic Designers-Computer Graphic Design Print & Video Management Consulting Graphite (Manufacturers) Gratings (Manufacturers) Gravel Consultants Gray/ductile Iron Foundry Nonferrous Metal Foundry Grease Traps (Cleaning Service) GREASE TRAPS (CLEANING SERVICE) Greek Food Products GREEK FOOD PRODUCTS Greenhouse & Farm Market Greenhouses-Manufacturers GREENHOUSES-MANUFACTURERS Greeting Card-Manufacturers Supls (Mfrs) GREETING CARD-MANUFACTURERS SUPLS (MFRS) Greeting Cards (Manufacturers) Greeting Cards-Manufacturers Grilles (Manufacturers) Grills-Gas & Electric GRILLS-GAS & ELECTRIC Grinding Machines & Equip-Manufacturers GRINDING MACHINES & EQUIP-MANUFACTURERS GRINDING MACHINES & EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Grinding Machines & Equipment (Whol) Grinding Wheel Dressers (Manufacturers) Grinding Wheels (Manufacturers) Groceries and Related Products, NEC (processed bottled water manufacturing) Groceries & hardware Groceries & Meats Groceries Meats & Laundromat Grocers-Ethnic Foods GROCERS-ETHNIC FOODS Grocers-Health Foods GROCERS-HEALTH FOODS Grocers-Retail GROCERS-RETAIL Grocers-Wholesale GROCERS-WHOLESALE Grocery Store & Ret Drugs/sundries Group Insurance Brokers Investment Advisors & Empl Grouting Compounds-Manufacturers GROUTING COMPOUNDS-MANUFACTURERS Grower Of Nursery Stock Growers Of Tomatoes Whol Fruits/vegetables And Crop Pre Growing Of Nursery Stock Whol & Ret Nursery Grows And Sell Seeds To Farmers Grows Whol And Ret Nursery Stock Guards-Door & Window GUARDS-DOOR & WINDOW Guards-Door & Window-Manufacturers GUARDS-DOOR & WINDOW-MANUFACTURERS Guards-Machine (Manufacturers) GUARDS-MACHINE (MFRS) Guest Houses GUEST HOUSES Gum and Wood Chemicals Gummed Tape (Manufacturers) Gum & Wood Chemicals (Manufacturers) GUM & WOOD CHEMICALS (MFRS) Gum & Wood Chems Gun Clubs GUN CLUBS Gun Shops Guns Manufacturers GUNS MANUFACTURERS Gunstock-Manufacturers GUNSTOCK-MANUFACTURERS Gutter & Downspout Cleaning GUTTER & DOWNSPOUT CLEANING Gutters & Downspouts-Manufacturers GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS-MANUFACTURERS Gymnasiums GYMNASIUMS Gymnasiums Equipment & Supplies GYMNASIUMS EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Gypsum & Gypsum Products (Manufacturers) Gypsum Products (Manufacturers)

Companies with letter H

H2o Pressure Cleaning
HAIR CLINICS HAIR DRYERS-MANUFACTURERS Hair Dryers (Wholesale) HAIR DRYERS-WHOLESALE Hair Goods-Manufacturers HAIR GOODS-MANUFACTURERS Hair Ornaments-Manufacturers HAIR ORNAMENTS-MANUFACTURERS HALAL FOODS Halfway House HALFWAY HOUSE Hammocks-Manufacturers HAMMOCKS-MANUFACTURERS Hand and Edge Tools, Except Machine Tools and Handsaws Handbags-Manufacturers HANDBAGS-MANUFACTURERS Handicrafts-Manufacturers Handles-Manufacturers HANDLES-MANUFACTURERS Hand Truck (Manufacturers) HAND TRUCK (MFRS) Hangers-Garment (Manufacturers) Hardboard-Fabricators & Manufacturers HARDBOARD-FABRICATORS & MANUFACTURERS Hardware Hardware & Building Materials Hardware Consultants HARDWARE CONSULTANTS Hardware-Furniture-Manufacturers HARDWARE-FURNITURE-MANUFACTURERS Hardware & Housewares Hardware-Manufacturers HARDWARE-MANUFACTURERS Hardware-Marine HARDWARE-MARINE Hardware-Marine-Manufacturers HARDWARE-MARINE-MANUFACTURERS Hardware (merchant wholesalers except those selling hardware via retail method) Hardware merchant whols Hardware Merchant Whols Hardware mfg Hardware Mfg Hardware Nec (Manufacturers) HARDWARE NEC (MFRS) Hardware, NEC (vacuum and insulated bottles, jugs, and chests) Hardware-Retail HARDWARE-RETAIL Hardware Store Hardware stores Hardware Stores Hardware-Wholesale HARDWARE-WHOLESALE Hardwood Dimension and Flooring Mills (hardwood dimension lumber made from logs or bolts) Hardwood Dimension & Flooring Mills Hardwood Dimension-Flooring Mills (Mfrs) HARDWOOD DIMENSION-FLOORING MILLS (MFRS) Hardwood Dimension/floor Mill Hardwood Dimension/floor Mill Mfg Millwork Hardwood Dimension/floor Mill Whol Lumber/plywood/ Hardwood Flooring Hardwood Flooring Contractor Hardwood Flooring (Mfrs) HARDWOOD FLOORING (MFRS) Hardwood Floor Installation & Carpet Laying & Linoleum Hats Caps & Millinery (Manufacturers) Hats-Cleaners & Renovators HATS-CLEANERS & RENOVATORS Hats-Manufacturers HATS-MANUFACTURERS Hauling By Dump Truck Hauling Of Concrete Products HAUNTED HOUSES HAWAIIAN FOODS Hawaiian Wear-Manufacturers HAWAIIAN WEAR-MANUFACTURERS HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL CONSULTANTS Hazardous Materials Consultants HAZARDOUS MATERIALS CONSULTANTS Headboards-Manufacturers HEADBOARDS-MANUFACTURERS HEALING ARTS Health/allied Services Health & Allied Services HEALTH & ALLIED SERVICES Health/allied Services Employment Agency Health/allied Services Repair Services Whol Svc Estblsh Health And Accident Insurance Health and Allied Services, NEC (medica Health and Allied Services, NEC (medical artists) HEALTH APPLIANCES (WHLS) Health Appliances (Wholesale) Health & Beauty Aid Products-Wholesale HEALTH & BEAUTY AID PRODUCTS-WHOLESALE Health & Beauty Aids-Manufacturers HEALTH & BEAUTY AIDS-MANUFACTURERS Health & Beauty Consultants HEALTH & BEAUTY CONSULTANTS Health Care Alternatives HEALTH CARE ALTERNATIVES HEALTH CARE APPAREL (MFRS) Healthcare Consultant Software Development Resell Healthcare Consulting Health Care Cost Management Services And Ppo And H Health Care Facilities HEALTH CARE FACILITIES Health Care Instruction HEALTH CARE INSTRUCTION Health Care Management HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT Health care management and operator of Healthcare Marketing & Communications Health Care Products HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS Health Care Provider Management Services And Through Li Health Care Training Health Care Utilization Review HEALTH CARE UTILIZATION REVIEW Health Club Health Clubs Studios & Gymnasiums HEALTH CLUBS STUDIOS & GYMNASIUMS Health Co-op Health Department Health Dept Health & Diet Fd Strs Health & Diet Foods-Retail HEALTH & DIET FOODS-RETAIL Health Education HEALTH EDUCATION Health-Employees Corporate Programs HEALTH-EMPLOYEES CORPORATE PROGRAMS Health Equipment & Supls-Manufacturers HEALTH EQUIPMENT & SUPLS-MANUFACTURERS Health Equipment & Supplies-Wholesale HEALTH EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-WHOLESALE Health Facilities HEALTH FACILITIES HEALTH & FITNESS CENTER MANAGEMENT Health & Fitness Club Health & Fitness Program Consultants HEALTH & FITNESS PROGRAM CONSULTANTS HEALTH & FITNESS THERAPY Health Food Health Food Products-Manufacturers HEALTH FOOD PRODUCTS-MANUFACTURERS Health Food Products-Wholesale HEALTH FOOD PRODUCTS-WHOLESALE Health Foods Health Food Store Health Information & Referral Programs HEALTH INFORMATION & REFERRAL PROGRAMS Health Maintenance Organizations HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATIONS Health & Nutrition Consultants HEALTH & NUTRITION CONSULTANTS Health Plans HEALTH PLANS Health practitioner Health Practitioner Health Practitioner's Office Health Practitioner's Office Beauty Shop Health Practitioner's Office Individual/family Ser Health Practitioner's Office Medical Do Health Practitioner's Office Physical Fitness Faci Health Practitioner's Office Social Services Home Health Practitioner's Office Specialty Outpatient Health Practitioner's Office Specialty Outpatient Clini Health Recording Service HEALTH RECORDING SERVICE HEALTH RELATED FACILITIES Health Resorts HEALTH RESORTS HEALTH & SAFETY CONSULTANTS Health Screening Services HEALTH SCREENING & VACCINATION SERVICES Health Service Health services Health Services HEALTH SERVICES Health Services-Extended Care HEALTH SERVICES-EXTENDED CARE Health services nec Health Services Nec Health Social Services Health Spa Health Spas HEALTH SPAS Health Systems Evaluation Consultants HEALTH SYSTEMS EVALUATION CONSULTANTS Health & Welfare Agencies HEALTH & WELFARE AGENCIES Hearing Aids-Manufacturers HEARING AIDS-MANUFACTURERS Hearing Testing-Industrial HEARING TESTING-INDUSTRIAL HEATERS-CONSTRUCTION (WHLS) Heaters-Industrial (Manufacturers) HEATERS-INDUSTRIAL (MFRS) Heaters-Unit-Manufacturers HEATERS-UNIT-MANUFACTURERS Heat Exchangers-Manufacturers HEAT EXCHANGERS-MANUFACTURERS Heat Guns (Manufacturers) Heating & Air Cond Contractor Sheet Metal Work Heating Air Conditioning And Refrigerations Equipment P Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor Heating Air Conditioning Contractor Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor & Roofing & Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors Heating Air Conditioning Mechanical Electrical & Plumbi Heating Air Conditioning Plumbing And Fire Sprinkler Sy Heating Air Conditioning & Plumbing Contractor Heating Air Conditioning & Plumbing Contractor & R Heating Air Conditioning Restaurant Equipment & Re Heating & Air Conditioning Ventilation And Refrige Heating Air Conditioning Ventilation & Refrigerati Heating And Ac & Plumbing Contractor Heating And Air Conditioning Contractor Heating Equipment, Except Electric and Warm Air Furnaces Heating Equipment-Manufacturers HEATING EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Heating Plumbing Air Conditioning Ventilation & Sh Heating Systems-Cleaning & Repairing HEATING SYSTEMS-CLEANING & REPAIRING Heat Pumps-Manufacturers HEAT PUMPS-MANUFACTURERS Heat Transfer Materials (Manufacturers) Heat Treating Metal Equip/Supls (Mfrs) HEAT TREATING METAL EQUIP/SUPLS (MFRS) Heat Treating Metal (Manufacturers) HEAT TREATING METAL (MFRS) Heavy Construction Heavy Construction Company Heavy Construction Contractor Heavy Construction Equipment Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Heavy Construction Equipment-Rental HEAVY CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT-RENTAL Heavy Construction Equipment Rental and Leasing (rental of construction equipment [except cranes] with operator) Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Business Servi Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Equipment Rent Heavy construction equipment rental, nsk Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Service Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Whol Construct Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Whol Construction/m Heavy Construction Equipment Repair Heavy construction, except building Heavy Construction Executive Office Heavy Construction Highway/street Cnstn Bridge/tun Heavy Construction Lawn/garden Services Heavy Construction Marine Cargo Handler Heavy Construction Metal Mining Services Heavy Construction Mfg Asphalt Mixtr/blocks Concre Heavy Construction Mfg Service Industry Machinery Heavy Construction, NEC (Industrial nonbuilding structures [except petrochemical plants and petroleum refineries]) Heavy Construction Nonresidential Construction Heavy Construction Shipbuilding/repairing Bridge/t Heavy Construction/site Preparation Heavy Construction/ Utility Contracting Heavy Construction Water/sewer/ Utility Constructi Heavy Construction Water/sewer/utility Constructio Heavy Duty Truck Auto Body/paint Heavy Duty Truck Mfg Heavy Electrical Contractor Armature Rewinding Who Heavy Land And Marine Construction Pile Driving Do Heavy Marine Construction Diving And Dredging Heavy Marine Construction Dredging Marine Services Helicopter-Manufacturers HELICOPTER-MANUFACTURERS Helicopter-Servicing & Maintenance HELICOPTER-SERVICING & MAINTENANCE Heliports-Construction Help Supply Services Business Services Help Supply Services Theatrical Producers/services Herb Farm HERBICIDE CONSULTANTS Herbicides (Manufacturers) HERMETIC MOTOR REWINDING Hhl Audio,Video Eqp Hhl Vacuum Cleaners High School Religious Organization Sport/recreatio Highway And Street Construction Highway and Street Construction, Except Elevated Highways Highway Construction & Road Paving Highway & Paving Contractor & Concrete Work Highway Paving Sewer & Drainage Construction Highway Street And Bridge Construction Highway, street, & bridge construction Highway, Street, & Bridge Construction Highway/street Cnstn Concrete Contractor Highway/street Cnstn Landscape Services Heavy Cons Highway/street Construction Highway/ Street Construction Highway/street Construction Concrete Contractor Highway/street Construction Excavation Contractor Highway/street Construction Executive Office Highway/street Construction Heavy Construction Roo Highway/street Construction Masonry/stone Contract Highway/street Construction Nonresidential Constru Highway/street Construction Refuse System Highway/street Construction Trade Contractor Highway/street Construction Trucking Operator-nonl Highway/street Construction Water/sewer/utility Co Highway/street Construction Whol Industrial Equipm Highway & Street Maintenance Hinges-Manufacturers HINGES-MANUFACTURERS Historical Restoration Consultants HISTORICAL RESTORATION CONSULTANTS Hockey Clubs HOCKEY CLUBS Hog Equipment (Manufacturers) Hog Farm Or Feedlot Hog Farm Or Feedlot General Crop Farm Hog Farm Or Feedlot Whol Groceries Hog Farms Hog & Pig Farming Hoists-Manufacturers HOISTS-MANUFACTURERS Holding Companies (Bank) HOLDING COMPANIES (BANK) Holding Companies (Non-Bank) HOLDING COMPANIES (NON-BANK) Holding company electric services Holding Company For Flea Market Business Holsters (Manufacturers) Home Appliances Home Appliances & Entertainment Equipment Rental HOME BASED BUSINESSES HOME BUILDERS HOME BUILDING CONSULTANTS Home Center And Retails Building Materials HOME DELIVERY SERVICES-FOOD & DRINK Home For Children Home For Orphaned & Wayward Childred Home Health Care Home Healthcare Agency Home Health Care Agency Home Health Care Services Home Health Care Services Building Maintenance Ser Home health care services employment agency Home Health Care Services Employment Agency Home Health Care Services Executive Office Home Health Care Services General Hospital Home Health Care Services Health/allied Services Home Health Care Services Health Practitioner's Of Home Health Care Services Help Supply Services Home Health Care Services Intermediate Care Facili Home Health Care Services Medical Docto Home Health Care Services Nursing/perso Home Health Care Services Residential Care Service Home health care sv Home Health Care Sv Home Health Care Svcs Home Health Equip Rental Home Health & Health Care Equipment HOME HEALTH & HEALTH CARE EQUIPMENT Home Health Service HOME HEALTH SERVICE Home Maintenance Homemakers' And Home Health Aide Service Home Nursing Services Homes-Children HOMES-CHILDREN Honeycomb Materials (Manufacturers) Honing Machines & Equipment (Mfrs) HONING MACHINES & EQUIPMENT (MFRS) Hood & Duct Cleaning HORSE FARM-BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION HORSE PHYSICAL THERAPY Horses/other equines farm Horses/other Equines Farm Horses/other Equines Farm Animal Services Horse Stable & Hay Farm Horticultural Consultants HORTICULTURAL CONSULTANTS Hose Assemblies (Manufacturers) Hose Couplings & Fittings-Manufacturers HOSE COUPLINGS & FITTINGS-MANUFACTURERS Hose-Industrial-Manufacturers HOSE-INDUSTRIAL-MANUFACTURERS Hose Racks & Reels (Manufacturers) HOSE & TUBING-FLEXIBLE-METAL (WHLS) Hose & Tubing-Flexible-Metal (Wholesale) Hosiery-Finishing (Manufacturers) Hosiery-Manufacturers HOSIERY-MANUFACTURERS Hospital and Medical Service Plans (hea HOSPITAL BEDS-RENTING Hospital Consultants HOSPITAL CONSULTANTS Hospital Equipment & Supplies-Renting HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES-RENTING Hospitalization Plans-Medical & Surgica HOSPITALIZATION PLANS-MEDICAL & SURGICA Hospital/medical Service Plan Hospital/medical service plan accident/ Hospital/medical service plan accident/health insu Hospital & Medical Service Plans HOSPITAL & MEDICAL SERVICE PLANS Hospital & Nursing Care Hospitals HOSPITALS Hospitals Patient Family Lodging Hotel Banquet And Meeting Facilities Health Club A Hotel/motel Operation & Apartment Building Operato Hotel/motel Operation Apartment Building Operator Hotel/motel Operation Business Association Hotel/motel Operation Business Services Hotel/motel Operation Business Services Drinking P Hotel/motel Operation Business Services Misc Perso Hotel/motel Operation Drinking Place Business Serv Hotel/motel Operation Drinking Place Ret Sport Goo Hotel/motel Operation Eating Place Amusement/recre Hotel/motel Operation Gasoline Service Station Hotel/motel Operation Nonresidential Building Oper Hotel/motel Operation Public Golf Course Business Servi Hotel/motel Operation Real Estate Agent/manager Hotel/motel Operation Theatrical Producers/service Hotel/motel Operation Trailer Park/campsites Eatin Hotel/motel Operation Travel Agency Hotel Restaurant & Apartment Buildings Hotels Hotels and Motels (hotels, except casino hotels, and motels) Hotels And Motels, Nsk Hotels and other lodging places Hotels-Apartment HOTELS-APARTMENT Hotels & motels Hotels & Motels HOTELS & MOTELS Hotels & motels, except casino hotels Hotels & Motels, Except Casino Hotels Hotels & Motels. Except Casino Hotels Hot Tubs & Spas-Manufacturers HOT TUBS & SPAS-MANUFACTURERS HOUSE ARREST SVC Houseboats (Manufacturers) HOUSEBOATS (MFRS) House & Building Movers HOUSE & BUILDING MOVERS House & Building Movers Consultants HOUSE & BUILDING MOVERS CONSULTANTS HOUSE BUYERS House Cleaning HOUSE CLEANING House Cleaning Equipment & Supplies HOUSE CLEANING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Housefurnishings Housefurnishings, Except Curtains and Draperies (except mops, dust rags, and bags) House Furnishings-Ex Draperies (Mfrs) HOUSE FURNISHINGS-EX DRAPERIES (MFRS) House Furnishings-Retail HOUSE FURNISHINGS-RETAIL House Furnishings-Wholesale Household Appliance Household Appliances Household Appliances, NEC (household sewing machines) Household Appliances Nec (Manufacturers) HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES NEC (MFRS) Household appliance stores Household Appliance Stores Household Appl Strs Household Audio and Video Equipment Household Audio/Video Equipment (Mfrs) HOUSEHOLD AUDIO/VIDEO EQUIPMENT (MFRS) Household Cooking Appliance Mfg Household Cooking Equipment Household Cooking Equipment (Mfrs) HOUSEHOLD COOKING EQUIPMENT (MFRS) Household Furnishings Rental Household Furniture Household Furniture & Carpets Household Furniture, Exc Wood or Metal, Mfg Household Furniture & Interior Designing Household Furniture, NEC Household Furniture Nec (Mfrs) HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE NEC (MFRS) Household Goods Moving & Storage Household Goods Moving & Storage Local Household Home & Farm Refrig (Mfrs) HOUSEHOLD HOME & FARM REFRIG (MFRS) Household Laundry Equipment Household Laundry Equipment (Mfrs) HOUSEHOLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT (MFRS) Household Laundry Equip Mfg Household Products HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS Household Refrigerator & Home Freezer Mfg Household Refrigerators and Home and Farm Freezers Household Vacuum Cleaner Mfg Household Vacuum Cleaners Household Vacuum Cleaners (Mfrs) HOUSEHOLD VACUUM CLEANERS (MFRS) House Leveling HOUSE LEVELING House Plans HOUSE PLANS HOUSE RAISING House Sitter Service HOUSE SITTER SERVICE House Slipper Manufacturing House Slippers House Slippers (Manufacturers) HOUSE SLIPPERS (MFRS) Housewares Housewares-Manufacturers HOUSEWARES-MANUFACTURERS Housewares-Retail HOUSEWARES-RETAIL Housewares-Wholesale HOUSEWARES-WHOLESALE House Washing-Exterior HOUSE WASHING-EXTERIOR Housing Authority And Operators Of Apartments Housing Construction Housing Consultants HOUSING CONSULTANTS Housing-Industrial Housing-Loans & Development HOUSING-LOANS & DEVELOPMENT Human Resource Consultants HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANTS Human Services/children HUMIDIFYING APPARATUS-MANUFACTURERS Hunting & Fishing Clubs HUNTING & FISHING CLUBS Hydrator-Lime (Manufacturers) Hydraulic Equipment-Manufacturers HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Hydraulic Equip Repair Construction Machinery & Eq HYDROFORMING (MANUFACTURERS) Hydrogen (Manufacturers) Hydrogeology Consultants Hydrometers (Manufacturers) Hygrometers-Manufacturers HYGROMETERS-MANUFACTURERS

Companies with letter I

Ice Boxes (Manufacturers)
Ice Chests (Manufacturers) Ice Cream Cone-Manufacturers ICE CREAM CONE-MANUFACTURERS Ice Cream Freezers-Manufacturers ICE CREAM FREEZERS-MANUFACTURERS ICE CREAM-MANUFACTURERS EQUIPMENT (WHLS) Ice Cream-Manufacturers Equipment (Whol) Ice Cream-Manufacturers Supplies (Mfrs) ICE CREAM-MANUFACTURERS SUPPLIES (MFRS) Ice Cream Mixes-Manufacturers ICE CREAM MIXES-MANUFACTURERS Ice Cream Stand & Fast Food Restaurant Ice Making Equipment & Machines-Mfrs ICE MAKING EQUIPMENT & MACHINES-MFRS Ice Making Equipment & Machines-Renting ICE MAKING EQUIPMENT & MACHINES-RENTING ICE MAKING EQUIPMENT & MACHINES (WHLS) Ice Making Equipment & Machines (Whol) Ice Making Equipment & Machs-Rpr & Clean ICE MAKING EQUIPMENT & MACHS-RPR & CLEAN Ice-Manufacturers ICE-MANUFACTURERS Ice Substitutes (Manufacturers) Image Consultants-Personal IMAGE CONSULTANTS-PERSONAL Imbrodery Screen Printing Of Sportswear & Offset P Imported Foods IMPORTED FOODS Importer And Distributor Of Leather And Canvas San Import & Export Cardboard & Paper Import Foods Imports For Distribution Commercial And Industrial Imports Plywood And Wooden Furniture Imports & Whol Carpets Impregnating Castings (Manufacturers) Incense-Manufacturers INCENSE-MANUFACTURERS Incinerators-Manufacturers INCINERATORS-MANUFACTURERS Independent artists, writers, & performers Independent Artists, Writers, & Performers Independent Church Independent Insurance Agency Independent Insurance Agent Independent Insurance Contractor Indian Goods-Manufacturers Indian Jewelry Indian Jewelry & Crafts Individual/family Services Child Day Care Services Individual/family Services Health Practitioner's O Individual/family Services Medical Doct Individual/family Services Residential Care Servic Individual/family Svcs Business Services Job Training/r Individual/family Svcs Child Day Care Services Civ Individual Retirement Accounts INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS Ind. Spec Consultants Indstrl/Coml Machinery/Equip Nec (Mfrs) Ind Trucks,Tractors Indus, Per Sv Paper Industrial And Commercial Construction Roofing/sid Industrial and Commercial Fans and Blowers and Air Purification Equipment (air purification equipment) Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Equipment, NEC (machine shops) Industrial And Medical Gases Industrial and Personal Service Paper (merchant wholesalers except those selling industrial and personal service paper via retail method) Industrial Automation Services Also Computer Netwo Industrial Bldg Cnstn Mfg Mining Machinery Mfg Fab Industrial Bldg Cnstn Nonresidential Cnstn Equipme Industrial Building Construction Industrial Building Construction Concrete Contractor Industrial Building Construction Mfg Architectural Industrial building construction mfg mining machin Industrial Building Construction & Nonresidential Industrial Building Construction Nonresidential Co Industrial Building Construction Services-misc Industrial Building Construction Whol Electronic Parts/ Industrial Chemicals Industrial Cleaning Contractor & Hazardous Waste S Industrial Cleaning Service Industrial Cleaning Service And Residential Vent C Industrial Clothing Finishers Industrial & Coml Fans & Blowers (Mfrs) INDUSTRIAL & COML FANS & BLOWERS (MFRS) INDUSTRIAL/COML MACHINERY/EQUIP NEC (MFRS) Industrial & Commercial Building Contractor Industrial & Commercial Construction Industrial & Commercial Contractor Industrial & commercial fan & blower mfg Industrial & Commercial Fan & Blower Mfg Industrial Commercial Financing Industrial & Commercial & Institutional Building C Industrial/construction/lawn & Garden Equipment Re Industrial Consultants INDUSTRIAL CONSULTANTS Industrial Containers-Manufacturing INDUSTRIAL CONTAINERS-MANUFACTURING Industrial Contracting Industrial Control Systems Industrial Control Systems Engineering Industrial design svcs Industrial Design Svcs Industrial Developments INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENTS Industrial Engineers Industrial Engine Machine Shop Industrial Engines Industrial Equipment Industrial Equipment Movers And Rental Of Crane Equipme Industrial Equipment & Rentals Industrial Equipment & Supls-Repairing INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT & SUPLS-REPAIRING Industrial Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES (WHLS) Industrial Equipment & Supplies (Whol) Industrial Equip Svcs Industrial gases Industrial Gases Industrial Gas Mfg Industrial Hard Chrome Electroplating Polishing & Industrial Hard Chrome Plating Service Industrial Hazardous Material & Nuclear Waste Deco Industrial Hygiene Consultants INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE CONSULTANTS Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, NEC (recovering sulfur from natural gas) Industrial Inorganic Chmcls Nec (Mfrs) INDUSTRIAL INORGANIC CHMCLS NEC (MFRS) Industrial Instrumentation (Mfrs) INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENTATION (MFRS) Industrial Instruments for Measurement, Display, and Control of Process Variables; and Related Products Industrial Instrument Valve Repairs And Auto Machi Industrial & Janitorial Supply Co Winter Ice Melti Industrial Launderer Industrial launderers Industrial Launderers Industrial Machine Repair Machine Shop & Ret & Ins Industrial machinery and equipment Industrial Machinery and Equipment (merchant wholesalers) Industrial machinery merchant whols Industrial Machinery Merchant Whols Industrial mchy nec Industrial Mchy Nec Industrial Measuring/Cntrl Instr (Mfrs) INDUSTRIAL MEASURING/CONTROLLING INSTR (MFRS) Industrial Oil System Filtration & Flushing Servic Industrial Organic Chemicals, NEC (aliphatics) Industrial Organic Chemicals Nec (Mfrs) INDUSTRIAL ORGANIC CHEMICALS NEC (MFRS) Industrial Painting Contractor Industrial paper merchant whols Industrial Paper Merchant Whols Industrial Parks INDUSTRIAL PARKS Industrial Pattern Mfg Industrial Patterns Industrial Patterns (Manufacturers) INDUSTRIAL PATTERNS (MFRS) INDUSTRIAL & PERSONAL SVC-PAPER (WHLS) Industrial & Personal Svc-Paper (Whol) Industrial Plant Repairs And Maintenance Services INDUSTRIAL PROCESS CNTRL INSTRUMENTATION Industrial process furnace & oven mfg Industrial Process Furnace & Oven Mfg Industrial Process Furnaces and Ovens Industrial Process-Furnaces/Ovens (Mfrs) INDUSTRIAL PROCESS-FURNACES/OVENS (MFRS) Industrial process variable instruments Industrial Process Variable Instruments Industrial Refrigeration Units & Mfg Piping System Industrial Relations Consultants Industrial Research INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Industrial Sand INDUSTRIAL SAND Industrial sand min Industrial Sand Min Industrial Sand Mining Industrial Smoothing Industrial Supplies (merchant wholesalers of fluid power accessories) Industrial supplies merchant whols Industrial Supplies Merchant Whols Industrial tools Industrial Tools Industrial Tool Service & Installation Industrial Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, and Stackers (metal air cargo containers) INDUSTRIAL TRUCKS TRACTORS/TRAILERS (MFRS) Industrial Trucks Tractors/Trlrs (Mfrs) Industrial truck, trailer, & stacker mfg Industrial Truck, Trailer, & Stacker Mfg Industrial valve mfg Industrial Valve Mfg Industrial Valves Industrial Valves (Manufacturers) INDUSTRIAL VALVES (MFRS) INDUSTRIAL WASH SYSTEMS (MFRS) Industrial Waste Management INDUSTRIAL WASTE REMOVAL Information Consultant And Software Development Information System Consultants INFORMATION SYSTEM CONSULTANTS Information & Technology Software Consulting Servi Infrared Equipment (Manufacturers) Inks-Manufacturers INKS-MANUFACTURERS INKS-MANUFACTURERS MATERIALS (WHLS) Inks-Manufacturers Materials (Wholesale) Inland water freight transportation Inland Water Freight Transportation Inland Water Passenger Transportation Inorganic Pigments (Manufacturers) In/Out Court Clubs IN-PATIENT CLINICS & TREATMENT CTR Insect Control Devices-Manufacturers INSECT CONTROL DEVICES-MANUFACTURERS Insecticides-Manufacturers INSECTICIDES-MANUFACTURERS Insemination Service-Artificial INSEMINATION SERVICE-ARTIFICIAL INSPECTION DEVICES-INDUSTRIAL (WHLS) Inspection Devices-Industrial (Whol) Installation And Maintenance Of Fire Detection And Installation And Maintenance Of Telephone Wiring A Installation Of Building Replacement Products Installation Of Doors And Service Installation Of Store Fixtures & Retail Wooden Store Fi Installation or Erection of Building Equipment, NEC (scrubber, dust collection, and other industrial ventilation installation) Install Auto Glass And Residential Installer Of Tile And Marble Countertops And Floor Installs Garage Doors Installs & Whol Business Telephone Systems Installs Windows And Siding Instructional Consultants Instruments for Measuring and Testing of Electricity and Electrical Signals (automotive ammeters and voltmeters) Instruments-Industrial-Repairing INSTRUMENTS-INDUSTRIAL-REPAIRING Instruments-Measuring (Manufacturers) Instulation Of Pipes Boilers /plumbing Heating And Insulation Applying Machinery (Mfrs) INSULATION APPLYING MACHINERY (MFRS) Insulation Consultants INSULATION CONSULTANTS Insulation-Manufacturers INSULATION-MANUFACTURERS INSULATION MATERIALS-ELECTRIC (WHLS) Insulation Materials-Electric (Whol) Insurance INSURANCE Insurance Adjusters INSURANCE ADJUSTERS Insurance agencies & brokerages Insurance Agencies & Brokerages Insurance Agency Insurance Agency Employee Benefits Insurance Agency & Financial Planning Insurance Agency Inbounding Insurance Agent Insurance Agent And Broker Insurance agent/broker Insurance Agent/broker Insurance Agent Broker Insurance Agent & Broker Insurance Agent/broker Accounting/auditing/bookkee Insurance Agent/broker And Securities Broker Insurance Agent/broker Apartment Building Operator Insurance Agent/broker Business Services Insurance Agent/broker Court Insurance Agent/broker Detective/armored Car Servi Insurance Agent/broker Eating Place Insurance Agent/broker Employment Agency Detective Insurance Agent/broker Financial Planner Insurance Agent/broker Hospital/medical Insurance Agent/broker Insurance Agent/broker Insurance Agent/broker Investment Advisory Service Insurance Agent/broker/investor Insurance Agent/broker Life Insurance Carrier Insurance Agent/broker Management Consulting Servi Insurance Agent/broker Management Consulting Services Insurance Agent/broker & Real Estate Agent/manager Insurance Agent/broker Real Estate Agent/manager Insurance Agent/broker Real Estate Agent/manager T Insurance Agent/broker Reupholstery/furniture Repa Insurance Agent/broker Security Broker/dealer Insurance Agent Broker Service Insurance Agent/broker Surety Insurance Carrier Insurance Agent/broker Tree Nut Grove Fruit/nut Farm Fr Insurance Agent/broker Wheat Farm Corn Farm Insurance Agent/real Estate Agent Insurance Agents Insurance Agents And Service Insurance Agents,Brkr Insurance Agents Brokers And Service Insurance Agents, Brokers, and Service (insurance agents and brokers) Insurance agents, brokers, & service Insurance Agents Brokers & Service INSURANCE AGENTS BROKERS & SERVICE Insurance Agents Brokers Services Insurance Agents Nec Insurance And Travel Agent Insurance Annuities INSURANCE ANNUITIES Insurance Appraisers INSURANCE APPRAISERS Insurance-Automobile INSURANCE-AUTOMOBILE Insurance-Boat INSURANCE-BOAT Insurance-Bonds INSURANCE-BONDS Insurance Broker Insurance Brokerage Insurance Brokerage Firm Insurance Broker/agent Insurance Broker Employee Benefit Consultants Insurance Broker/reinsurance Managers Insurance Brokers Insurance Brokers & Employee Benefits Consultants Insurance-Burial INSURANCE-BURIAL INSURANCE BUYING & TRANSFERRING Insurance-Cancer INSURANCE-CANCER Insurance carrier Insurance Carrier Insurance carriers Insurance Carriers Nec Insurance Carriers, NEC INSURANCE CARRIERS NEC Insurance Carriers, Nec, Nsk Insurance-Chartered-Life-Underwriters INSURANCE-CHARTERED-LIFE-UNDERWRITERS Insurance-Claim Processing Services INSURANCE-CLAIM PROCESSING SERVICES Insurance Claims Insurance Company Insurance Consultants Insurance Consultants & Advisors INSURANCE CONSULTANTS & ADVISORS Insurance-Estate Planning INSURANCE-ESTATE PLANNING Insurance-Excess & Surplus INSURANCE-EXCESS & SURPLUS Insurance & Financial Services Insurance-Fire INSURANCE-FIRE Insurance-Group INSURANCE-GROUP Insurance-Health & Accident INSURANCE-HEALTH & ACCIDENT Insurance-Holding Companies INSURANCE-HOLDING COMPANIES Insurance-Homeowners INSURANCE-HOMEOWNERS Insurance-Inspection & Audits INSURANCE-INSPECTION & AUDITS Insurance-Investigators INSURANCE-INVESTIGATORS Insurance-Liability INSURANCE-LIABILITY Insurance-Life (Agents) INSURANCE-LIFE (AGENTS) Insurance Managers INSURANCE MANAGERS Insurance-Medical Examinations INSURANCE-MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS INSURANCE MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Insurance-Mobile Home INSURANCE-MOBILE HOME Insurance-Mortgage INSURANCE-MORTGAGE Insurance Office INSURANCE-PET Insurance-Plan Administrators INSURANCE-PLAN ADMINISTRATORS INSURANCE PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLANS Insurance-Property & Casualty INSURANCE-PROPERTY & CASUALTY Insurance-Rating Bureaus INSURANCE-RATING BUREAUS Insurance & Real Estate Agency Insurance Referral Svc INSURANCE REFERRAL SVC Insurance-Reports INSURANCE-REPORTS Insurance Restoration Insurance-Savings-Bank-Life INSURANCE-SAVINGS-BANK-LIFE Insurance-Schools INSURANCE-SCHOOLS Insurance Services Insurance Svs Nec Insurance-Title INSURANCE-TITLE Insurance Travel INSURANCE TRAVEL Intercity/rural Bus Line Local Trucking Operator Intercom Systems-Residential (Whol) Interior Decorating & Designing Schools INTERIOR DECORATING & DESIGNING SCHOOLS Interior Decorating & Ret Household Furniture Interior Decorator & Ret Furniture Carpets & Drape Interior Decorators Design & Consultants INTERIOR DECORATORS DESIGN & CONSULTANTS Interior Decorators/Designers Supls-Mfrs INTERIOR DECORATORS/DESIGNERS SUPLS-MFRS Interior Decorators/Designers Supls-Rtl INTERIOR DECORATORS/DESIGNERS SUPLS-RTL Interior Decorators & Designers Workroom INTERIOR DECORATORS & DESIGNERS WORKROOM Interior Design Art Dealer Of Prints & Ret Antique Interior Designers-Contract INTERIOR DESIGNERS-CONTRACT Interior Designers & Decorators Intermediate Care Facilities (except co Intermediate Care Facilities (except continuing care retirement communities and mental retardation facilities) Intermediate Care Facility Home Health Care Servic Intermediate care facility real estate agent/manag Intermediate Care Facility Real Estate Agent/manag Intermediate Care Facility Residential Care Servic Intermediate Care Facility Skilled Nurs Intermediate Nursing Home Intermediate & personal nursing facilit Intermediate & personal nursing facility International Business Services INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SERVICES International Consultants INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS Internet Hardware & Software Providers Internet Management & Maintenance INTERNET MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE INTERNET SERVICES VIDEO CONFERENCING SVC Internet Solutions And Software Services Internet Svcs-Network Designers/Conslnt INTERNET SVCS-NETWORK DESIGNERS/CONSLNT Interstate Trucking Interstate Trucking & Bonded Storage Facility Invention Consultants & Brokers INVENTION CONSULTANTS & BROKERS Inverters (Manufacturers) Investment Bankers INVESTMENT BANKERS Investment banking & securities dealing Investment Banking & Securities Dealing Investment Castings (Manufacturers) Iodine (Manufacturers) Irish Imported Goods And Religious Articles Irish Potato Farm Irish Potato Farm Vegetable/melon Farm Irish Potato Farm Whol Fruits/vegetables Ironing Boards (Manufacturers) Iron & Iron Work Commercial/Industrial IRON & IRON WORK COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL Iron-Oxide (Manufacturers) IRONWORKING MACHINERY (MFRS) Ironwork-Manufacturers IRONWORK-MANUFACTURERS Irrigated Vegetable Farm Including Potato Peas Bea Irrigation Consultants IRRIGATION CONSULTANTS Italian Food Products ITALIAN FOOD PRODUCTS ITALIAN FOOD PRODUCTS-WHOLESALE

Companies with letter J

Jalousies-Manufacturers Japanese Food Products JAPANESE FOOD PRODUCTS JAPANESE FOOD PRODUCTS-WHLS & MFRS Japanese Food Products-Whol & Mfrs Jeans-Manufacturers JEANS-MANUFACTURERS Jet Propulsion Equipment (Manufacturers) Jewelers Equipment & Machinery (Mfrs) JEWELERS EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY (MFRS) Jewelers Supplies-Manufacturers JEWELERS SUPPLIES-MANUFACTURERS Jewelry Jewelry Appraisal JEWELRY APPRAISAL Jewelry Brokers JEWELRY BROKERS (WHLS) Jewelry Buyers JEWELRY BUYERS (WHLS) Jewelry Buyers (Whol) Jewelry Cases (Manufacturers) JEWELRY CASES (MFRS) JEWELRY CASTINGS-EQUIP (WHLS) Jewelry Castings-Equip (Wholesale) Jewelry Castings-Manufacturers JEWELRY CASTINGS-MANUFACTURERS JEWELRY CASTINGS (WHLS) Jewelry Castings (Wholesale) JEWELRY CONTRACTORS (WHLS) Jewelry Contractors (Wholesale) Jewelry Craftsmen Jewelry Craftsmen (Mfrs) JEWELRY CRAFTSMEN (MFRS) Jewelry Craft Supplies (Manufacturers) JEWELRY CRAFT SUPPLIES (MFRS) Jewelry Designers JEWELRY DESIGNERS JEWELRY DISPLAY UNITS (WHLS) Jewelry Enamelers (Manufacturers) JEWELRY ENAMELERS (MFRS) Jewelry Engravers JEWELRY ENGRAVERS Jewelry, Except Costume, Mfg JEWELRY FINDINGS (WHLS) Jewelry Findings (Wholesale) Jewelry & Gifts Jewelry-Hand Wrought JEWELRY-HAND WROUGHT Jewelry-Manufacturers JEWELRY-MANUFACTURERS Jewelry merchant whols Jewelry Merchant Whols Jewelry-Model Makers (Manufacturers) Jewelry Mountings (Manufacturers) JEWELRY MOUNTINGS (MFRS) JEWELRY PLATING (MFRS) Jewelry Polishing JEWELRY POLISHING (MFRS) Jewelry, Precious Metal Jewelry Precious Stones And Precious Metals Jewelry-Repairing JEWELRY-REPAIRING Jewelry Soldering JEWELRY SOLDERING (MFRS) JEWELRY STAMPING (MFRS) Jewelry Store Jewelry Store Jewelry Repair And Gift Ship Jewelry Stores Jewelry-Vintage JEWELRY-VINTAGE Jewish Foods Jigs & Fixtures (Manufacturers) Jly,Precious Metals Jobbing Machine Shop Job Machine Shop Job Machine Shop & Custom Machinery Rebuilding Job Machine Shop & Mfg Bronze & Copper Castings Job Machine Shop & Mfg Screw Machine Products Job Training/related Services Residential Care Ser Job Training/related Svc Residential Care Service Job Training & Residential Care John Deere Farm Equipment Joints-Ball (Manufacturers) Juices-Manufacturers JUICES-MANUFACTURERS

Companies with letter K

Karaoke Machines-Rental Sales & Svc KARAOKE MACHINES-RENTAL SALES & SVC Karaoke Machines & Tapes KARAOKE MACHINES & TAPES KARTS-MOTORIZED-DISTRIBUTORS (WHLS) Karts-Motorized-Manufacturers KARTS-MOTORIZED-MANUFACTURERS Kettles (Manufacturers) Key Holders (Manufacturers) Kidney Dialysis Centers Medical Doctor' Kilns (Manufacturers) Kitchen Accessories KITCHEN ACCESSORIES KITCHEN ACCESSORIES-WHLS & MFRS Kitchen Accessories-Whol & Mfrs Kitchen Cabinets & Equipment-Household KITCHEN CABINETS & EQUIPMENT-HOUSEHOLD Kitchen Cabinets-Refinishing KITCHEN CABINETS-REFINISHING Kitchen Cabinets-Wholesale KITCHEN CABINETS-WHOLESALE KITCHEN COUNTERS KITCHEN EQUIPMENT-COMMERCIAL (WHLS) Kitchen Equipment-Commercial (Whol) Kitchen Equipment Installation Contractor & Whol R Kitchen Exhaust Systems-Cleaned KITCHEN EXHAUST SYSTEMS-CLEANED Kitchen Fixtures-Wholesale Kitchen Remodeling & Planning Svc KITCHEN REMODELING & PLANNING SVC Kitchen Rentals-Commercial KITCHEN RENTALS-COMMERCIAL Kitchen Tools-Manufacturers KITCHEN TOOLS-MANUFACTURERS Kitchen Tools-Retail KITCHEN TOOLS-RETAIL Kitchen Utensil, Pot, & Pan Mfg Kitchenware Kites-Manufacturers KITES-MANUFACTURERS Knit Goods-Contractors (Manufacturers) Knit Goods-Manufacturers KNIT GOODS-MANUFACTURERS Knit Goods-Trimmings (Manufacturers) Knitted Fabrics (Manufacturers) KNITTING MACHINES (WHLS) Knitting Machines (Wholesale) Knives-Machine (Manufacturers) KNIVES-MACHINE (MFRS) Korean Foods KOREAN FOODS Kosher Food Products-Wholesale KOSHER FOOD PRODUCTS-WHOLESALE Kosher Foods KOSHER FOODS

Companies with letter L

Label Finishing (Manufacturers)
Labeling Equipment-Manufacturers LABELING EQUIPMENT-MANUFACTURERS Labels (Manufacturers) Labels-Paper (Manufacturers) LABELS-PAPER (MFRS) Labels-Paper-Wholesale LABELS-PAPER-WHOLESALE Labels-Plastic Metal Foil & Etc (Mfrs) LABELS-PLASTIC METAL FOIL & ETC (MFRS) Label Stock-Adhesive (Manufacturers) Labels-Woven (Manufacturers) Laboratories-Medical LABORATORIES-MEDICAL Laboratories-Metallurgical LABORATORIES-METALLURGICAL Laboratory Furniture (Manufacturers) Laboratory Set-Up Consultants Labor Relation Consultants LABOR RELATION CONSULTANTS Laces-Manufacturers LACES-MANUFACTURERS Lacquers-Manufacturers LACQUERS-MANUFACTURERS Ladders-Manufacturers LADDERS-MANUFACTURERS Ladders-Renting LADDERS-RENTING Ladies Ready To Wear-Manufacturers LADIES READY TO WEAR-MANUFACTURERS Ladies' Sportswear Lake & Beach Cleaning & Improvement LAKE & BEACH CLEANING & IMPROVEMENT Lake & Pond Construction & Maintenance LAKE & POND CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE Laminated Wood (Manufacturers) LAMINATED WOOD (MFRS) Lamination/Paper Plst Laminations-Motor & Transformer (Mfrs) LAMINATIONS-MOTOR & TRANSFORMER (MFRS) Laminations-Plastic Paper Etc LAMINATIONS-PLASTIC PAPER ETC Laminations-Plastic Paper Etc-Mfrs Laminations-Plastic Paper Etc-Wholesale LAMINATIONS-PLASTIC PAPER ETC-WHOLESALE Lamp-Black (Manufacturers) Lamp Bulb Holders (Manufacturers) Lamp Bulbs-Manufacturers LAMP BULBS-MANUFACTURERS Lamp Shade Machinery LAMP SHADE MACHINERY (MFRS) Lamp Shades-Cleaning & Repairing LAMP SHADES-CLEANING & REPAIRING Lamps-Manufacturers LAMPS-MANUFACTURERS Lamps-Supplies & Parts (Manufacturers) Land Development Consultants LAND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS Land/mineral/wildlife Conservation Amusement/recre Land Mineral Wildlife Conservation And Amusement P Land/mineral/wildlife Conservation Trailer Park/campsit Land & Real Estate Developer Landscape And Design Landscape Architects Landscape Architectural Svcs Landscape Architecture Landscape Construction And Maintenance Contractor Landscape Construction & Maintenance Landscape Contracot Landscape Contracting Landscape Contractor Landscape Contractor And Maintenance Landscape Contractor And Operates A Nursery Landscape Contractor & Nursery Landscape Contractor/ret Nursery Landscape Contractor/ret Trees/plants Landscape Contractors LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS Landscape Contractors & Grounds Maintenance & Sprinkler Landscape Contractors & Installation Of Irrigation Syst Landscape Counseling and Planning (except horticultural consulting) Landscape Counseling Planning And Irrigation Landscape Design Construction And Maintenance Landscape Designers LANDSCAPE DESIGNERS Landscape & Hardscape Construction Services Landscape Irrigation And Garden Services Landscape Lawn Maintance Landscape Lighting LANDSCAPE LIGHTING Landscape Maintenance Irrigation & Installation Landscape Nurserymen LANDSCAPE NURSERYMEN Landscape Planning Landscaper Landscaper Service Landscape services Landscape Services Landscape Services Lawn/garden Services Landscape Services Lawn/garden Services Sanitary S Landscape Services Logging Lawn/garden Services Landscape Services Ret Nursery/garden Supplies Landscape Services Ret Nursery/garden Supplies Law Landscape Services Ret Nursery/garden Supp Whol Fa Landscaping Contractor And Whol Nursery Stock Landscaping Contractors And Nursery Landscaping Landscape Architect & Snowplowing Landscaping & Retail Nursery Stock Landscaping Service & Nursery Language Schools LANGUAGE SCHOOLS Lanolin (Manufacturers) LASER CONSTRUCTION LASER MEDICAL (MFRS) LASERS & ELECTRO OPTICS CONSULTANTS Lasers-Medical-Manufacturers Latex Liquid (Manufacturers) Latex Products (Manufacturers) Laundries-Industrial & Commercial LAUNDRIES-INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services Laundry Consultants LAUNDRY CONSULTANTS Laundry & Dry Cleaning Laundry/garment Services Garment Press/cleaner's A LAW ENFORCEMENT CONSULTANTS Lawn And Garden Services And Landscape Contracting Lawn Care Service & Landscape Contractors Lawn Consultants LAWN CONSULTANTS Lawn & Garden Equipment-Renting LAWN & GARDEN EQUIPMENT-RENTING Lawn & Garden Maintenance Service Landscaping Cont Lawn/garden Services Amusement Park Lawn/garden Services Business Services Landscape S Lawn/garden Services Landscape Services Lawn/garden Services Landscape Services Ret Nurser Lawn/garden Services Landscape Services Whol Farm/garde Lawn/garden Services Ret Nursery/garden Supplies Lawn/garden Services Ret Nursery/garden Supp Sanit Lawn/garden Services Whol Farm/garden Machinery Lawn/garden Services Whol Farm/garden Mach Masonry Lawn/garden Services Whol Flowers/florist Supplies Lawn & Grounds Maintenance LAWN & GROUNDS MAINTENANCE Lawn Maintenance Service Lawn Mowers-Manufacturers LAWN MOWERS-MANUFACTURERS Lawn Service & Parking Lot Maintenance Law Schools